About the University

Melchizedek is a divine order of consciousness. It is the presence of our Creator through every individual on earth.

The University of Melchizedek Center, located in Grants Pass, Oregon, offers a safe and supportive study program for students to realize their God potential. Whether you are new to the spiritual journey or a seasoned traveler on "the path," this school will encourage and reinforce the divine identity within. Courses, books and audio recordings open you to Higher Mind and enable you to understand more fully your place in the Universe. The primary function of the University is to prepare the serious student for initiation, to present the sacred mysteries of Melchizedek, and to furnish those who have been called Priest after the Order of Melchizedek with the necesary tools that will enable him or her to be that priest in active service. This is the time of great initiation when the seven veils of creation are to be lifted. It is the time of opening to a new world of creative power and brand new identity. The Priesthood removes the curtain or veil from the outer world that man might see himself as divine.

An international school with a global outreach, the University affords students the opportunity to expand consciousness and make new and interesting friendships from varying cultures and areas of this earth. Study groups are offered throughout the year in various locations, providing the opportunity for University students and teachers to convene together as a focal point for the new world of of light. Online and local study offer a balanced presentation and active experience of the Christ presence or Divine (I AM) presence that indwells all peoples alike. Accent is always on the unique identity of the individual as well as the broadening awareness of the Absolute.

The Christ Church of Melchizedek (CCM) is the nonsectarian, nonprofit corporation, a tax-exempt organization for the University of Melchizedek, the Melchizedek School of Consciousness. The University of Melchizedek is the teaching extension of the Melchizedek Order. CCM therefore is not a church but an educational facility that imparts the ageless wisdom of the Great Ones from many disciplines and religions. The term "Christ" within the corporation title indicates the God Seed or the presence of deity within each one of us. It is the presence of the Sun, the causal stream of enlightenment and does not denote any preference to religious or philosophical practice.

Words such as "Christ" or "Buddha" or "I AM Presence" mean essentially the Divine One or Creative Principle within us all. At no time does the University of Melchizedek place a preference on one name of Deity. Respect and honor are afforded to all who have tread the path of enlightenment and soul discovery.

The Christian-like language frequently used within the lesson materials is open to your interpretation and revelatory experience. Melchizedek encourages individual soul enlightenment and new idea forms from each active participant of the University. Consciousness reveals. It is not static nor is it imprisoned in rituals and guru-like worship. You are the light of your own awareness, the Christ of your own soul.

You are encouraged within the Order of Melchizedek to remember the Universe Creator every moment and to continually relate to God Intelligence as your enlightened mind. This coordinates your thinking process into the higher levels or degrees of consciousness. Communication with God is emphasized as well as integrating the present wandering mind into the personality of divine soul consciousness.


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