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Director's Letter

Please note: Patricia Jepsen (Crystal) made her transition into the Light in September 2009. We continue to post this letter in her honor and as a way to provide an overview of the ongoing offerings of the University.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the School of Melchizedek, the University of Melchizedek, and its representative networks: the World Mother Center and the Sanctuary School. You have been brought to this web site and to the Teaching of the Order of Melchizedek to learn and to remember your true Self, the Divine You. All that is given in these Records are of the Melchizedek Order. They have been released to acquaint you with New World governance brought to Earth by Christ Michael, your Universe Creator and Sacred Son.

Those who are not familiar with the Order of Melchizedek and the Christ Teachings through the Order will find much information within this web site, as well as the books and courses offered.

Because the Teachings of the Order of Melchizedek are guarded, you will experience the opening of the Records within yourself as revelation. The words are coded in an ancient tongue, yet as you read the lesson materials with an open heart and mind and with a sincere desire to understand what is written, much light will be shed upon these documents. Always a Master Teacher accompanies you in the study and contemplation of these ancient teachings. All sincere students will find that they are studying and enjoying the inner schools of Melchizedek, as well as the materials made available through this University program.

Cleanse and clear your mind and your auric field before taking up your studies. Each lesson, every phrase and word of these Records and teachings, contain units of Christ Love and Divine Law. The Creator's Presence vibrates through the Records of Melchizedek. As you step into this Light field, understand that you are releasing the worldly patterns and the fear-based ego that may have governed your world. Let go of all mortal thought and prepare for the coming of the Word, the incoming Christ Emanation.

I welcome you to the Lord's Table. May you be blessed by the "meat ye know not of," and the glory of the Creator's Presence. If the Melchizedek Teachings and the Science of the Absolute seem new to you, a recommended way to begin and build understanding is to subscribe to The College of New Learning series (32 booklets). Also, an excellent introductory course is Breaking Through, which guides you from the metaphysical into the mystical and the vibrational impact of the "I AM Consciousness." You may wish to subscribe to our free monthly Community Newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter below. Wishing you great joy in your learning and remembrance,

Crystal, Patricia Jepsen