Study Groups

University of Melchizedek Study Groups

You are invited to join a study group by contacting one of the people below. If you would like to start a new study group in your area, please contact the University office. We'll be glad to help!


Nancy Jakeman


Rachel Lev
Bat Yam


Okey Ibezim
Phone: +234-8037860324
Fax: +234-9-222777


Myriam Augustin
New York City,
New York

Elizabeth Hunt
Grants Pass, Oregon

Marque Kolack
Naples, Florida

Why a Study Group Is Important

There is a definite re-enforcement within a group who are all studying, contemplating and meditating together along a similar spiritual discipline or path. Eileen Culshaw-Budelier has been a study group leader and teacher for the University of Melchizedek Teachings for many years. She has kindly offered to answer questions and assist anyone who is beginning a Melchizedek University group.

With the shifting times and currents of change that are moving our planet rapidly into a higher energy field, those on the "path of divine love and light" will find increased support, healing of the heart and mind and new friendships in the study group. It is really essential to become group conscious and attract those of the spiritual dimension to your side.

It is recommended by the Master Kuthumi and Saint Germain that you begin your studies with the Melchizedek Order by reading, discussing and contemplating the Mystery School's offering of The GodSelf and The Workbook, Study Guide for The GodSelf by Patricia Jepsen Chuse.

The GodSelf is frequently been called the sequel to A Course In Miracles by avid students of the Course. You may agree with this or not. The prolific New Thought author and spiritual teacher Alan Cohen writes of The GodSelf: "Like all of your writing, The GodSelf is filled with inspiration of the Holy Spirit and I feel edified in receiving its deep and rich gifts. I know that anyone who reads this powerful work will be touched and moved. Thank you for your magnificent contributions to planetary healing."

It also recommended that the studies continue with the 32 booklets titled College of New Learning (Degree I of the Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study). Much is given in these booklets that will increase your understanding and further prepare you for the Teachings of Melchizedek through the University.

Tips for Your Study Group

It is essential to keep the harmony, to be aware of the whole group and the vibrations of Creative Energy that you are invoking.

Each group member has the responsibility to the whole, to the group as mentioned, and also to the Masters who will oversee all meetings and bring the gift of Light.

The following three points, when observed and adhered to, will lift the quality of the group spirit and bless the meeting:

Awareness of the whole
Acknowledgement of the leader

Note that financial arrangements can be made for group purchases of materials. Please email the University office for information and suggestions.

Study Group Tips from Eileen Culshaw-Budelier, Prescott, Arizona, USA

  1. Open meeting with a meditation
  2. Sound the OM, Shalom, E's and Am-Ma* three times each. Or, speak together some of the prayers and affirmations in the booklet Prayers and Meditations.
  3. Meditation
  4. Study the lesson material
  5. Recite the following prayers: The Miracle Prayer; the 23rd Psalm; The Lord's Prayer; Hail Mother Prayer**; Prayer of St. Francis
  6. Prayer Circle: Make a circle holding hands with each person's left hand up and right hand down to have perfect energy flow. We sound Minerva's Vowels and then put our prayer requests in the circle, ending with thanking the Hierachy for the answers to the prayers.

*Am-Ma:   Breathe  in,  breathe  out    AAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM;    breathe  in,  breathe  out   MMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA. This balances the Father/Mother God energy.

**Hail Mother! Full of Grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of they womb,

Hold for us now the Immaculate Concept
of our true God Reality
from this moment until our eternal
ascension in the Light,

Study Group Tips from Eldyth Christopher, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

The Grants Pass study group meets weekly and follows the following format:

  1. Open with decrees and affirmations from the booklet Prayers and Meditations.
  2. Sound Minerva's Vowels.
  3. Opening prayer.
  4. Meditation.
  5. Study of University lesson material.
  6. Prayer Circle: Make a circle holding hands with each person's left hand up and right hand down to have perfect energy flow. We put our prayer requests into the circle.
  7. Sound "I AM THAT I AM" three times.
  8. Closing OMMM.