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Care for the Earth

World Mother Scripts, Vol. 3: 90

Care for this earth as though she was your child. Let her feel your love and send thoughts of peace to all who abide on this earth. Even to the fiercest of men, send the peace that is the “Second Coming” in your heart and mind. The Holy Spheres of Light are with you. All is in readiness. There is no world other than the Light. Come Home where the Devas can watch over you and the fairies can dance at your bedside. (March 3, 2009)

Student Sharing:

Thank you for this Script, Crystal. It helps me understand more a message I received on Feb 8th, the day after the bushfires here burnt hundreds of thousands of acres of land, hundreds of homes and people. I stood looking out of the lounge window at the dry, parched land here (we were many hours drive away from the fires) and asked, Please let the pain stop. Please let the balance return to Earth. I heard from within 'Take back the land; Reclaim the land'. I had a feeling of inner strength and a strong determination to do this, but not sure how. I thought maybe it was to reclaim the Earth to the Light, which I believe ties in with this Script and I have been doing this. Now I will Reclaim it to the Light and Love, which really are one and the same.

As always, many thanks and much love,

About Devas

Question: What is DEVA?

Crystal: Great Angels of Light. They carry the patterns or forms of Nature and project them. Devas can be seen by those who have the gift through trees, mountains, etc.

They have often been referred to as gods, such as the God of the Mountain, the Forest, etc. When you ask permission of a tree or flower to cut it or trim it, it is always the Deva that dispenses that permission.

Response: So I have to have a gift to see them. I am glad to know that they exist. This could mean that commercializing food from farm animals such as breeding cows to extract milk or slaughter for meat is without permission, right? Which could mean we are probably causing greater problems. Does this mean that they are our brothers? If so, then the trees of the forest all over the world are being wiped for our personal use such as Christmas trees, lumber & kindling for our fireplaces and we have not received permission. We sure have problems, don't we? Did I hear you right?

Crystal: You did! Get it right with nature and we will have a new world.

About Mayan Calendar, 2012

From a University Subscriber:

Just had an interesting conversation with one of the innkeepers who comes on duty when I leave at 10 pm. He is a technology "geek" and has strong conservative viewpoints.

When he brought up how the past 6 to 7 years have increasingly become warmer, I didn't say a thing when he said that he doesn't agree with people who blame human activity for global warming. I found it unusual that he was talking this way and quietly listened. So he went on to say that his mom is an archeologist and because of her work, he started looking into the Mayan calendar which spans 26,000 years and ends on December 21, 2012.

Supposedly on December 21, 2012, a cosmic cycle ends and such cycles usually correspond with major earth changes. He has found that the Egyptians and some other ancient cultures also were aware of the significance of this date.

Frankly, he was worried. I just said that perhaps he is becoming aware of information that he will find will contribute to his being able to be objective in making some upcoming decisions.

I don't know if you've heard of this December 21, 2012 date but I'm going to check into it a bit.


Yes, I have. Much attention is going to the year of 2012 as the time of change and it has all been upbeat, positive, having to do with the dimensional shift. I am aware, yet not to be fooled by looking ahead sometime in the future (it is a mass thought form) but rather to realize and be conscious that Now is the Presence. Often if not always I find that people are disappointed when the object of their hopes comes and goes. If you are in the light, the light is now. This is is the counsel of Sananda and the Melchizedek teachers. So true, so real, now. Your research project will be interesting and I look forward to what you find. There is also obeservation that the Mayan Calendar is ahead of us and we are much closer to that date than we think.


Importance of the Inner Voice

I received a frantic phone call from my ex-wife yesterday. She was overly distressed. She told me I had to get into my car and drive the hour to her house, pick up our daughter who was “making trouble” amongst her friends and their parents in the neighborhood, and bring her to live with me for a while until we could figure out what was going on. Immediately I aligned with the Inner Voice while listening to her crying on the other end of the phone. I was clear I had to make the trip, but not to get my daughter….there was something else.

Within 10 minutes I was in the car asking why I was going and what I should do. The thought came, “You are on assignment” and that was all. As I drove the hour I stayed aligned and alternated between asking again and again, being still and listening.

Ten minutes from their house I found myself pulling the car over into an empty parking lot and reaching for my notebook as the energy increased. Then I wrote the following. “You will mediate a community building session and negotiate a cease fire. You will begin by setting the guidelines including; only the person holding the eagle feather could speak; no interrupting, no blame, no leaving the circle. First gather all the people involved, get their opening statements, outcomes and common ground. Then, pass the feather around the circle and each one will respond. Next you will mediate the responses, looking for the common ground, negotiate, reach compromise, set and get agreements.” I pulled back onto the road and continued the short distance to the house.

Upon arrival my ex ran out, scurried me off and we sat out in the yard as she explained what she saw was going on. I asked a lot of questions, we talked and explored ideas, strategies and options. It was clear to me something more was going on, that it was emotional, fear based and not in recognition of the Light. I held the space and kept checking in.

The next 7 hours passed very quickly, in slow motion as I watched time stand still. The thought kept coming, ”just be with whatever shows up.” As I bore witness to God In Action, all the involved parties, about 10 in all, came and went, in and out of the informal backyard circle all afternoon and into the evening. Unlike how I had thought it would happen, they just kept appearing and returning to their homes, chatting with one another along their ways, talking on their cell phones, returning in different pairs and groups, nothing I could have orchestrated. It was perfect.

For 7 hours I sat as they came and went. There were conversations, breakthroughs, understandings, emotional healings, tears, a couple of freak outs and finally hugs and agreements. Someone brought me a plate of food and I sat eating, talking with my ex-wife and my beloved daughter. We laughed. It was not like my ex had thought it was, it was nothing. My daughter stayed at home. She played one last game with her friends in the street as it got cold….and slept comfortably in her own bed. It was nothing.

G.M.K. (USA)

Divine Intervention

Question (from The Melchizedek Practitioner):

In your studies have you experienced or felt the presence of Jesus? What was your experience with the Master if, indeed, you sensed the Master’s presence with you? In what way did His presence affect you?

Student Response:

During my lifetime I have always felt a presence, especially in my darkest hours. I feel this presence as awareness in my body. Sometimes I feel like there am two of me. One who is experiencing and one who is the observer. I always feel like someone is guiding me. At times I think that this is a little strange and lose confidence in myself. During my lifetime I have had apparitions. At times I have had an appearance of a cloud of golden light that suddenly appears and passes through me. I feel very peaceful and happy and it washes away all negative doubts and my mind is free from any thought.

During a major crises in my life when my young son was in the hospital with complications from an accident. I was alone so I went to bed and prayed. I asked my Higher power for help. During the night I awakened and this beautiful lady wearing a veil of blue and gold with light streaming from her fingers was standing there. She was praying to the Baby Jesus; but it was my grandmother’s voice that I was hearing. I sat up in bed and suddenly she disappeared. My son had complete recovery.

M.T. (Canada)


Hi Crystal!
Just letting you know I have received my two books this morning, I have not stopped crying since, I have been reading Dancing God & it resonates so deeply, It is like I have been waiting all my life to receive this confirmation, with bits & pieces coming to me previously, from time to time, in the same vein but this has started a flood within my soul, a recognition of what I am sure has been hiding within for so long awaiting its time of appropriate revelation (remembrance). I feel like a kid in a candy store that wants to fill the bag with every lollie that catches the eye & put them all in my mouth at once to taste every flavour...... I am truly grateful for your obedience in all that you do & trust that I can follow suit as I let go all that I have been & receive the new. I feel that this information has arrived with perfect timing as I also received my divorce papers in the mail today & I will be reverting back to my original name, which may not be necessary, but I felt it appropriate for me as it sweeps a lot of (so called) wrong choices out of my life & helps me to go back to my innocence. Oh for that child like innocence once more................

Sincere thanks & blessings to you....

R.M. (Australia)

When you smile at the world, then the world smiles back,
You know God's Abundance, there's no sense of lack.

When you laugh with the world, you brighten her day,
By lifting her spirits in a harmonic way.

When you give to the world, from your heart and your soul,
You find you are one with the created whole.

When you focus on peace, instead of on strife,
You're well on the path to the Circle of Life.

When the stars in the heavens are shining so bright,
Know Angels are blessing you for spreading God's Light.

When faith is your password, from beginning to end,
You know that in God you have found your true friend.

Much love and blessings,
D.C. (England)

My golf guide to becoming a professional!


Practice, practice, practice

To become a pro I will need to practice a lot.

I will practice 20hrs plus every week.
Get extremely fit
Do 30mins plus of exercise every morning.
Practice all clubs
Practice putter, lob wedge, sand wedge, pitching wedge, 9iron, 8iron, 7iron, 6iron, 5iron, 4iron, rescue
wood, 5wood, 3wood, and Driver.
Practice in bunkers, in the trees, in the rough, on the green, chipping, and practice punch shots. Plus more!
Get on the fairway, on the green and have a chance for a birdie!

Don't let things stop me!


Never say I can't do it.
Don't let the weather stop me
If someone says that I won't become a pro say, "Well watch me!"
If I am in a game and someone is starting to be a git, don't let it ruin my game other wise they win over me! -
- Always smile to someone being a git!
Keep focused on getting a low score and always think on every shot that I do and always having the
chance of getting a birdie!
If a junior says, "Come and play with us", and I am in the middle of my game whilst practicing, always
say, "No thanks!"

Think like a pro!
Play like a pro!
Act like a pro!
I am a pro!

Chris Cooper, age 13 (England)

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