Are You an Immortal?

The messages in this University of Melchizedek website carry the fiery promise of immortality and victory over death. I AM not of this world. Reclaim your right as a Melchizedek to live as an Immortal.

Answer the Call to the Immortals!

What is an immortal? What function does an immortal have in our present world -- a world deeply entrenched in the death program, a program that brings disease, decay and often suffering to humanity? Is there a way to bypass death entirely and for what reason would we want to do this? And then you must ask the question: Am I an immortal come to earth to assist in erasing the death program and to raise the consciousness of human beings to true life as it is meant to be lived in rapture and in glory?....

The immortals are a band of angelic beings who are dedicated to lifting Earth and freeing her into the LIFE I AM. LIFE is the spiritual program of the Universe. Our own Universe Creator gave His LIFE as Jesus to dissolve the death program from Earth and to requalify humanity as the Christ LIFE. You are an immortal as you think as an immortal. If you do not fear death because you are one of the LIVING, you are an immortal. If you feel for all life as an expression of the Spiritual BEING and refuse to enter into any act of death and destruction, you are an immortal. If you cry for Earth's sorrow and suffering and the inhuman treatment of the animal LIFE, you are, indeed, an immortal. You have God's plan within you. And you cannot be quieted now, for it is time for you to rise into your new body and cancel out shame. In this day of My calling, so you must come as Christ intended. Shut the doors to death and the false teaching of the world. Identify yourself as one who is an angel of LIFE. This is your time upon this earth, your moment and your God-given mission. As an immortal, be.

-- From Mortal to Immortal by Patricia Jepsen
copyright 2006