Preparation in Light

A Preparation in Light

By Crystal (Patricia Jepsen)

Since my spiritual awakening in September 1967, much of the training and focus has been on translation and overcoming the death program on this earth.

My training began with the Word, "Listen to My Voice, My Voice only. No one knows the truth. Go back to the beginning. Listen to My Voice." Soon followed the calling to the Melchizedek Order and the High Priesthood. Truth teachings of the Order began to flow forth concerning the twin souls and the importance of their union. The Ascended Master Kuthumi appeared to me as my Master teacher. In August of 1968 I went through a degree of translation. The struggle of the lower self and personality was over. I was fused with the Divine Will. My body began to take on more and more light. Teachings regarding the building of the light body began. During this period, I attended meditations given by a Light Master in Santa Monica, California. I remember a visit to him and his prophecy that I would not go through death.

In the mid-seventies I was embraced by the presence of the Father who spoke to me. The Word came with a deep feeling of love. The Father asked me to give up death. The death program on this earth was a dishonor to His Son Jesus who rose from the dead that we might live. To honor Jesus' life I was to agree not to die. I was to live as an Immortal. I could almost feel the Father's tears flowing through me. I agreed. Throughout the years, the Melchizedek Truth Teachings continued to flow through me. As Scribe of Melchizedek, I have listened to the Universal Voice of Truth and unlocked many of the sealed and secret teachings of Melchizedek. One of the most important and secret teachings is now to be highlighted. That teaching is of IMMORTALITY and the place of the Immortals on earth.

I am commissioned now to release those teachings and make them public. The University of Melchizedek site is devoted to this mission.

Crystal (Patricia Jepsen)

March 17, 2005