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Try this exercise.

It will have a calming effect on your whole body and release the tensions that have accumulated.

  • Please close your eyes.
  • Imagine the Mother's Breath.
  • See it in your imagination. Continue to visualize the Holy Breath until it becomes real, an actuality.
  • Accept the Breath as your own breath.
  • Begin to breathe with it, slowly and in contemplation.
  • Fulfilling every need, the Breath moves through your entire body relaxing it and filling it with the divine beauty of Life eternal.
  • Control your breathing, your in-Breath, and out-Breath, letting each Breath grace your body, mind and spirit. The Breath is miraculous, all-powerful, forgiving, refreshing and regenerating.
  • Powerful healing takes place now as you let the Breath circulate through your entire being.
  • You are breathing God into your system; you are breathing Buddha and Jesus after the Order of Melchizedek.
  • You are breathing LIFE; you are breathing Consciousness; and All that I AM is yours.
  • You will know when you have completed this exercise. Do not get up suddenly. Wait a few minutes. In this moment of waiting and stabilizing in your new life, feel the changes that have occurred within you, both consciously and in your physical body.
  • You are much lighter now because the Holy Breath, the true Breath of Life, has washed away all that is not of your true being.
  • Thank the Holy Mother for Her Presence with you as you.
  • As you rise from your chair, step forward into your new life as a presence of divinity.
  • Do this exercise as often as you wish until, perhaps, you will be so realized in the Breath that the creative energy (God in expression) flows through you without hindrance.
  • Your body and your mind are clear, vibrant and present in the perfect order of I AM the Order of Melchizedek.

copyright 2002 by Patricia Jepsen


New Year's Blessing

A Transmission on the Status of Mother Earth on Her Journey in Light

Our beautiful blue planet has gone through a change of heart. She is vibrating in harmony with all life in the Universe now.

She is gathering energy for Her next assignment, where she will take over leadership of the Universe Council of the Stars.

In Her new position, Earth (Gaia) will gather together and harmonize all the planetary councils of this Universe, and together they will set forth a new plan for the next Universe creation.

As She (Gaia) traverses the Heavens, Her love for all creation is an expression of the Creator's (Creator Michael's) great love for all that is made. At this hour of the Ingathering — the IN-BREATH — the Creator is gathering up His-Her creation as One.

Behold, all things are made anew.

-- Elise Hunt, October 2017

A Christmas Meditation

You Are the Gift

by Marque Kolack

Imagine this Christmas as the formal beginning of your God life, your life consciously in God, your life as a God on earth. This is your birthright, this is why you have come. To be a God once again on earth. This is God's gift to you this Christmas and this is the gift you are. For you are the gift of Christmas, a gift to yourself and a gift from God to an awakening world. Remove the bow, tear back the wrappings, what do you find? A marvelous, fantastic, creative, loving child of The Most High. This is not ego or arrogance to think you are a God, in fact it is ego and arrogance to deny it! Jesus said, "Don't you know ye are Gods?" Deny it, deny you, deny God no longer.

What if you were the gift of Christmas and there was a world, 7 billion people waiting under a huge, cosmic Christmas Tree called Earth, Gaia, waiting for the present of your presence? What if God is waiting to complete Himself through you as the gift you are? Your love and compassion and patience and caring and giving and peace are all great divine gifts directly from God through you, so needed now by an impoverished humanity. What if your release of your God presence, or the giving of your gifts, the gifts inherent within you was God's plan and the next step for humanity to move into the Golden Age Of the 1000 years of Peace? What if this is why you were born? What if this is why you have come? What if God is lovingly waiting for you to give birth to Him as your GodSelf and what if this Christmas was the time ordained for that to happen? What if we are all the Sons and Daughters Of God and this is our time to be born anew, to be born aright, in God our Father-Mother?

Get serious and get excited with remembering, accepting, claiming and expressing the dream you have always had, the dream about how some day, love would conquer all and reign supreme. We all have had that dream. We all have carried that dream since birth. It was placed there by God in the beginning of time and now is the time for it's fulfillment. The realization of this dream placed in our hearts by God depends on us claiming our true selves, who we really are with no excuses capable of keeping us away.

Are you willing to have no excuses any more, as this is the beginning of your God life on earth. There are no excuses in God. There are no limits in God. The creator of the universe lives in you as you, and He is wanting to work a few miracles in your life, is that okay? Considering it is not really your life anyway, it is God's life in you as you. God provides for his own, for Himself. God is Himself as Yourself, there is no separation. God provides for Himself. Divine love prospers. You are God showing up on planet earth. You don't have an ego any more, it is just You and God, just You as God and that means, miracles, miracles abound in and around and through all aspects of your life now if you just believe.have faith believe in the possibility of this truth. You are light, the light of God in truth living on earth in your earthly body with all the power and majesty and magic of God at your finger tips. Just believe, shift your thinking to believe this fairy tale, this Christmas Carol is true and then it becomes true. As you believe, so it is. Remember all the Christmas stories playing on TV at Christmas time, when we were children, a story where some miracle happened for some young girl or for some despondent family? Miracle On 34th Street? Well, what if it is your turn for a miracle this year, a miracle birth, the birth of the immaculate concept of yourself as the GodSelf within? Birth this God gift you are and save the world by being your true self. You are prepared, God has prepared you, fear not.

This is the time, this is your time, awaken to the truth of who you are. Find the dream seed I planted in you in the beginning. I call it forth now. I call you forth now. Come out of the tomb, roll away the stone covering your Christ identity as I command it now, Lazarus come forth. You are that Lazarus, falsely entombed thinking you were dead. Awaken. You are not dead, you never die, you are as eternal as I Am eternal. If I do not die, how could you? How can an infinite being of light, ever die? Come forth. Be born this Christmas. You have been asleep, and I awaken you now from this slumber you have been in for millions of years. Awaken now, I command you to awaken now in the name of the Lord Sananda and The Law, awaken, arise and be born into the fullness and glory of My Perfect Being incarnate on earth, in all your radiance as the pure light of God I am, so you are too, so you are anointed. Arise and be seen for the magnificence you are, the magnificence I created you as in the beginning. Hide no longer, you do Me honor by awakening and arising now. I have planted within you all you need to live and love and create and prosper. Awaken, I awaken Myself within you. We have waited too long and the time is now for Me, The Mighty I Am Presence, The Universal Christ to awaken throughout all My creation.

Will you accompany Me and be the first wave of My awakened spirit on earth? Will you occupy Me saith the Lord? I give you the keys to the Kingdom, they are within you as love, peace, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, mercy, kindness and devotion. Along with the seed for My creative expression through you, just hang on and let us take the journey together of lifetimes, the journey back to the stars. You are the sun, I shine brightly through your heart do I not? Am I not pure creative light energy? And am I not animating you at this very moment? Then why wait any longer, as I call you forth now to be the gift, the love you are and the love I am on earth and throughout all of creation. I am that I am and I am now born in you. I now complete you as never before, reigning down My divine energy as light. I am denied no longer, I have returned to earth as you, as all of my children who have the hearts to feel this message and know it's purity. Be hollow no longer but fill yourself full with My divine nature of love and pure white light. We are one, it is done, I have come. Be born in Me as never before and together we shall reclaim the earth and all her people for God, for Love. This is the dream, be born from it and rejoice as the Christ is born again. This is the Second Coming Of The Lord. Aum Solen Aum.

Seal Of Melchizedek.

New Thought teacher, spiritual coach, yogi, performing artist and healer, Marque Kolack has been a close associate of Crystal and the University for over 30 years. He can be reached by email at marquegermain@hotmail.com.

A Tribute

We continue to post this tribute to University founder and former director, Patricia Jepsen (Chuse), "Crystal."

Patricia Jepsen (Chuse) "Crystal"

Transition Into the Light

University of Melchizedek founder and director, Patricia Jepsen (Chuse), "Crystal", made her transition into the Light on September 7, 2009.

For over thirty-five years, Crystal served as a writer, lecturer, seminar leader and pioneer in the expanding spiritual and environmental movements. Author of The GodSelf: Revelation for the New Millennium, Six Lessons with Delphi, and Delphi: What Being on Earth Is All About, she also released many booklets, courses and recordings that guide humanity into greater understanding of the meaning of life and its higher calling.

As a teacher and scribe for the Order of Melchizedek, Crystal initiated individuals into higher mind consciousness and fusion with the Inner Voice. She translated hundreds of documents from the etheric libraries of the great University of Melchizedek and its ancient temples and mystery schools. She addressed many religious/spiritual organizations in the name of the Order and planted the seed of Melchizedek in many parts of the earth. The Master's great love - the presence of Jesus -- abounded through her writings and workshop presentations.

Early Years

As a teenager, Crystal had an awareness of a spiritual calling. She loved Jesus, was exposed to the writings of Emmet Fox, and felt the stirrings of the Spirit within. Her young adult life included training and experience as a professional actress, which gave her an excellent foundation for later assisting individuals in finding, aligning and speaking with the Inner Voice.

A spiritual awakening in 1967 re-formed her experience. She describes this in the introduction to The GodSelf:

As a result of a dramatic spiritual awakening I began to experience "a Voice," a powerful God Presence that vibrated instructions and spiritual truth. From the moment I began to "hear" (not with my ears but with my heart) this Presence, I understood It to be my Inner Voice. Very soon, following this opening, I was introduced to three books written by Minerva. On the cover of each book was a symbol that seemed oddly familiar to me. In fact I had been drawing that same unique symbol from the moment I began to feel differently about myself and the world. This symbol was the Seal of Melchizedek.

As I read and reread the Melchizedek Truth records as recorded by the scribe Minerva, I was deeply impressed by the purity of the message and I hungered for that same purity of communication. In fact, I remember declaring, "This is what I want! I want the purity of the Presence of God to be with me as the Inner Voice." Thus I embarked on an incredible journey as my world began to shape itself far differently than I could possibly have imagined.

She then includes the first communication received from the divine presence:

It was a time of deep crisis in my life when I didn't know what to do or where to turn. I remember I was on my knees, promising God I would continue to seek Him until I knew Him. I became aware that the room had grown lighter. It was as though the Presence Itself was that light. Then these words thundered through me. I hurried to my desk for pen and paper as the message continued.

My voice will be heard!
Not your voice but mine.
Clear bells sound.
They hang on the ear
echoing back in aged time.
All the armies ready to march,
joined from the sound.
My army comes not from
one time nor one world,
but from all that is ever.
These join and march,
drink and sup with
at the large table prepared.
Know them well as one can
when breaking bread.
Drink of their wines.
Sing with them for they know your songs.
When this is past embrace,
go back to your homes.
But know and do not forget
there is an army
and you will march.*

Following this time of awakening, Crystal underwent an intense period of spiritual training and discipline. In her own words: "My training began with the Word, 'Listen to My Voice, My Voice only. No one knows the truth. Go back to the beginning. Listen to My Voice.' Soon followed the calling to the Melchizedek Order and the High Priesthood."**

The teachings of Dr. Joseph Murphy, Joel Goldsmith, the Christian mystical tradition and eastern philosophy, particularly the Vedanta teachings, were of significance to her spiritual unfoldment.

Years of Service

In 1972, Crystal established the Mary Bethany School of Consciousness. In accordance with her inner direction, she held classes in southern California and throughout the western United States. Her travels led her to Boulder, Colorado (1975-6) and Sedona, Arizona (1977-8), two locations where the creative gifts and contributions of many students flourished in the forms of music, writing, drama and dance. In Sedona she began a Center for Creative Arts and published an occasional newspaper, The Christ Voice. During 1977 she also founded a new consciousness school, the University of Melchizedek, and adopted the spiritual name "Crystal"


In May 1978 she moved to Hawaii and became involved in the peace and nuclear-free movement. Her teaching and peace work continued in Berkeley, California, northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. during the early 1980's.

In 1983 the University settled in Castleton, Virginia. Crystal hosted a retreat center, held spiritual classes, gave talks and led seminars internationally, and founded the Center for International Cooperation (CIC), a non-governmental organization on the roster with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

CIC sponsored several events and programs, including EarthWalk, a conference in Australia bringing together aboriginal and indigenous elders, educators and environmentalists on behalf of the environment (1989); and "Global Community: The Earth and Her Children," a forum at the 53rd Annual DPI/NGO Conference of The United Nations in August 2000, representing the voices of the child, education, animals, indigenous peoples and the earth. CIC was also an active participant at the U.N. Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, where Crystal presented Earth Treaties gathered from children around the world. Her spiritual service had expanded to encompass the voices, hearts and needs of all people, cultures, and the earth itself.

Recent Years

Following a move to Tucson, Arizona in 1997, Crystal began a series of classes focusing on animal communication and the circle of life with her golden retriever companion Delphi. Out of these classes evolved a series of books and an online school for young people focusing on partnership with the earth and the interconnectedness of all life, The Sanctuary School (www.thesanctuaryschool.org). Crystal's most recent assignment, vibrating or revealing the World Mother Office to earth, entailed a much-needed focus on children and youth, their soul education and general welfare. The Sanctuary School provides this program for children and youth, with its emphasis on heart-based education.

In the last few years, Crystal devoted herself to continuing the work of the University and The Sanctuary School. Her service took her to Ojai and Mount Shasta, California; Port Townsend, Washington; Glorieta, New Mexico; and Kanab, Utah. The University redesigned its website (www.melchizedeklearning.com) and opened an online store, providing for a greater outreach worldwide. Crystal continued to write and hold classes with a focus on Christ service, the contemplative life, planetary ascension, immortality, the Inner Voice and the interconnectedness of all life.

A Divine Plan

Crystal's departure from this plane was possibly revealed in an autobiographical note, which appears at the end of her booklet The Sananda Scripts. At the time of its publication in November 2008, she wrote:

For over thirty-five years, Crystal has served as Melchizedek Scribe and channel for Sananda's words. She is vacating that position soon for a new position in the Hierarchy.***

Future Plans for the University

The outreach of the University of Melchizedek will continue under the guidance of its Board of Directors, and with the assistance of those who served alongside Crystal.

The large body of Crystal's writings and recordings, priceless revealed records of God within the individual, including the inspirational classic The GodSelf and the ground-breaking teachings on Immortality, will continue to be available to spiritual seekers worldwide.

The vision held by Crystal of a University learning and retreat center continues. If you would like to support this vision or contribute to its realization, please contact us at admin@melchizedeklearning.com.

The University encourages the participation of all who are interested in supporting the unfolding planetary consciousness and world service. Melchizedek study groups are forming around the globe; if you would like to start a study group in your area, please visit www.melchizedeklearning.com/groups.aspx or contact the University office at admin@melchizedeklearning.com for more information. We will be happy to assist you!

We will continue to provide updates about the University and its activities in the coming months.

*From The GodSelf: Revelation for the New Millennium by Patricia Jepsen Chuse, 1998. Available through shop.melchizedeklearning.com or Amazon.com.

**From A Preparation in Light, www.melchizedeklearning.com/iminitia.aspx.

***The Sananda Scripts, through His Channel, Crystal, 2008. Available through shop.melchizedeklearning.com.

Recommended Book:

Living the GodSelf

An extraordinary manual and esoteric study of the Path of the Initiate. East meets West in this beautiful book of the mystical journey into Oneness. Much is explained here. Many questions are answered. This is an excellent book for study groups with its companion The GodSelf.

Approximately three hundred pages of wisdom teachings that explain in depth the initiate's path: initiation, cosmic law, the Kingdom of God, Kundalini, the Masters and much more. An Introduction by the Master Saint Germain sets the stage and begins this study. Available from the University online store.

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