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The Magic of Tithing

The one who gives receives.

And the one who receives replenishes the earth.


I awoke this morning with the radiant energy field of tithing: That which is given is returned. And that this is what I needed to write to you about -- The Law of Tithing. And so, from the Melchizedek Records and the disciplines of the great Mystery Schools comes this:

The teaching and the discipline of tithing to the teacher and to the school goes back to ancient Mystery Schools where the love of the Teacher was so great that instantaneous tithing occurred as a result of this love, gratitude and insight into the deeper practice of prosperous living. We were taught that giving is receiving and that it was our attitude of always thanking the God Center before the gift was released that purified our system and allowed the Creator of all things to objectify into form.

From the Pythagorean Papers, this Law is written and spoken:

Behold the Giving Rite may change your life.

You are the Giver and the Receiver.

As you think upon these words

The flow of Life-fulfilling Essence of your own Godhood

Will begin to replace the limited existence.

Here is the Divine Principle:

When you give in the consciousness of Plenty

To the master and the Mystery School

He/She will accept your gift through His/Her consciousness

Magnifying it many times over that which you have given.

The price of giving is receiving.

Patricia Jepsen September 13, 2007