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"The object of all Melchizedek study is to open you to your higher mind and the conscious memory of your GodSelf."

from Living the GodSelf by Patricia Jepsen

The writings and recordings of the University of Melchizedek are revelatory in nature. Because the University in its presentations is profoundly revelatory and seeks always to open the participant to his or her own deeper wisdom and revelation, the experience is one of upliftment, Kundalini awakening, chakras opening and the brilliance of the individual soul.*

The passages below provide guidance on how best to absorb and assimilate the University materials.

University Alignment: The Consciousness That Opens

from The Master's Papers, No. 35

Sometimes students say that they do not understand the University Records or "Papers." Or that some of the "truth teaching" is understood while other segments remain mystifying to them.

When the student is used to analyzing study work, using "the left brain," the University can be challenging indeed! This is because this University is designed to open the Records in you!

As the University of Melchizedek draws its force field from the Creator as Energy, the student must be ready to surrender into that immediate force field of Creative Energy and divine love. This is mandatory for you to understand any work of the University program.

Each segment of the "teaching" as released by the Order of Melchizedek is released through consciousness of that one who is functioning as the doorway or threshold for this program release. This enables the "Truth" as given to arrange itself in such a way as to be complementary to the planet and all inhabitants. Each time a portion of the University records are released, this release affects not only the planet as a whole but all who abide on it as inhabitants.

The Truth Papers or records remain in the etheric (invisible storehouse) until the facilitator of these records can release them into units of energy that in turn can embody as ideas, revelation and/or units of energy to affect the planet.

Please know that as you read The University Papers* (as planned release for this time), or such lesson material as The GodSelf, you are assimilating -- yes, you are being affected -- by the vibration of these Records. Even if you do not understand what has been written, you will; because the energy within the words, paragraphs and pages will cause the brain cells to open. You have but to know this and wait on revelation. There is a direct revelation with each unit of truth that is given as lesson material.

Thus you study read knowing that the Spirit of light will open you to the meaning in the sentence or paragraph. You can know by the light.

I recommend now that you do not study with the "mortal mind" but with the activity of the Spirit. You may well feel what you are reading first - before you truly understand.

Because the units of programmed energy are part of a University code, the understanding will continue. You may refer to a particular lesson many times and each time the units of energy will open a degree further and a new revelation will come to you from the Creative Spirit.

The result of studying and contemplating in this way will give you a sense of empowerment, accomplishment and creativity. For you will know that you have participated in this process of learning, and recall the truth from ages past. What a way to learn! What a beautiful way to remember! Let go and let God!

An Added Note...

The University Papers* and lesson materials help you to open to the light of illumination and liberation.

Because of the strong, powerful energy within the University Records, the chakras or centers within your etheric body are affected, cleansed and very frequently opened to enable the passage of kundalini into the crown chakra, affording you with the Understanding, Knowledge and the Wisdom of Truth. True understanding can only come through the opening of the chakras. As you learn to read in the manner I have described to you, you will be assisting the process of your awakening many times over.

Blessings to you in the Name of The Most High and The Masters of the Light,


*The University Papers were part of a monthly subscription program available through September 2009. They can be purchased in compiled form through the University's online store. copyright 1993 by Patricia

copyright 1993 by Patricia Jepsen

The University of Melchizedek, Higher Dimensional Thinking

from Living the GodSelf, pp. 265-7

When you attend seminars or classes at the University of Melchizedek, much of the work done is in opening you to a higher rate of vibration. This is to enable you to read your own records, to prepare you for initiation, and to introduce you to new levels of truth.

Often at the University level of spiritual assimilation, the only way the presentations can be understood is through the higher or deeper levels of consciousness. Here you are trained to access the Superconscious and to receive information from that placement. Willingness to receive from "the mind that was in Jesus Christ" opens the way to the enlightenment.

Reading and assimilating the lesson material of the University can cause the awakening process to begin or to heighten. The Accelerated Light, which we call "the University," enables you to open to the inner light of your own being and there to know yourself, to find yourself, to leave the world of illusion. Powerful Rays of Intelligence, complementary to your own soul ray, stand with you through this University.

In every University class the rate of vibration has been stepped up to facilitate the activity of your Christ Consciousness - your Higher Mind. Remember, you are traveling into new lands, new worlds of light. Higher intensity is yours as you walk the regions of light and call forth illumination (intelligent thinking). This light I speak of is not understood by the mortal mind, nor can it be released to conscious awareness until the student is ready and well prepared for that which is to be assimilated and digested. We remove seals so that you can read your own Christ Records, those that you have chosen to bring with you as you remember and commence your ascent into realms of light.

We want you to be a knowing person in your own right. You are called to enlightenment in this University, to the Universal Mind that knows and is.

The Holy Spirit, Creative Daughter and Mother Spirit, vibrating at one with the University of Melchizedek, decodes the actual vibration that is released in class or in the written lessons. It is very much like an opening of a seal or seals. Illumination comes, as a result, to the conscious mind. Anticipate this, for it will happen. Work with the Spirit.

The awakening often comes by revelation. In the Creative and Spiritual awakening process, often a quest towards revelation begins. The student will thirst for information and illumination. The greater and deeper the hunger to know, the more the student may seek increased understanding by attending classes and lectures, reading books or passages from books, meditating and listening to the Inner Voice that is the path to illumination and the revelatory process. This is why the University of Melchizedek encourages the inner struggle toward truth and the quest by the student to know.

Jesus said, Seek and you shall find. We stand by that promise. This is why the presentations of truth by this University do not always come easily. These truths are presented in vibrational threads of Divine Intelligence. It is very much like unwrapping a package under the tree of knowledge! Remain open to the higher mind, or the Superconscious, and you will be fulfilled and know. That is what the University is all about!

Expect revelation and it will come. Know that you are reading, studying for revelation. You are going to understand the greater truths yourself and you will!

By your expectation and willingness to receive new ideas and new thought, you allow "the Word Incarnate" (the measurement of Christ) to take flesh or form. Your God Presence becomes individualized - like Jesus.

copyright 2006 by Patricia Jepsen

From Beyond Religion

(Degree III, Course 2/Priesthood Course 3)

Lesson 4

When you are reading material in the vibration of the Absolute or the radiation of Melchizedek, let the material lift you to new understanding of who you are. It is best not to memorize what you read. Let the words act upon your brain cells as living light to decode the message of light and love within you that you might know it as yourself. Every time you read a lesson such as this, know that you will open that much further into light: conscious awareness of infinite Being.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation

from Lesson Seven: New Birth, College of New Learning Booklets

When you study, read and affirm truth, it must then become a living part of you. A living, pulsating part of your conscious awareness.

Go over your University lessons. Carefully and thoughtfully, mark the areas of truth that you wish to apply right now. Then review these principles. Activate them. Transpose them to small cards that you can take to work and place by your bed at night. Live these truths, even as Jesus did. Call them forth as seeds of reality. Make them work!

Put the principles of truth, that you have carefully marked, under your pillow at night knowing the subconscious mind will continue to process them and accept them as living units of your own consciousness.

Here is a suggestion: When you awaken in the morning, reread the portion of the lesson that you feel is important for this day. Study it, contemplate it. If thoughts come to you, write them down in your journal. Give yourself time for this exercise. Meditate. Often the lesson itself will lead you directly into meditation - guiding you deeply into your being. Remember to focus on the third eye area as you meditate. Here you are connected directly to Divine Intelligence. You are in line with Christ.

A second suggestion: In the morning when you start the day and before you retire, sound the vowels (as recorded by Minerva). The vowels assist in clearing the chakras and removing blockage. They are excellent tools to align the seven chakras and create a sense of wholeness that is Melchizedek.

You have a gift of Intuition which grows and expands into the Mind of God or Truth, Divine Intelligence, the I AM THAT I AM. As you concentrate on these lessons your intuitive faculties will respond in union with the Presence. As your intuition becomes sharpened and enhanced; it will vibrate through you as My Inner Voice or Christ Consciousness.

This developed Intuition becomes your speaking, your writing and your basic rhythm.

Discipline, positive use of time, will give you what you seek. You are putting new muscles to work: spiritual muscles. Exercise these muscles. They will work for you in conscious alignment with the I AM.

copyright 2001 by Patricia Jepsen

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*From The University Papers, Vol. 8, No. 2: What Happens When You Enter the Melchizedek University?

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