CDs, MP3s & Cassettes

CDs, MP3s and Cassette Tapes

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These high-energy recordings were made during classes and workshops conducted by Patricia Jepsen. They include both revelatory and practical information on the spiritual journey and the ascension program for humanity and the Earth, and are valuable for individual or group meditation, contemplation and study.

Recordings are available in both CD and MP3 format, and can be ordered through the online store. Cassette tapes are available for some selections. (More MP3s are forthcoming; please check back!)

The price for CDs is $15, for MP3s, $7, and for cassette tapes, $5.

The Body Resurrected

14 Recordings

The immortal life in body, mind and spirit

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Light & Life Teachings of the Order of Melchizedek

50 Recordings

Revelatory and practical information on the spiritual journey and the ascension program

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The Easter Series

5 recordings

From the Easter Seminar (1995)

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Fire of the Higher Mind Series

4 recordings

New Dimensional Teachings and Higher Mind Fusion

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The Melchizedek Teachings of the Great Sun

4 recordings

Instructions on the gathering of light

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New Day Testament Series

12 recordings

The full Priesthood of Melchizedek blazes forth as a vibration of the Divine Word. New Testament interpretation by Patricia Jepsen

View As: CDs/MP3s

The Twin Flame Series

5 recordings

Returning to the Original Creation

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The College of New Learning Series

27 recordings

Supplemental recordings for Degree I of the Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study

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Note: Patricia Jepsen (Crystal) speaks in the God Presence or I AM Consciousness throughout these CDs, MP3s and cassette tapes. Just as Jesus spoke to His disciples 2,000 years ago, the Master through Crystal bears witness to Himself in oneness. Those who have joined Crystal in her classes and seminars are familiar with the loving Voice of Christ that flows through her in oneness and divine love. In the Introduction of The GodSelf: Revelation for the New Millennium, she explains how God speaks within us and through us as "the Father within," our ever-present inner voice:

"Each of us has an inner voice, an indwelling counselor and teacher who will guide us on our spiritual journey into the land of light. Master Jesus referred to this inner voice as 'the Father within.' Throughout the pages of this book, the Father within comforts and guides the awakening soul into the 'promised land.' From the depths and regions of your soul, your Inner Voice waits to communicate with you. Listen! For a strong purpose of this book is to align you to the Father within and your own precious light."


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