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After I found you, I knew that this is the capstone of all Melchizedek Teachings. - C.B., USA

I just want to tell you how magic are your words and statements, reading your writings is so soothing and expanding, so good and Godbound. - G.M., Mexico

All of the material is helpful and inspiring, and I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it all and how thankful I am for finding you and these teachings. - R.K., USA

Thank you for your journey, taking all of us with you into a new plane of thinking and being. I have been aware of the effects today in a stronger sense of the Father and I are One....

The incoming energies over the past six months have wrought a significant transformation in conscious awareness in me. Those energies together with the work with all of the Immortality courses, Sananda's daily messages and the World Mother Scripts, and now the Abundance Workshop experience and Sananda Scripts have brought me to a place that feels more real than anything I have experienced before. - V.C., England

I am continually amazed by the transmissions with which you so lovingly shower us. - N.J., Australia

Thank you for your most important work, for sending these most exquisite messages, for saving our lives with God's promise of eternal love. - USA

I want to thank you from my heart and soul for all the interpretations of Truth that you so beautifully transcribe and the publishing of them. I wish all of humanity could read them. So much love, so many blessings and so much gratitude to you. - V.A., Australia

Books and Booklets

The GodSelf

Like all of your writing, The GodSelf is filled with inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and I feel edified in receiving its deep and rich gifts. I know that anyone who reads this powerful work will be touched and moved. Thank you for your magnificent contribution to planetary healing. - Alan Cohen, USA, Author

If I were asked to select one book for all who are serious in their desire to find the truth of their own being and indeed the Truth of All Being, it would have to be The GodSelf. It is a jewel of clarity, insight and verity. It is, indisputably, the needed revelation for the new millennium. - P. Alamie Page, United Kingdom, Poetess and Spiritual Teacher

The Workbook

I just received The Workbook. I see that it will help build light intensity. WOW! Honestly, I think there should be one for each lesson. - J.W., USA

Angels and Archangels

Thank you for bringing this remarkable course to us. So much to absorb.... There is never a time I read the programme material then I remain the same. This is my real experience, there is always greater inside. Opening, sometime I cannot really comprehend it until later. But that of the...Angel and Archangels...took a different form, in the morning of Thursday while on my focus on the Archangels, the Energy was too high and strong, I found myself instead of working, I was flying with conscious knowing that I can fly....

Then I say Thank You Beloved Crystal for this wonderful Blessing to Earth. Thank You The Magic Circle. Thank You God. - O. I., Nigeria

I would also like to say how much I am enjoying and getting from Angels and Archangels. I have read Lesson 1 many, many times but it was only on this morning's reading that the words "It will be the Angels who will transform the planet THROUGH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS" leapt out and registered deeply within. I finally got it! - USA

Thank you for taking us into that magnificent experience (and union of the Presence) with the Archangels, and the Guardian Angel and the Creative Angel! I kept getting "chills" -- especially at the Northern Rock by the sea. This is all so real -- "life without death or hindrance" -- and a wonderful hope for the earth.- USA

Catch the Magic

Thank you - and St Germain - so much for this course. It is Delightful! So light, uplifting and fun and so needed right now, as at times I, for one, can become a bit 'serious' and bogged down in this journey. But not with this course! - V.A., Australia

Thank you for sending these, Crystal! I look forward to reading this one. I really enjoyed the last one. You provided a new perspective to the elementals and I now feel more in tune with them and focused on them, which is so important. Thank you. - K.M., Cananda

Dancing God

Just letting you know I have received my two books this morning, I have not stopped crying since, I have been reading Dancing God & it resonates so deeply. It is like I have been waiting all my life to receive this confirmation, with bits & pieces coming to me previously, from time to time, in the same vein but this has started a flood within my soul, a recognition of what I am sure has been hiding within for so long awaiting its time of appropriate revelation (remembrance). I feel like a kid in a candy store that wants to fill the bag with every lollie that catches the eye & put them all in my mouth at once to taste every flavour..... Sincere thanks & blessings to you.... - R.M., Australia

Delphi: What Being on Earth is All About

The answer to the survival of the planet is in communication with nature. What better way to find our path than to let Delphi lead us. Bravo! An excellent book. - Ralph Helfer, Author of Modoc, Mosey and The Beauty of the Beasts, USA

This is a wonderful, charming and uplifting book about a dog with a message for all ages. - USA

Everyone knows that animals and children love each other. They share a certain special affinity. We often say, they understand each other. Could it be they speak the same language? A language we once knew and have the opportunity to access if we open our hearts and minds. This wonderful book offers a gateway into a world of one life and love, where animal, man and nature are part of the wonderful web of life. I have experienced this closeness with Delphi and my life has been changed forever. - Marilyn Mosley-Gordanier, Director, Laurel Springs School, USA

Entrance of the Mother Spirit

On Sunday morning I went to pick up the book again but was drawn to the 2nd book, Entrance of the Mother Spirit and the Creative Power. Right from reading the first few words I felt the pulsating energy within me and was drawn deeper and deeper. In the first writing box I wrote of my experience and would like to share this with you.... Such a Power of Love and Gentleness. I could feel the Mother Energy brushing my shoulders, wiping away the cares, filling my heart. All of this and I'm only at the bottom of page 2!! - V.A., Australia

Light Dancer

Last night I felt the importance of putting on Aeoliah's music and dancing the Light. It was the second consecutive night for me. As I began and the deepening came I saw that over my heart was the six pointed star of Melchizedek..... Truly Light Dancer is an amazing journey into the Allness. - N.J., Australia

Living the Abundant Life

People are having such profound experiences through this course. It makes this new reality more palatable. Thank one and all for these rich experiences. - A.C., USA

Got a few calls from someone who needed counseling. I used the four principles from Living the Abundant Life to assist the person with what they were looking at. It was a wonderful foundation for a very good session. They are very practical and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, I recommended that this person write down every negative experience she has had in relationships and use the first principle, unconditional forgiveness, to release the past. I was able to interweave the other principles throughout the conversation. Can you imagine if therapists could grasp these, they would get incredible results. - USA

..And yes, I have enjoyed, and will continue enjoying, the Abundance course. - T.G., USA

The writing you have done is wonderful -- so clear, and confirms things that have been happening here. - USA

The other night I awoke with a pain in my body, after some strenuous activity the day before. This time, instead of asking for healing for the pain, I remembered the Letting exercise from the Abundance workshop. I chose the Light Body as a focus (why not go for the whole package!) and then experienced the Heart-Mind alignment and release of unconditional love through the Heart Chakra. Immediately, I felt a lifting of energy and knew that all was well. And that was it - finished and done. And thank you! - E. H., USA

Raising the Bar on Manifestation

Unbelievable. When I went to bed, the top of my head was burning so much, I had to start thinking about something else to relieve it.... This morning I am still aware of the great energy. Blessings. - A.T., USA

I also want to say thank you, thank you for Lesson 1. I had a profound reaction/experience from it and so far have only been able to read the first 2 pages. I was led deep into 2 meditative experiences in the first 2 pages and when I turned to page 3 and read "Before continuing, please stop to mediate and contemplate..." I was still in an altered state and still haven't yet been able to continue reading. The experiences were of a deep connection with an infinity of Divine Presence, an opening of the heart (with the message that it is no longer my heart but My Heart, as in Divine Presence all that there is only One. No longer me, my or mine, only Me, My, Mine. One.) I look forward to reading the rest of this Lesson just as soon as this wonderful Energy stabilizes enough for me to continue. - Australia

The beauty of the Raising the Bar Workshops, and our own experience since the start of the workshops, is the simplicity of letting God be the manifestor. From the first moments we were one in agreement with God's Intent and maintained a positive focus, relaxing in the energy flow and accepting God's Will without question. - D.C., England

The Sananda Scripts

Everyone should read this book. It pulled me out of one of the darkest holes I have ever been in. It squelches the fear. - E.C., Leader of the Prescott, Arizona Study Group, USA

Six Lessons With Delphi: How to Live Happily With All Life

Absolutely "adore" Six Lessons with Delphi. Please express my heartfelt appreciation to Kimberley (illustrator) for her special contribution to Six Lessons with Delphi. - USA

Patricia, your Delphi book is precious beyond words and I wish it was around years ago when I was raising my children. - USA

Thank you for teaching me more about earth, respect, and life in general. I've learned to be kinder to people, animals,
and Mother Earth. - USA

I found Six Lessons with Delphi to be a very positive and moving experience with many of my students. It gives children of all ages a methodology of getting in touch with themselves. These lessons help our students build a more peaceful world. - USA

Your lessons have made a big impact on my actions. You gave my life inspiration. - USA

Introducing Delphi to young women and young men provides opportunities to open their eyes, their hearts and their souls. Ultimately, Delphi can help them discover their life's purpose. - USA

The Woof Papers

I have received The Woof Papers. What a privilege we are being given here on earth as the Mother love arises and all is being healed. - R.M., Australia

Such beautiful writing and poetry! Lesson 5 about the world of communication and listening from the heart is the most thorough instruction and advice, deeply penetrating my heart and soul, that I have ever heard -- bringing me lovingly into a full circle of awareness. - E.H., USA


Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study, Degree I (College of New Learning booklets)

I have just finished lessons 5 & 6 and am ready for the next lessons. I love the course work and find it more than meets my expectations! Very high energy!....

I have just finished reading Lesson #12. I am so blown away! I truly feel my cellular structure reshaping.........in fact it was happening before I started reading it! I feel if my heart expands any further it will burst!! AND...........I have a feeling it is going to keep expanding! I found so much truth and resonance that I cannot begin to say its any one thing, other than..............THANK YOU for being the vehicle for this whole series! How can it get better? - T.K., USA>

Living the GodSelf (Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study/II; Priesthood 2)

Having subscribed to the Living the Godself course for the last couple of months I would really like to endorse all you have said about the lessons. They really are Truth at its highest level and after reading the lessons (and during the reading) I feel transported to a higher dimension in close contact with the Godself not just within me but also within others. In fact this feeling wells up within even as I am just printing out the course. - USA

Melchizedek (Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study/IV; Priesthood 7)

On Saturday I started to read Melchizedek and, as always with the University material, I read a few paragraphs then had to stop as I was led deep within. Yes, I could feel God on every page, in every word and within myself. - V.A., Australia

The Melchizedek Practitioner

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my first lesson material. I am gaining so much from it as I study it further.... I know that the power and the vibrations of the Practitioner course are at work upon me and I rejoice that the process is making me whole. - V.C., England

This lesson has affected me in a tremendous way. I will try to put it into words:

I feel more contented, happier and lighter. During the holidays I visited some relatives that I haven t seen in years. They were all so surprised at my appearance. They all said that I looked radiant, contented and happy. That is exactly how I feel. I just love being alive. I wake up at 5:00 am just full of life and ready for the day. At times I can feel the energy surging throughout my body. - M.T., Canada

Community Newsletter

I am in Western Australia and I wanted to thank you for the inspirational truths you share through the University of Melchizedek newsletter. I am a 68 year old pensioner so it's unlikely that I will get to visit with you at Mount Shasta but your writing resonates with me. It is something like dropping a stone into a lake - you do not know how far the ripples will travel - so I wanted to let you know some ripples have reach Western Australia and they, inevitably, become part of my healing practice. - K.G., Australia

I am very appreciative to you for the newsletter. I love the new format and there is so much love and work going into it. A true delight to receive. - Rev. A.P., USA

Hi, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and value these teachings which are really transcendent and beneficial for our spiritual growth.... Thank you so much. - A.C.C., USA