Original Teachings of Jesus

Original Teachings of Jesus

The Moment That Christ Was Born on Earth

A tiny child born on earth. What was the miracle of this? And why did Earth shake so in that moment?

I was born a savior unto men.

Whose voice speaks? What manner of child is this? And are there many children today, all speaking with this same voice, initiating us into a new world of creative power and divine love?

Two thousand years ago -- as time passes -- a life was given to this planet, a word that was so significant that it has lingered with us.

I gave you My Self.

The day we must remember is Christmas in our hearts. For if we can do this, we will discover the secret to eternal life, immortality and transformation.

If you will live in me and I in you, then earth peace will be inevitable.

There will be no death on planet Earth, no cries of the children suffering to be heard, no burials into the ground, no weeping and wailing.

On the day I was born, I made you perfect in me. We are consummated in the higher realms as One. Know this and you are free.

The Earth was flooded with light for a moment when Jesus was born. Every single cell of Earth lit up and welcomed Him in. Not one was left untouched. Not one was forgotten. Golden light permeated everything and compassion was born.

To this love you are dedicated and to this heart. I radiate my Self to you that you might be born in me. Together we are One.

Jesus was never crucified. He could not be. He was light forgiving this land and its people. He dwelt amongst us as the light. He was called wonderful to the degree that you are wonderful in me.

I have come again. This time as I AM in you to transfigure this land and complete my mission. I will not return to my Father until all returns with me consciously. I have come as the Christ in you and I AM with you as Sananda, Lord of Life.

Be ye restored to the Beginning. Ancient of Days, take this Scroll and read...

I, the Ancient of Days, read the word of light. Sananda takes the Office of Planetary Prince. He governs with his heart and he brings life into a formation of the one Son who God wills you to be. Solen Aum Solen.

Peace and love be unto all on this day. The light still shines!

Seal of Melchizedek
December 19, 2003

Jesus in the Temple

Jesus as a little boy was well loved and admired by his childhood friends and companions. He was very friendly to everyone and always listened intently to thoughts and questions his friends would have for him. The children who gravitated to him knew that he had answers to their questions that were both wise and considerate. He was a very popular boy!

As the story is told in scripture, Jesus was twelve years of age when he, Mary, and Joseph were visiting Jerusalem. As usual, the courts and areas for shopping as well as worship were immensely crowded with bustling people, pushing and jostling against one another. It was an easy place for a boy to become lost. Mary knew this, so she had kept a watchful eye on her young, energetic son.

Perhaps Mary and Joseph had become preoccupiedturned their heads and their minds away from Jesus to speak with a friend for a brief momentbut much to the concern of both parents they realized that Jesus had left their side and was no longer visible. They searched -- their concern increasing -- but no Jesus could be found.

In the meantime, Jesus stepped purposely into the temple where he found a group of rabbis and important officiates of the temple sitting amongst themselves. When the group saw Jesus approaching, many of them impatiently and forcefully told Jesus to leave immediately. How dare he approach in this manner without an invitation? Jesus stood his ground and showed no reaction to being received in such a manner. But there was one who held up his hand and silenced the others. "Let the boy stay," he said. "Let us hear what he has to say and how we can be of service to him." The others mumbled but were quiet as the Rabbi continued. "I recognize you. You are Jesus and we know your good parents well. What question do you have for us, Jesus?"

All turned to the boy.

"Yes, I have a question," Jesus said. "Why does our Father in heaven not hear us?"

The kind Rabbi was silent for a moment. When he spoke all heads were turn toward him in expectation. "That is not true, my son. Our God hears you through your Rabbi. We are the ones who must take your words to Him."

"You are holding back your people," Jesus said. "You have no right to do this."

Now anger filled the room despite the Rabbi who held up his hand to quiet the group. Yet, Jesus continued undaunted and unafraid.

"You see, our Father does not know who is Rabbi and who is not." More mumblings and a few stood shaking in their fury.

"Our Father wants to listen to every one. And if you would tell the people this, they would hear His voice and know His will." Then Jesus raised his arms and said, "This temple was built so all could hear the Father's word. That is what temples are for. They are to be kept clean so that all can hear. Your duty as Rabbis and learned men is to prepare the way for My Father's voice that He can be heard and worshiped in the hearts of every one."

At that moment, Mary and Joseph appeared breathless from their search. And realizing that their son was speaking amongst the others, they held their quiet and stepped back so as not to be seen to listen.

And now the kind Rabbi was disturbed. He stepped forward and sternly asked, "How do you know all this, young man?

Who tells you these things?"

Jesus answered, "The Kingdom of God within me tells me this. If you would only teach your people how to listen to our Father's voice, they would have the answers to their questions and the help they needed. But you feign from this because you fear to lose you positions of importance and authority."

Then Jesus approached Mary and Joseph and he took their hands in his. He glanced thoughtfully at Joseph and Mary. And to his mother's silent question, "My son, why did you do this?" ...

Jesus answered, "I knew my Father wanted me here, so I came. What you must know is that God is within each one of us and He will design our paths and show us our destiny."

And they left without another word being said.


What sayest you in the reading of this story? And what manner of mind does it leave you with?

Let this be read on Christmas Eve, and let all remember the meaning of My birth in you.

Christmas 2002

The Truth About Jesus

What is it? Why did it happen? And why does it haunt us still?
Are we all part of the Crucifixion of Jesus?

Is this the powerful climax to our Revelation and Understanding of the greater part?

These are my questions to you, O Spirit of the Light.

Have the Power back that was given you in the Beginning. The Power that is your own birthright. And as you take this Power back, be respectful of it, ever mindful that it is the movement of God in you seeking Its dominion on earth as in Heaven.

Seal of Melchizedek

At the Cross Jesus released an energy field that was at one with God the Father. It is the presence of divine Love and Light on this planet now and you are feeling it as the Body of Christ or I AM as a collective energy field, electrical in content and bearing down upon this planet as the Solar Son.

The reason Jesus deliberately sacrificed Himself into mass consciousness and further made Himself available to all humanity was to change humanity back into its original form as the GodSelf or God's Self and Son.

Following the Lord's defeat of Satan and his cohorts during the "forty days in the wilderness," Jesus could have translated from His post on Earth and returned to His higher state of Creator Michael (Universe Creator). But the Master saw through the game of the flesh and He saw that the defeat of satanic rule was not enough. He had to show man ascension. He had to gather all up, He knew, into the Father (Universal Will) and join humanity to the original Thought Form of Christ in Man. Thus, He cast His immortal Seed -- the Seed of Christ -- into the fertile moment of His Crucifixion. The world changed when this occurred; though we would not see this or take part in this change for over two thousand years.

The Light of Christ forgiveness and unconditional Love pierced the planet Earth and planted the Seed of the One who would reign Supreme in the New World. Much has been written and presented through these Melchizedek Records, yet what we must understand in this moment is the Second Coming is the renewal of the Christ Body on Earth and the full baptism of His Face and Hands upon us all. We are emerging as a collective unit of the Christ Presence. It is more than we can imagine. It is a full measure of Divine Being fulfilling us all as a Body. Not many bodies, but one Body. From the original Body of God, released by Jesus on the Cross, will emerge God the Supreme. And therein is the Word.

Pierced by the arrow of Divine Love, all My sons and daughters will be gathered up and given new life, saith the Lord.

The Word of the Omnipresent Master

Why did Jesus allow the Crucifixion?

I entered Earth as a human being.
I wanted to raise humanity through my sacrifice.
And I resisted the temptation of using my Power.
If I had applied my Power, I would have prevented your ascension.
What I came to do, I did. But I wanted to do more.

I made Man holy through my life.
Through my surrender to God, I released powerful forces
(emanations of my own Being)
that are now actively engaged
in a mass surrender and ascension.
All humanity is in the process of being lifted through me.

The force of my ascension
is actively engaged on earth
and is lifting all humanity out of death
into life
as one Body, as the Son.

Say now with deliberation: THE BODY OF CHRIST.
This moves all creation into higher spheres. These words are the liberating factor and key to ascension in the field of
Father-Mother God.

The Resurrection

This refers to the resurrection of all humanity. It is the enlivening of My Breath throughout My system. It is the Creator at large.

You who have known Me in My human body are released from death. My immortal soul clings to you as it did in life 2,000 years ago. You are captured in My radiance and you are singled out by Me to become a shining light to others that I might live with them even as I do with you.

You have become the Word, yet you do not know it. What manner of a Lord am I that I would not take you with Me?

I have come that you might see Me as yourself, your Mighty Self. This is the solar union I speak of. The gate is now open.

In the resurrection of Jesus, the human body was resurrected. Your form has changed. It is the vessel for Christ Consciousness; it is the body of light for all to see and know.

Eat lightly now. Retrain your body so that it seeks its nourishment from your inner being, the divine Source. You are to realize now who you are. You are to claim that central Source as your own higher self, your GodSelf. Know who you are and take up your mantle of light, for I AM with you in this light.

Know your self as God Child of the Universe. I have never left you. So that you might know this, I have come again as Jesus, Son of Man.

You have birthed Me in your own consciousness and carried Me with you as your life. Now take this life as your own. With you, I AM.

What Happened at Jesus' Ascension

I reprogrammed humanity and gave them a new body.

I let go of the earthly body to make the transition into My new body, which is the Creator's body or dimension. That body pervades all space and time and is the rhythmic sequence of all life. This body that is My ascended body will out-picture as the man Jesus whom you have known and loved, yet as a picture without substance. It is a Consciousness that you will see, an emanation of Truth.

Consciousness can manifest and translate itself into the material field, but not be of the human condition. I, Jesus, have created a body without end. We are one. And the lessons learned within the mortal sphere are yours and mine. They are ours.

Behold, I have ascended that you might ascend and know who you are. You are the center and the circle, the Son and the Daughter, the Creator and the created. You are the Life I AM.

Come now into My body. We are one. I AM Jesus of Nazareth and I AM bringing you home.

Please Note:

Concentrating and focusing on the crucifixion alone without the message of Overcoming and Victory denies the Spirit and rejects the blessing of the Christ. It will stop you from ascending and imprison you as a victim of a false world. Persecution and crucifixion in its many forms will continue for you until you let go of the imagined suffering of Jesus. Restore the true meaning of Jesus' Life in your consciousness. His was a Life of self-mastery and triumph over evil and death.

Your subconscious mind will act and react immediately when given a picture, such as Jesus on the cross. And if emotion is included with the picture, you may be sure your subconscious mind will automatically reproduce and manifest a life for you on the cross! Be alert to the visions and pictures that you find yourself watching and agreeing with! Your subconscious mind, eager to serve you, will act upon what you visualize and feel.

The story of Jesus is of immortality and love. The Master pierced the darkness (for He knew it not) with His light.

Wear the glory of His ascension. He has given you His body as well as His spirit. Make this Easter your ascension also.

A Message from Jesus (Sananda)

I rose from the cross and projected a higher intensity body,
a body of light to show My mastery over death.
This you must do also.
Rise from your cross (whatever it might be)
into the solar radiance of the GodSelf where I AM.
There, dwell with Me.
Project (outpicture) your body appearance
as a casing subject to your will.
Then walk upon the earth as love incarnate,
enjoined with Me and
inclustered in the light of All-Consciousness God.

The Writings through Crystal: Scripts 1-5

He who believes in the Son has eternal life.

(John 3:36)

It is my Hope that you will enter the Eternal Life Circuit and visit my Temple of Union. Those who have known me as Jesus the Christ are familiar with my station in the etheric and can readily contact me on their own. However, Sister Crystal has been commissioned by me to establish contact with you in a new way, and that is through the world of cyberspace and the frequency of I AM. Let the record show this. Now let us begin.

Look at the scripture that I have selected and feel it in your bones, your blood, your very being. For I have come today to make that scripture a reality to you. I will not rest until you have received my Good News that the impossible is possible. You are an immortal being visiting Earth -- for some, the first time. Yet, many of you are asleep and cannot visualize the sacred truth of your immortality, for there is no death in Me in my range of frequency. I know not death. When you are settled in the auric field of my being and partake of my consciousness as the direct will of the Father, the veil will lift and you will see death no more.

There is no death, nor is their disease such as you experience in your lives on earth. I tell you this: I AM an Immortal. And if you believe in Me, I AM then with you as an IMMORTAL. Can you see this? Then rest in Me and let Me give you Life everlasting in the Solar Son.

Now, my peace has arrived on this planet. It IS AVAILABLE and can be contacted to bless others when you find yourself in Me as the GodSelf, the Original Creation.

You are valuable to me as the living demonstration and model of My Word. Ask that you be taken to the Light for the answers that you seek and begin to live -- actually LIVE -- your immortal life as one who will demonstrate -- who IS demonstrating -- the Immortal Path for all to see.

Come, I take you to my Temple now. The Saints are gathered there. Come to the Temple of Sananda and rest in the Creator's arms forevermore.

I have sung my song. Let it be heard. For I have come to release you from the lower chakras, to receive you into my Ashram and to realize with you the Creator's Song of Immortality. No death. No disease. No aging. All that is past as you open and remember why you have come to earth.

Blessed are the meek,for they shall inherit the earth.

(Matthew 5:5, George M. Lamsa Translation)

Your life is my life. We are one. You have the power to come and go, just as I do. We are one.

There is no thought of pride or spiritual embellishment in my thoughts, in my deeds. I AM what my Father made me to do. I AM the Creator; I AM the Son. I have the Son in my heart, just as you do. But there is no pride in my doing. It is my Father -- God within me -- who does the work.

Therefore, God's World is in me and I AM in you as one and the same.

All is in readiness for my Second Coming. What does that mean? And how might you respond to this in your nature?

If I tell you that we are at one, then what happens when I "come again"? Are you under preparation to become greater than you ever thought to be? Might then you be prideful?

There is no pride in my Be-ing. Only gratitude in the light of the One, who is ever with us all in joy and communion.

Open to the Second Coming, to the greatness that is you. Listen well and carry no pride. Pride is the downfall of many who have walked these paths. Always contain that meekness which is my part in you. Together we are one. But is it not the Father within who is the glory, abundance and fulfillment of all our dreams?

You will find many friends on earth if you listen to what I AM saying here. Loose that pride. Listen to the Inner Voice and rise to greatness in the Solar regions of Christ in you.

I AM the Creator, Father and Son,

Lord Jesus Sananda

...for a laborer is worthy of his wages.

(Luke 10:7, George M. Lamsa Translation)

He who is sent by Me earns full payment for his work. You will be sheltered, not confined to meager quarters. You will be fed and the bowl will be clean and offered to you by My name. When all is done and your work is finished in My name, you will be offered payment for your work. Take that payment, for it is justified and well-earned.

Always hold your head high and give thanks that all might be fed with the new understanding you carry and know so well.

Always break bread with those who have offered their kindness and hospitality. I would sit with them and rest humbly beside them.

Carry yourself well as you walk in My shoes. Think not what others earn, for your work is not the same. Let go of mortal thoughts that subject you to test after test. I have great confidence in you and have appointed you to be my Light. Carry this Light well and join with others like yourself that you might bring a greater Light for abundant living.

Listen to the words I speak, for they are given to you in compassionate understanding of your soul's walk. Let the night become the day in your walk upon this earth and fear not. I journey with you.

I will send you further into the fields where many will accompany you. That day has come and My appointment is upon you.

Therefore, I say, Let no man compare himself with another. Gather yourself and drink from the eternal fountain of the living. You are My chosen and worthy of your hire.

Peace be with you.

Peace I leave with you; my own peace I give you;
not as the world gives, I give to you.
Let not your heart be troubled and do not be afraid.

( John 14:27, George M. Lamsa Translation)

Lord, what is this peace you speak of here?

* * *

It is my rapture of the soul. I have the peace that binds all men together in oneness. It is a just peace. In my peace there is no anxious moment. Only the peace prevails. I AM this peace you seek. And in me is the peace that passes all understanding. It comes from God.

On this earth you foolishly fight wars to bring you this peace. You kill one another and slaughter women and children -- and in the name of peace. The soul does not rest in this kind of peace. It is always in anguish as it is separated from God.

You wage these wars and kill your children and spoil the environment in the name of righteous peace.

I have brought the peace you seek, yet you look to another, and you follow the orders of governors and fools. Let go the false authority. I say, let go! It is a time for peace on this dearly beloved planet. The peace that I bring. The peace that I have promised you in my name.

Sananda Jesus
September 14, 2006

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

(Matthew 5:9, George M. Lamsa Translation)

What manner of man are you? Do you settle your differences My Way or do you struggle against the opposition and battle without thought or reason?

Fight no more. In fighting one another, you contaminate your souls and generate more negativity on earth. The greatest power you can ever know is divine love, the Christ love. The realm of this love is of the Father-Mother God. It is My realm.

I, as Jesus of Nazareth, chose My own time to be crucified. And I had a purpose in this crucifixion. I did, indeed. It was an Awakening to the greater life. I demonstrated to all humanity that I, the Christ Love, can even overcome death. I showed you that the love, which I had given you as the Christ messenger from the Father's realms, was the key to overcoming the death cycle and becoming an Immortal in My realm of Sananda. Here, I give you this key again. But in its power to rise out of darkness is also the responsibility to be this love and never fight again. Never argue or display anger of any sorts. It is My power I give to you -- the Christ Power of the Solar Son.

You will never be defeated in this love. It is all encompassing, unconditional and revelatory. It is My Word.

I said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Angels on high know this Word and honor it. In calling you a son of God, you are seen by My heavenly Father-Mother as an enlightened being, one who is immortal and of Me.

Therein is My Word. Behold it in yourself.

I AM Sananda Jesus. Selah.

Let peace be amongst you.

September 22, 2006

September 25, 2006

In the beginning was the word.
And the word was made known
And it became flesh and blood.
So it was that Jesus came to earth
And bestowed his greatness upon us all.

The day is approaching when all shall know My word and My truth will be made clear. The Centers of Light when opened will permit no other than the Melchizedek higher understanding of Law. My earnest intent is to open you further, My messenger, so that many will profit by My true word and the Office of The Son.

Note: Hundreds of writings given by Jesus of Nazareth are part of the Records of the Order of Melchizedek held in the Consciousness of Mary for this time and for this hour. We continue to present them through this website, as well as through the books, courses and recordings offered by this University.


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