Star of Melchizedek

Star of Melchizedek

The six-pointed star, two interlacing triangles, is most often associated with the Jewish religion as the Star of David. However, this ancient symbol is familiar to students of the mystical journey as the Star of Melchizedek.

The presence of this Star throughout the ages is the acknowledgment of the Eternal Man or Consciousness. It denotes the wedding of Man to God and flashes to all the universe the completion of a Journey well taken.

The descending and ascending triangles are the diagram of the completion of Man. It is the symbol of perfection and restores Man to the Divine as the GodSelf.

To each may come this symbol of fusion and oneness. As you read The GodSelf and its wisdom unfolds within you, perhaps you will see the Star of Melchizedek as your own higher self and know that through this Star, the center of all life, the First World is emerging as the Last and the line between God and humans is but illusion.

(This selection is from The GodSelf: Revelation for the New Millennium by Patricia Jepsen Chuse (Crystal).


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