Study Program

The Vowels

As recorded by Minerva
Scribe of Melchizedek

For alignment of the centers, these vowels will bring you into alignment with the I AM and initiate you into the Order.

Intone the vowels, beginning with "A," descending the spine.

A -- Crown Center-Moon Center-Violet

E-- Third Eye-Mercury Center-Orange

H-- Throat Center-Venus Center-Deep Blue

I-- Heart Center-Sun-Green

O-- Solar Plexus-Mars Center-Red

U-- Sacral Plexus-Saturn Center-Yellow

R-- Prostatic Center-Jupiter Center-Light Blue

Then declare, "In Ascendance!"
Repeat the vowels from "R" through "A,"
Concluding with the WORD "I AM."
You may wish then to further conclude by saying AUM three times.

Please note: There are various versions of the colors and planetary influences of the Seven Chakras. However, these are right for the Melchizedek Order because they are aligning you with the higher body of Christ Dimension. Do these regularly and you will see results! They are for clearing, dramatic healing and powerful radiation supply through the Order of Melchizedek. -- Crystal