Angel Stories

Angel Stories

This page is devoted to stories of experiences and encounters with angels. If you have an angel story you would like to share, please email it to the University office.

Angel Beside Me

I believe this to be true.

One night as my husband and I lay in bed settling down to sleep; he asked me to put my hands on the back of his neck to give him healing which I sometimes did as he has health problems related to this. I allowed myself to tune in and relaxed. A feeling of calm and love flowed through me which filled me with wonder and felt warm and comfortable. I closed my eyes briefly and opened them again sensing someone in the room. I was astonished to see a male figure to my left, standing as if in the process of walking away but had turned to look at us, taking a long glance over his shoulder at us together. My husband was fast asleep, my hands still placed against the back of his neck. The figure had huge swooping wings, that were clearly visible and he had the most beautiful smile - the figure looked at us with what looked to me as a faint look of amusement and love. I stared back but did not remove my hands. At the time I had not believed what I was seeing. It was such a lovely feeling and after he had gone I lay quietly pondering on it, before closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep. This experience has left me with a sense of deep peace and a longing to experience it again.

Anne Clarke

Copper's Angel

I looked up at the mantel above the fireplace in my bedroom. Copper, my husky/golden retriever, was quietly lying nearby. A light seemed to be playing against the mantel, and I thought, "I need to have an angel there." The next thing I knew, I was talking to the angels, asking for a healing for Copper. Copper had run off over a month ago and had been lost in the forest behind the house for almost two days. When he came home he was in very bad shape, with a fractured left front leg. His splint had just recently been removed, but today he was still in a lot of pain. I asked the angels, "Please, would you heal Copper of his pain?" Then the thought, "But if the pain is gone, he might run away again, looking for another adventure." I was aware of a sweet, gentle presence, an angel: "There are other healing's besides the taking away of pain. There is the healing of Copper's need to run away." And even as I knew that was exactly the healing Copper was receiving, I also knew that with this healing, the pain would leave him, too. Aren't angels wonderful!

Patricia Jepsen

Guardian Angel and Others

Once while living in Virginia, I decided to take my large dog, Barnaby, for a walk. We stepped out onto the back stoop. Barnaby was so excited that he leapt off the stoop and flew over the concrete steps, leaving me dangling from the other end of the leash, my feet up in the air. I would have landed on my back on the steps if it hadn't been for a pair of soft, broad arms (or wings?) which lifted me gently and set me down on the ground beyond. I landed in a sitting position, unharmed. I knew it had to be my guardian angel.

Another experience happened when I was a senior in high school, visiting prospective colleges. As my family and I sat in the orientation room of one particular university, I became aware of a small group of "cheerleader" angels (sort of like cherubs) dancing joyfully around my head singing, "This is where you are going to school! This is where you are going to school!" Although this school was not my first choice, I did indeed end up there. It was a comfort to know that the angels knew this all along, and that it was the right place to be.

Susan Hunt

Three Angel Stories

I had the most wonderful experience in meditation one day. I was telling my Guardian Angel how much I appreciated him and asking that he show me somehow how I could communicate with him - telepathically or whatever the best way was. All of a sudden I felt this incredible warmth around me - very cozy loving energy and I knew that my Guardian Angel had his arms around me and was giving me a hug. The key was through love. What a wonderful loving being and how blessed we are to have angels. (I can tell my Guardian Angel also likes this story as I can feel him hugging me again as I write this.)

* * * * *

Angels love to help and will help instantly especially if it concerns safety. One night my baby - only several months old - would not sleep in his bed. The only way he would sleep was cuddling up to me. I was so worried that he would fall off my bed if I fell asleep and was trying to think of something I could put around the bed so that if the baby did fall, he would not be injured. I could not think of a thing! What did come to mind though was to ask my angel for a suggestion. Immediately the thought came to mind - use the mattress! I had no idea why I did not think of this. It was brilliant! I brought the crib mattress to the side of the bed and we all slept well. I was so grateful and comforted knowing my angel was there and for the very creative idea.

* * * * *

Angels are very creative. My daughter had to bring a gift the following day to one of her friends at school. It was late and I was racing around the house trying to find wrapping paper - to absolutely no avail! The thought of having to go shopping at that hour was discouraging. I decided that I would leave this "problem" to the angels to see if they could help. Within seconds, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one of my children's coloring books and knew the angels were giving me my answer. Another brilliant idea! Wrap the child's gift in coloring book sheets. (The child and mother both thought this was very creative as well!). All you have to do is ask the angels and wait. And then be very grateful and send your love.

Karen McOuat

Call on the Angels

I have called on the angels for everything, including healing assistance, manifestation, emotional turmoil and they have come through every time. I love the angels.

Lauren Eto

Divine Motion

(A Message from the Angels)

We are the Light Angels who command the energy around you, or should we say, that is our command, for you. When we took up our station beside you, you were sad often and sometimes you cried. We have watched over you intently, manifesting your needs, and quite often you would call to us for help. This we readily and joyfully gave. Because you love us so much it has lifted you into the Son and you no longer call. Instead, we stand together, initiating the Light Circuits of our Divine Mother. We have other stories but we think this is the best story of all.

Nancy Jakeman

Divine Intervention and Angelic Companions

The first experience happened this year. I was driving on highway 285 in the outside lane. Traffic was supposed to be traveling 35 miles an hour. Suddenly a red truck going about 50 miles an hour in the inside lane dashed across two lanes directly in front of me. I saw a bit of red out of the corner of my eye just before it crossed in front of me. In that split second, I turned the steering wheel to the right and drove alongside the speeding truck, instead of plowing into it. It missed me by a fraction of an inch and continued on its way. I turned back and headed in my original direction as though nothing had happened...not a flutter of fear. I knew an Angel had moved in and taken the wheel. I am so grateful for my special Angel for being so watchful.

* * * * *

Another time I attended one of Crystal's seminars and none of the Prescott group would go with me, so I drove the two hour trip to Tucson 'alone'. When I arrived at the center in Tucson, two women drove in behind me. Much later one of the women asked me where the other two people were that came with me. I said I came alone. She thought I was joking, because she and the other woman both saw two other people in the car with me when they were driving behind me. They saw them get out of the car. Angels again. They are so wonderful. That trip had been a delight.

Aimee Tyman

Angel Cloud

On July 25, 2008 about 6.p.m....while sitting in the living room on the sofa in a quiet meditative state awaiting guidance on a certain matter, I found myself turning and looking out the window and there in total brilliance.... in an otherwise all perfect blue sky was this beautiful angel cloud! It was truly awesome in its clarity.

Eldyth Christopher

From Jamaica and Australia

The very first thing that came to my mind on reading your request for angel encounters was the story told to me by a Jamaican man I met some years ago.... I would love to share his story if possible.

It was the last night before we returned home and I was sitting at the bar of the hotel in Jamaica where we were staying. J.J. the bartender and I were talking and presently a tall man entered the room and sat down beside me. J.J. introduced us and we began to speak...of things of the spirit. This was indeed a beautiful sharing. One of the stories he shared with me was an angel-story. He was walking down a road where ... quote "I was going to do a very bad thing when suddenly a man and a woman appeared before me." "Go home, Winston," they said. "As I watched they suddenly disappeared from sight." Filled with wonder and a certain thankfulness he went back home.

I also have a little story to tell.

When I bought my house in Nambour in 2000 there was no gardens at all except a few trees here and there. But out in front was a beautiful camellia tree resting inside the tall picket fence. I planted a box hedge opposite the fence, under my bedroom window, but otherwise this was an unfinished project. One day I was inspired to buy some paving stones and carefully I laid them down and between them I planted dwarf mondo grass to dress them. Beside them between the camellia and the path I planted erigeron, a low growing ground cover with myriads of tiny white daisies. Project wonderfully finished! One day I was amazed to see many little angels dancing up and down the path, laughing and singing with joy. I actually did a double take at the sight. They thanked me for the little path. They told me that it is one of their most favorite places in the garden. Their joy is lifting all who venture near. Hmmm...I think I know where that inspiration came from!

Nancy Jakeman

Divine Assistance

I am a caregiver for two young children and have various other responsibilities. This past month I had become very exhausted physically and emotionally. I examined my situation and prayed for inner guidance and decided to go for a walk. Eventually I ended up in the shopping mall. As I was about to get on the elevator a young black man appeared. He held the door for me as I ascended the elevator. His eyes were shining with so much compassion and love that I immediately felt very connected to him. Everything seemed surreal, my perception was heightened. Even though his business dress was very appropriate the texture of everything seemed out of sync. He held the door as I stepped off the elevator. I seemed perplexed and just stood there for awhile. Suddenly this cloud of golden energy appeared and swept through me. I felt very uplifted and light. I was peaceful and happy and everyone and everything around me appeared to be very beautiful. I remember thinking and I wanted to turn around to see if the young man was behind me; but I decided against it. It really didn’t matter. Help had come when I needed it.

Mary Teixeira

Archangel Michael

For the last 40 years I have been conscious of the unseen protectors (angels) and how they have guided my life. When I moved into my home eight years ago, Archangel Michael’s picture (drawn by hand) was nestled in the corner of the cottage closet (2nd building on the property). This was an affirmation to me that Michael was the angel that brought forth the purchase of my very first house. At the time I saw my house it was in escrow but I said I wanted to be on the list in case it fell through. It did, and since then the property has been my easel as I have landscaped and returned it to its original beauty. The at the foothills of 2000 ft and has many wild forest animals that entertain my day. All through my life by staying daily in an attitude of gratitude my needs have always been met and then some.... When my mate moved on, the “touch lamp” in the living room would come on at odd hours of the night and still does. This is comforting as I know Michael is with me and I feel the warmth of love.

Carolyn Bowen

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