Immortality Books


by Patricia Jepsenby Patricia Jepsen

6 Lessons
94 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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A Declaration of Living Truth


Eliminating the death program; walking immortality in the physical body. You are an Immortal, a member of the Deathless Race.

Table Of Contents

  • Lesson 1: The Immortal Soul and Your Destiny
  • Lesson 2: After Death
  • Lesson 3: No World But My World
  • Lesson 4: No Time
  • Lesson 5: The Realization of Immortal Life
  • Lesson 6: Be of Good Cheer
  • Lesson 7: Letting Go Into
  • Lesson 8: Consciousness of Immortality
  • Lesson 9: Building the Body of Light
  • Lesson 10: My Kingdom is at Hand
  • Lesson 11: The Whole You
  • Lesson 12: The Immortal Life
  • Lesson 13: The Solar Lift
  • Lesson 14: Believe in Your Self
  • Lesson 15: Be About the Father's Business
  • Lesson 16: The Immortals

Students' Comments

"What solid and practical information for these times is contained in this course! It is coded to lift and stabilize the student, humanity, in the Christ Body."


Immortal Life

(from lesson 7)

Being immortal is living in the Presence. This is immortality because all that I AM is forever. I start at the Center or core and I realize and I experience My Self as Infinity. Each station where I stop to experience remains My Infinite Self, My Being. There is no beginning and no end, thus I AM immortal, AM I not?

I AM clothed with My immortality, living through it.

If God is immortal, who am I?

With all thirteen primary chakras open, who am I? Is death possible to one who knows life? Or does death exist to one who knows life?

God awakens man into Himself.

The immortal life is the continuing river of I AM. The Presence of God is your immortality.

Your belief in physical immortality is erasing the death code in your body cells. To support this process one must decree (consciously know) daily the power of love in the universe system. Love is the cohesive energy that unites the God cells (NOTE below) as a mighty force within the body. The God cells carry with them the dynamic fluid (the white blood) of the Christ, the Risen One. When the God cells return to the body, physical immortality is functioning and coordinating with the life energy of the Original Son of Creation. This is spontaneous resurrection.

What is weak must pass away or join with the strong evolutionary cell. It all starts with the heart, remember, where the Creative Power (Love) reaches out to gather up into itself that which is to be reborn and remade and glorified.

The Christ is your Self as you draw back into who you are. You have the divine pattern registered in your system but you must accept it.

Gather to the Circle and let the Circle express as harmony and creative magic in your life. There is no process to immortality, immortality is. When all is gathered (by conscious awareness) into the sacred Circle all is immortal. Everything is immortal, living, in Me.

Let the Violet Flame dissolve all that is of the lie and accept only that which is LIFE.

NOTE: Puts the cells in motion as Intelligence reclaiming itself. This is an electrical energy field that responds to the joining of the Thought Adjuster (Father within) with the individual life circuit.

Divine Authority

Take your authority back. Realize that only you in your own conscious awareness can decree Be-ing. And those sounds of Be-ing are the sounds of immortality breathing out into all life I AM.

You decide. You choose a life of death, a life tied to the death program or the immortal life that is truth. You choose.

Do you wish to live a prisoner to the death program? Bound into the limited life? Where is your thought process? It is not a question of fearing death so you will decide to take the high road to immortality. For he who fears death is bound by the death program and has not the will to choose life in Me.

To be a prisoner of the death program is to conform to the patterns of a shortened life. Fasten now to the Creator in you and the power of the energy that is eternal life. A continuous free expression of Be-ing with no stops and no boundaries of the mind and heart!

  • What might you do if there was no death?
  • What might your contributions be if there was no aging process, no disease, no beginning and no end?
  • What if you could choose your time to gather up your body form and reassemble your body by your will in another dimension, planet or even universe?
  • What if you could choose your own time of departure, leaving without a trace that you had been?

Commanding your energy field will assist you in remembering that no man must die. There is an order to life; this order is vibrating Melchizedek. The way has been shown. Follow that way and be about the Father's business. Let no man tell you how to think. Restore your ability to be!

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