Return of the Light

Return of the Light

Return of the Light

A University of Melchizedek Newsletter

March 2007

The Solar Life: A Mighty Revelation

Enter the Community of Being that I AM. The Solar Life is being extended to you now as the rhythm of the Supreme.

God vibrates as Community. The Universe vibrates as unity with all life as community. The Creative Power in Her highest degree is formed through a community of receptivity to the Creator's Will. The Life of God, Holy Spirit, is found in community. This is the World Order and it is time we achieve that community in our hearts and minds.

The Creator does not see us as individual; He sees Himself as whole. This is the base of your Solar Dimension and it is this energy field that is grounding the Ray of Sananda and the Creative Power of the Son.

The rivers of Light now pour onto this planet to vibrate into all her cells as Consciousness of the Solar Plane and the activity of the Christ.

Meet your dimensional shift in community, in cosmic consciousness. The transition and evolution of humanity is concerned with the Jesus Consciousness, the viewing of all life as a whole. The Creator's blessing of abundant life is in the realization of community, the body of God, the Solar Field of the I AM. Walk the death program no longer. That is the program of the lower self, the separation from God. It is a false program that is denied by the Creator.

Your demonstration of Creative Power is dependent on the realization of community, wholeness and oneness with all life.

The test is to live together in genuine love and respect. The relationship of Israel and Palestine teach us of the principle of wholeness and oneness. They must embrace one another and see one another in community. We are in the midst of the Ingathering-that which is called the "Second Coming." Think, live in community with all life. Conceive together the wonders and blessings I would give you as My Sons and Daughters in community with Me. Have the Power of the One. Centers are now opening to the universal Light of the One. Join these Centers in community.

In Community

The Solar Dimension introduces a vibratory commitment to community and the Circle of Life. In this dimension you will learn what community really means and how you can become a part of a new life that pulsates interconnectedness with the Grand Circle of Creative Being. The Solar News, Volume 5, Number 8, will give you a good idea of the energy flowing into the earth and how it is drawing all into community, while lifting all into a higher degree of revelation as a body.

Your conscious acceptance and transference into your Christ I AM presence as your stabilized identity circuit is the New World Order of Consciousness. This Consciousness is the awaited Second Coming of the Christ and is the frequency known as the Christ body, the Body of Light. We are now in this dimensional shift. Your ability to accept God's original plan enables our beloved planet Earth to shift her consciousness into the Christ Energy field that is ready and waiting.

Live with majesty as the divine expression of God. Walk and talk with majesty. In your realization of your place in the Kingdom of God, you will raise this planet to light and assist in her graduation into a New World of truth and beauty.

Community is the Creative Energy flowing through all of us as God's Will. We are loved and cherished in community and we are furnished with all our needs. God's world flows beautifully through us as we accept these truths and live them.

The New Era

In the body of flesh, the body of man, Lord Jesus realized and ignited the Christ Flame within us by his awareness that I and the Father are one. (John 10:30) The Master rewrote the Code for humanity and proclaimed our divinity by his life. He became in his ascension our new life and he planted the Seed of Christ within each heart. Because Jesus was the Son of God in personification on this planet, he drew all humanity up into his divine blueprint. God became "closer than breathing and nearer than hands and feet." As Jesus shared his spiritual awakening with all life on earth, so did he impart a new dispensation. The Earth is no longer lost and afraid. All life has been initiated into the Kingdom of God, into the Sonship of God, and into the Christos. There is no separation between the Spirit of God and humanity. The process of awakening to this Presence is now taking place. The Living Truth beckons.

Because of these important times and the planetary shift that is occurring, many representatives of the Melchizedek Order and its Priesthood have either incarnated or have quietly appeared to be of assistance in the turning over of this planet to Sananda.

Rejoice! For the nature of man is community and he will found the Body of Light as Earth's governing energy field. Your God will be with you and the Solar Plane will vibrate into existence on earth as it is in heavenly spheres.

The articles titled In Community and The New Era have been selected from The University Papers, Volume 6:7.

The energy of a spiritual community creates a body or field of the Divine Presence.

Copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse ("Crystal")

Return Of the Light

A University of Melchizedek Newsletter

January 2007

For those of you who know the Way, you must show the Way to others, the many others who do not know the Way. There is a Consciousness waiting for you called "Home." And it is scanning the planet, much like a mighty spaceship seeking its own.

The Christ Body is unconditionally formed and is now mandating the Law of the Promise to the Land of Israel. Let me interpret this message so that we are not confused and caught in a religious dogma, as many are at this time.

Stay out of prophecy! By this I mean listen to the Christ within you, the clear and anointed Voice of Truth. Live in the present tense and exercise the living Presence or "I AM." When you do this, all dogma vanishes and the misinterpretation of Truth, as so-called "prophecy" engineered by lower, mortal mind, also has no meaning and no power. Govern rightly.

Now the "Land of Israel," as stated here, corresponds to those who love and serve God. Period! This means Moslem, Christian, Buddhist, Native American, Hindu, Aborigine, Metaphysician etc. The Land of Israel is the Promised Land where Man and God are one, dwelling together in unconditional love.

The "Christ within" is the place of your own awareness where you live with God, with the Universe, with the light. This is your original birthright returned to you consciously. Live the Presence as yourself through the Heart.

As you realize the Christ as yourself-the Second Coming is you-your Christ form becomes your material body. You become a light upon the hill. Your cells awaken to their original story and perform in the image and likeness of the One Sent. When this occurs, a seal is broken and man (consciousness) and God are one. They are seen as one. They are felt as one. And as this happens, the individual Christ presence-that has realized itself as you-joins with the Christ Body, the Solar Field of reality, as a God Cell within that Body.

The ingathering of the individual Christ (you) into the Body of Christ, or Solar Realm, assembles the 144,000 (not a number but a unit of Consciousness Vibration) as the etheric energy field of the New World. These Cells, acting as one Unit within the Body of Christ (initiated by Lord Jesus), know their duty and contribution to the whole. No Cell covets another's territory. Each God Cell can hear the Inner Voice of Truth and is a light unit unto itself. This is the stabilized principle of the New World, the field we are entering now. Consciousness returns to Light.

Overseeing the Ingathering and completion of the Body of Christ, the BODY OF THE SON OF GOD, is Lord Sananda, Acting Planetary Prince.

Rise to the task before you. Blessed are they who are ready and prepared to discard the cloak of the world and join in the Incoming Light of the radiant Son-Daughter.

For those who have come a long way to serve in this Hour, please be ready: for the time has arrived and the Hour is now.

Copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse ("Crystal")

Return Of the Light (Excerpt)

A University of Melchizedek Newsletter

November 2006

For those of you who know the Way, you must show the Way to others, the many others who do not know the Way. There is a Consciousness waiting for you called "Home." And it is scanning the planet, much like a mighty spaceship seeking its own.

The Light

Earth and all her inhabitants have entered the period of evolution rightly named The Awakening. All who have entered this planet as volunteers to assist in the New World program are being awakened by a tremendous outpouring of Love and Light. The intense Light that is focused on all those who are positively aiding the planet now will probe the darkness and the denseness until all are awakened into their Christ Selves.

This process of Awakening is not a slow process. It claims its own and pierces the ego to ignite the Christ Light within the heart. So many are being affected! The Light, as you are feeling and experiencing it, is your quantum leap into a total shift of your attention and allegiance. You are waking up from a long sleep into a world of Christ Unity and preparation for the emergence of God the Supreme.

Your nights are spent in learning, in literally cramming for your exam in the universities of the New World. Have you noticed that your understanding of Truth has increased? This is a result of your studies-not only with the University of Melchizedek and other dimensions of spiritual studies, but also in the University at night. Your teachers, both here on earth and within the etheric realms, are working overtime-diligently-to connect you with your new assignment and your soul mission. You must take command now as the Christ Be-ing you are

The Great Light pierces the clouds of ignorance to remove the crystallization of the old world and its inhibiting program. Please hear this: If you are one who has been "chosen" in this time of evolutionary change, you are being bombarded by the Light in order to open you to your Christ Spirit, your GodSelf. Yes, you are being totally released from the old world program to act with the Spiritual Hierarchy as a living Christ Sun. You are skillfully being transferred from a mortal existence- tied to earth and karmic attachments-to a Solar Kingdom where God and Man are one Be-ing, the GodSelf.

Take your rest when needed. Plenty of rest is required, for the body and mind are thrust into a New World of creative existence many octaves higher than what was formally experienced as "spiritual"! Read the Immortality book. It has lots of good advice for these times. You are in the Resurrection, and you are lifting others as you respond to the Light with open arms and gladness of heart.

Seeing and Feeling Life in Its Wholeness

The next stage of development for all humanity is in the group experience of divine oneness, where consciousness is all life and is radiating that wholeness as Compassion. This is the Second Coming or the Christ-Buddha Emergence. All life, from the smallest to the tallest, must be given respect as a living part of the Great Body of the One. Sharing the suffering of one another will tell you that all life is connected; and at the primal point-the core-of all that is, is Intelligence. This core is the central point of your Universe and of you. Seeing and feeling all life as one whole, divine body causes immediate reaction of Love and of joining. Here lies the recipe for peace.

Copyright 2006 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse ("Crystal")


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