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The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study

Degree Ⅰ

College of New Learning: Preparation for Resurrection

College of New Learning: 32 booklets

These lessons give the groundwork for the creative Self-identity program, as well as the loving, unifying factor of God within. Upon completing these booklets you will have been opened to the Melchizedek code of Higher Learning and will have received a solid preparation in advanced metaphysical terms and language of the Heart. Each monthly lesson, in pamphlet form, includes written exercises. Student responses to questions enable each individual to experience his/her own revelations, to exercise the heart-mind and to contemplate the materials.

Upon completion of this course, the student is asked to submit a summary report of 250-500 words about his or her experiences and revelations from this study. A certificate of accomplishment, a recognition of completion of the course, will be emailed or mailed.

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Cost: E-booklets, $185 if paid in full, otherwise $6 per booklet. Printed booklets are $285 (plus shipping & handling) if paid in full, otherwise $10 (plus shipping & handling) per booklet. A $35 course administration fee is added to the cost of the first booklet. Companion audio recordings are available for this series. If you would like your counselor to view and comment on some or all of your lesson work, coaching and counseling services are available for this course.

I have just finished reading Lesson #12. I am so blown away! I truly feel my cellular structure reshaping.... - T.K., USA Read more testimonials...

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Put Your Creativity into Motion

A balance needs to be maintained as your consciousness begins to rise and expand in the GodSelf. Choose an activity of artistic expression and beauty and make this activity a part of your spiritual studies and disciplines. Music, painting and drawing, writing (such as poetry), dance, sculpture, are all creative components of the Divine Nature.