Study Program

The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study

Advanced Study in Metaphysics and Spiritual Initiation

A Crystal Coded Lesson Series from the Center of the Universe

The Revealed Teachings of Melchizedek compiled and translated through the I AM Presence by Patricia Jepsen (Crystal)

These teachings of the Light, given through Crystal, are presented as a series of eight courses in four degrees, The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study. These degrees of study are color-coded; each color represents vibration. An Ascended Master will accompany you within the Temples of Learning as your inner teacher and guide. It is the University's policy not to release the master-teacher's identity. Suffice it to say that that one is of the Order of Melchizedek and serves well in the teaching realm of the Order.

The radiations of the Higher Mind vibrate through these teachings as mathematical cubits of power and light, designed to open you into a World of the Presence-an energy field that will continue to heighten and spiral in Universal Mind and Heart.

The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study are:

(1) College of New Learning: Preparation for Resurrection (Degree Ⅰ)

(2) The Path of Ascension: Ancient Mysteries of the GodSelf (Degree Ⅱ)

(3) The Path of Ascension: Meeting the Master and Ascension into the Higher Mind (Degree Ⅲ)

(4) The Path of Ascension: Creative Power and the Dynamics of Being (Degree Ⅳ)

It is recommended that in beginning these Mystery School Teachings, you enroll in the First Degree, College of New Learning: Preparation for Resurrection. This degree introduces the sincere student to the vast and fulfilling currents of Melchizedek Learning and Creative Thought. Your enrollment in the First Degree allows you to participate in the Creator Son, His embodiment as Christ Jesus and the Light of His Presence.

Enrolling in the Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study

To enroll in the Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study, please fill out and submit our online enrollment form, or mail in our printable enrollment form, along with your course payment and $50 course administration fee.

Upon enrollment, the student receives a password, providing access to the Melchizedek Online Library and its archives for the duration of the course. Each student is also assigned an advisor, who will assist with questions regarding enrollment and course procedures. Spiritual alignment coaching is available upon request for an additional fee.

Upon completion of each degree of study and consciousness expansion, a certificate is given. At the conclusion of all four degrees, an Honors Certificate of the University of Melchizedek will be issued through the Brotherhood of Melchizedek. All courses require that the student submit a 250-500 word treatise describing the revelatory experiences, lessons learned and aspirations of the soul.

All who enter through the doors of Melchizedek Learning will be accepted into the Order of Melchizedek.

Additional Options for Study and Membership

The University of Melchizedek offers Yearly and Lifetime Memberships for those who like to have ongoing access to the Melchizedek Library and Archives. For more information, visit the online store.

A selection of downloadable e-books and audio recordings are available to all through our online store.

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