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by Patricia Jepsen

12 Lessons
110 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"1/2"

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A preparatory course designed to remove the illusionary separation between man and God.


Breaking Through is directed toward dissolving all obstacles in your spiritual journey, giving you the tools by which you can and will lift the veil of illusion, interpreting and forming exercises that will help you to live the Laws of the Cosmos as a citizen of the Light world.

This course sets the foundation for the cosmic initiations you will receive on your journey into the light. You are prepared to meet every problem, obstacle and challenge on your spiritual journey through these twelve lessons.

Whether you are new to the spiritual journey or an elder on the path of light, this correspondence course will serve as a clear guide to the Melchizedek University and the Priesthood of Melchizedek.


  • Behold I AM with You
  • Planting the Seeds for Your Own Good Life
  • The Unity of All Life in Me
  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind and The Authority of God in You
  • The Secrets of Manifestation
  • Your World is Your Consciousness
  • Walking Your Meditation
  • Breaking Through
  • Divine Possibilities
  • Healing, Health and Well-Being
  • Speaking with One Voice
  • Dominion


"The course has been a practical guide for applying Metaphysical principles to my daily life. After 3 weeks, I am already seeing results demonstrated in my life because I have more patience and more energy to work toward my daily and long term goals. Keep up the good work."

"For 20 years I have been looking for something like this. It's the map."

"I appreciate this course and feel it will benefit newcomers on the path as well as those who have been studying for many years."


First Discipline: Love Your Christ Self

Let us look at who you are in Truth. What is the GodSelf, the Christ Self'? Why is it necessary for you to look to That rather than to your human self? What can you expect from the Christ Self? In other words, what's in it for you???

From the beginning you were born of Me.
I AM the Son expression as your Self, your True Self.

1. Put your attention on the Presence of God in your heart. It doesn't matter if you feel the Presence at this stage, nor does it matter if you believe that God is within you. All that I encourage you to do at this moment is to place your full attention--your rapt attention--on the heart center, your heart, and there simply visualize the Presence of God as emanation of Be-ing.

2. Continue to do this throughout the day. Set up a discipline for yourself so that your attention goes to your heart center and to the Living Presence (I AM Christ) every three hours or better still, every hour. Keep this exercise up for at least two weeks.

3. As you become more comfortable with your new energy focus of God in you at the heart center (chakra), then radiate love to that God center within your heart. Feel real affection towards that place in you.

4. If you continue to radiate love to the God/Christ within your heart, the answer to your expression of love will be God's love returning to you. Yes. Your heart chakra (center) will open as you love God within you. Furthermore, the love of God for you will then be experienced. You are establishing a relationship with God/Christ within your own heart. This is your foundation to build the temple of light that is to be your residence forevermore.

You are establishing a discipline of spiritual value that will help you through all initiations. This discipline of love and identification, if continued to be practiced, will serve as the foundation upon which you will build your Christ awareness and your body of divine life.

Divine love embodies the Christ. It is the Presence of
the divine you. God's world opens in love.

Love Them as I Have Loved You

Even as you are focused upon your Christ within, and even as you are directing love to your heart center, love everyone you come in contact with. EVERYONE.

It doesn't matter whether the individual has earned your love, has been nice to you or has hurt you. You must love. This is the Christ Seal and it is in this love that you will learn where I AM.

God's love is for everyone without conditions. As you open your heart center to that love, it must be expressed unselfishly by you.

As you love all and everything as a Son of God, you are not only protected and shielded from any and all negativity, you are also fulfilled as abundance pours into expression.

The love you have for all people and all God's creation is the love you have for God The Son in everything, through all life.

* Place no conditions on your love.

* Love from your heart center. Love as the Christ.

* As you do this, greater love will be given and power and strength.

* It is not the appearance or the personality you love, but the divine within each human being and all of God's creatures.

* You are born to love and God gives you the ability to love by His/Her Spirit.

* Love is the weapon you use to obtain your freedom.

* He/she who can love in this way is a master.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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