The Second Coming

Message of the Second Coming

Including excerpts from the Sananda Scripts and World Mother Scripts

Consider This:

The message of the Second Coming of Christ (Consciousness) is the evolution of consciousness for all humanity. It is the awakening of Intelligence. The Coming of Christ Consciousness unveils the truth that all life is sacred. It is the Creator revealed as one Consciousness, one Heart and one Mind operating through all levels and dimensions. It is the entrance of harmlessness, compassion for all life and Unconditional Love. What matters most is not another deity or savior, but the dimensional shift into the full measure of Divine Love.

Are You Ready?

The Consciousness of the Christ is emerging. Behold the Light within you as the Christ. Support and nourish the Incoming Light, as it is you. You are mortals no longer. Let go of the old conditioning and be free. Walk as the Incoming Christ so that all might be lifted.

Mother Earth is ascending and she will harbor the Christed Man. This planet is becoming a lighted planet and those who remain will be light, solar and divine.

The Second Coming

Let My Second Coming stir in you. If you have Me, you have everything. For AM I not all? A generous Father gives Himself to His Son, and magnifies His Light while doing so.

The world is shaken. The Risen Christ is through the veil and shall dominate the passage into a whole New World of Light and Love.

Who comes is that One who has come before, but in a new body; and the Priesthood walks with Him. Every member of the University and the Melchizedek Priesthood is under preparation for this vibrating command center that I call Love. We are waiting now for further orders as to what He would have us do and in what way we can facilitate His entrance into the I AM Consciousness of His children.

The former must pass away. Nothing can remain save the new. Processing out the old way of thinking has been difficult. It has been far from easy, we know this, yet we must also say that all who are entertaining the Oneness can become even clearer in the personification of that order of Being.

Behind the incoming Light rests a shield -- a forcefield. And from this shield of protection is emerging the guardianship of the Angelic Corps, all loyal to the commander-in-chief, the Son of God in you, the Risen Christ Vibration.

Every Solar Son will meet His Maker in a new way. No one will die the death of the mortals. No one will pass, as One is needed for the new vibration of the Universe Creator and His Beloved Twin Flame. You must all rise to this occasion now and realize death has no place in the risen consciousness.

As all must come Home in this manner, there is a need now to form support groups to energize and to value the Deathless Race, that which you are as you vibrate the Second Coming in you. For you have not been brought to earth to die. This is a new order. You have come to rise to new life and to recognize the First and the Last, the Grand Order of the Son, as your own being: the I AM.

This Proclamation has been given as Living Water to all those who will drink in the Brotherhood of Light.

Peace on Earth and Joy to all in human form. I have come that you might see Me in yourself as I AM.

September 5, 2003

I AM the Second Coming

Before Abraham was I AM. (John 8:58) There is one Life and that Life is speaking as the Christ of you. The Christ vibrating through you is the Son/Sun emerging. It is the Solar Consciousness rising in you as the emerging Christ Essence of God the Supreme. It is the sacred Light (I AM) realizing Itself, as a New World opens to receive the Perfect Order of Melchizedek and the Solar Sons.

He who is within me is greater than he who is without. I AM the rising of My own Being, emerging now through My Israel, My people of Light. I AM the One who is sent from the beginning -- imagined from the beginning. I AM the Christ and I AM the Seed of God in the heart of humanity. I rise now within everyone who is prepared to receive Me as God within.

I have not spared you from suffering. Those who have suffered now know the reason for their suffering. I bring good tidings to you. Release the flesh! I AM ready -- as a baby chicken cracks through the egg -- to form My own body of light. Thus, when I say "release the flesh," I say it because your new and vital body is emerging from the seal of Melchizedek to the light-life of this New World. I shall embody as you. We are One. The desert shall bloom as a rose. No one is left behind, for all must come to this. So says the One who is I AM. I immortalize My being through you. It is the Christ body that is forming, the body of light and love. He who is in My body is in My soul. Therein is My form decreed, golden and supreme. We are One.

What was set 2,000 years ago in the ascension of Jesus the Christ is rising in man and through man. This is the Second Coming -- the sacred light of all who have been tested and tried and given new birth in Me.

Come forth now as One who is called. In union with others, walk as one body and breathe the Breath of the Comforter. See no one as different than you. We are all the same. Brother meets brother, sister meets sister in the life energy of the Solar Consciousness. Then peace will come. It will be regulated by your own being, and in you I rest. Solen Aum Solen. The Light of God I AM.

The Paradigm Shift

A new order begins. We have waited a very long period of time for this to occur -- the reseeding of Love on this planet. Now we see it coming in as an enormous light fulfilling its destiny as God's plan.

When shortness of breath occurs, transfer your alignment out of the physical and mortal breath into the one Breath. There is no death. We are all of one breath -- with the same light -- and we complete ourselves in joy.

Reach out now to brothers and sisters all over this earth. Embrace all life and seek to bring greater understanding to the emerging body. Great is My dependence on you in Me. For I AM made of That which is within you. I AM the Light forming of Itself, and I AM joyously expectant in My emerging body. Have My body as your own. We are One.

Therefore, possess nothing. Be whole in Me. Pass no thought of criticism and say only the words I give to you to say. For there is no time left for other than My light, so let it be.

My days are ordered out of Me. They have a purpose. All is ordered from the Son of God who is Conscious of you as Him-Herself. Realize that all must return to the One. It is here in this Oneness that the Order of Melchizedek is built. What you see as the Pyramid of Giza is the Order of Melchizedek vibrating to you the Law on Earth.

There are such pyramids -- not built by man's hand -- but by the Order. Every block of the pyramid emits the Law and the creative purpose of unifying into Oneness. There are few planets left in this solar system that do not have the Great Pyramid radiating forth into the light of the Son/Sun. These pyramids are connecting into one pyramid -- flashing into one another coded messages from the Supreme Lord. Thus, all will be connected in the nature of your Universe Creator. And this name shall not be uttered at this time.


Before Abraham was, I AM. (John 8:58, King James Version)

Jesus said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Before Abraham was born, I was. (John 8:58, George M. Lamsa Translation from the Aramaic)

Look not away from this text, but into it. What do you see that I have not shown you before? Have you been with Me so long, yet have not known Me? I AM you.

I AM your earth brother, yet I AM also your Presence within. I have released Myself in you that you might become entitled -- heirs of the Kingdom with Me. Rise and be counted. Fall not away from Me. A new dawn is coming. I approach in the new dawn. We are One.

Even as I speak, words pass without understanding. Ask for the Spirit of Truth to aid you in deeper understanding of My Word. There is no thought that you cannot understand if you take upon yourself the Spirit of Truth. Let the Spirit, released by My Word, help you to understand the way of Christ Truth and the solar magnificence of your own being as the I AM.

Look now at my words recorded in John. I shall give you self-governance by My Word. See how simply My Word is given. Without embellishment, I speak. Before the word "man" was ever uttered, you were light, kindled in the Fire of Immortal Being. The world knew you not, but I knew you. I have never forgotten that I have uttered you through My own Being and breathed you into My life as the Solar Son, the Christ emerging.

You are not of man. You are not of the flesh. Before Abraham. Go to the beginning. Listen to the words of the Light, the full message of the Christ within you.

Seal of Melchizedek


In the ascension body, I have degrees of consciousness. Not all are at the same degree. What is not understood by one is understood fully and richly by another. There is an order to these degrees and each one is important, much like stair steps rising to heavenly gates of new awareness.

Be patient. The light shatters the darkness. Ignorance will melt away and you will know the truth.

As you travel up the stairs into higher degrees of illumination, your body takes on new light also. What was good and proper for you at one degree may not be appropriate for you in the higher energy field. Dropping the mask of mortality is demanding in itself, yet greater and sweeter demands are made on you as you travel the path of light and journey upward, deeper, into God Consciousness.

Listen. Do not look back nor anticipate with expectations that which may come. Come to the place of Christ, the solar energy within, and keep your eye single to that light. Do not hold on to persons, places or things in your journey upward. Consciousness must be of itself in you, registering the I AM, forbidding all else to enter it.

To this degree, I must caution you: You are in an important time of change. You are altering your appearance and you are returning home to the Christ position I AM. Listen to the Inner Voice and even as you listen, take careful note what that Voice is saying to you and with what voice it speaks. If you are not pleased with the sound, ask for the presence of Jesus to be with you. My sheep know My voice. I AM not a shepherd who would leave them wanting.

Go further now than man has ever gone on earth. Reach for the stars. Within your heart and soul, a Christ emerges greater than I. This cannot be stopped -- the movement of the Son. All is ordered and it is time. Weep no more.

The Unifying of Jesus in Man or Consciousness

Within humanity is the blueprint of Christ Jesus. This Seed is opening and realizing itself in every human heart. When this Seed opens and is established as the new creation, the GodSelf will emerge and set this planet on a new course of destiny.

As there is no precedence for this emergence, many dimensions and worlds watch to learn. Be about the Father's business. Return to light from whence you have come. Remain alert to the ways of My Spirit in you. I will separate you from the masses and then I will place you amongst them that you might be a light upon the earth.

All who have walked this planet and appeared to you as spiritual saviors and teachers are a part of you. Even the one you know as Jesus is a part of you. He is called the blueprint for the new creation. His records of achievements belong to you. Therefore, take up the mantle of Christ and join with others in the waking hours of this New World of Solar Sons/Suns.

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matthew 5:5)

Who are the meek? What did the Master mean by the word meek? Who are these meek ones who will care for our planet, remain here and govern? Who are these ones?

The shelters are provided so that you can remain on earth in the times to come. She, Earth, will be changing her garment and becoming a mighty son of light. She will be troubled no more by the laggards of these past decades. She will glow in a timeless way, and she will become more affluent in her contribution as an earth mother of Christ emanation.

Those who remain will be translated out of body into a new arrangement of form, so that they will complement Mother Earth in her supreme position as the Christ Office in the solar system.

Many visitors will come who are anxious to partake of Earth's wisdom, her knowledge of translation and Christ emanation. This will trigger a new School of Scientific Studies that will attract many from other planets and galaxies -- not only to contribute as teachers and traveling professors, but to learn of the vast knowledge contained within our Earth path. She has learned much in her battle with the negative forces.

There will be a resettlement of Earth and those who have the meekness to hear and listen to the GodSelf will remain here by choice to assist the Planetary Prince in His Office.

The struggling Earth will then be content. All the world will settle in light. There will be no sections disputing. By the order of our Planetary Prince and the World Mother Office, there will be no arguments, conflicts or wars. All will be resolved in a court of LAW as given through the Prince to His people in the name of His glorious Father and generous, bountiful Mother.

Be glad you are here on earth, for she will need you to right the wrongs that have been so plaguing this planet and her children.

Speak up! Glorify God! The battle is not won yet! It is not to be won until the resettlement has occurred. Will you be one of them who have been chosen governor of a New World?

In meekness and in My Name you will inherit the Earth.

Seal of Sananda

(Message given 8:30 a.m., July 23, 2002)


Solar News, Vol. 2, No. 26

You Are Recreated Anew

The miracle of the Christ Ascension is occurring. This rising energy focus takes you into the Body of Christ, into the Record of Sananda-Jesus and His conscious ascension. The Master reestablished for you the path of ascension, the way to your true Self, the Christ within. He who has given this is with you as you ascend and will be with you unto the end and the solar beginning.

The City of David is to be reestablished on Earth, as is the Pillar of Light that provides the spiritual dimension for the teachers and initiates of the Christ Flame. The Holy Mother oversees this Pillar of Light, as the creative process begins to bring all Home.

If you are familiar with the University materials, you already know that there is a dimensional shift occurring that dissolves the current expression of "life." Those who are ready will cross to the solar field of actualization. In this process, the current life as lived with husbands, wives, children, relatives, karmic attachments, will return to nothingness. It is the end of one life and the return into the Solar Life of the Higher Self. Many incarnations have been lived. You now leave this life or incarnation for another. The new will break up the old life. What I am saying here is that those who are ready and willing to realize their Higher Self or GodSelf will ascend, throwing off a life that is no longer valid in the Soul.

The current of this realization and transformation demands of you detachment, and an impersonal love for all life the same. The personal sense of family will disappear as you reclaim your Higher Self and the divine Family of God, all in All.

As the thought forms and attachments of the current incarnation are swept from you, keep your Eye single. Align with your Christ Self at the Heart Chakra. Be there for Me. This identification will enable you to vibrate the Christ Center as your whole being and your new life.

God has recognized you as His Son, Daughter. What this has done in the wake of all that is occurring is to forbid the current process of reincarnation and karma! You must now join God as the Son, Daughter without "father or mother," or beginning or end. This frequency will break up matter quickly and will cause cosmic earthquakes that splinter the ground you stand on. No matter where you are, I will claim you. You will be stripped of ownership and given divine life in Me.

It is important to remember that in moments of spiritual darkness, agree with your original creation. You are being recircuited, remember. Your current is love and your identification is as God in you.

Reestablish your God residence in your Heart. Send Light to all four directions. Claim your new name that is the Son or Sun Radiance of Me.

Now jump over the chasm. Deliver My people to Love. From emptiness comes fullness. Solar radiance is the Divine Self.


Solar News, Vol. 6, No. 27

Find Your Voice!

Keep your global consciousness despite the enemy appearances. THERE IS NO ENEMY IN ME.

Throughout the ages I have sent My Self as Teacher, Avatar, and even Son of God. I have sent My Self to you that you might be drawn up out of the maze of politics into the golden light of the true Christ.

We are not separate, you and I; we are one. Yet, that oneness looks out through a cloud of illusion. What might you do to clear this cloud? How best might you serve I would call you forth out of Me as a chosen light to bear witness to God's Love and His holy grace. Those who follow the masses, who drink of the polluted waters of the world, will be taught again of Me. They will not ascend, nor can they be Christed.

Let Me hear My Voice in you. Let your Voice be heard. You have been called to walk the path of peace, of divine, unconditional love. Be clothed in the power of God after the Order of Melchizedek. Walk skillfully on earth. Believe no one that speaks of war, the murder of the innocents or the mass destruction of homes and villages.

The power that Gandhi taught, the power that Martin Luther King demonstrated, is My Way. I have no other way but this.

I say to you, Walk into your enemy's land with peace in your heart. Wear the armor of light. Give My love to all and change not My ways.

I have given you, My disciples, My love that you might carry it into all My lands. You are headquartered in Me. I have trusted you with My part. And Lo, I AM with you when you do this.

Let Me hear your Voice. Speak with the nature of the Christ. Overwhelm them with the love of Christ. I have not come to wage war, or to benefit a nation. I have come to reseed My land in Me. Thirst not for power, nor give your thought to riches. I have come to set you on your feet. I have come to light the world and to give this world a new order of divine love.

Therefore, be not one who believes in "man whose breath is in his nostrils." I have come to demonstrate through you the power of My love and the triumph of My government on earth.

Stand with the enemy and be his friend. I have spoken.

Lord Jesus Christ -- I AM Sananda
September 24, 2002

Recorded by Crystal
Seal of Melchizedek

Solar News, Vol. 2, No. 28

Copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen (Crystal)

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Sananda Scripts

The Sananda Scripts were part of the Daily Scripts*. They open the door to the New World consciousness.

A compilation of Sananda Scripts also appears in the book The Sananda Scripts, available through the online store.

The examples below focus on the Second Coming.

A Message from Sananda

Script number 55

Fear not. It is I. I AM correcting the system on Earth. I AM designing a New Government, which will reject poverty of any kind. I AM realizing within My own Being the possibilities of the Light Energy now entering your planet. I will not fail in this mission, as the Father has placed His hand upon My shoulder. I AM divinely lead by the Office of the Christ. And I will seal My Authority as it is given, so that all may prosper through the alignment of God's Son. Peace be with you. I AM Sananda. I have complete authority of the Father and I act now.

The World Headquarters of The Christ is now being opened to the Solar Frequency.

My Origin is LIGHT.

August 18, 2007

Script number 56

Lovingly I say thank you. You are the saviors of this world, the creators of a new tomorrow. I AM the Teacher, yet you are my hands and feet and My Solar Breath. You are the ones who speak what I speak and KNOW MY VOICE. I sanctified you with My Blood and I know My own. This is My Word.

August 19, 2007

Script number 57

It is a matter of hours before I announce My Second Coming now. Be still. Offer yourself into the Light. I AM returning to Earth to light up the skies. And I will show you the Way.


August 20, 2007

Script number 58

The blessings of this Universe are upon this Earth, this little mountain in the great sky of Being. We all watch in love and light as she breaks through the veil of negative vibrations -- bursts through and becomes the Planet of Love. How grateful we are to all who have played a part in the Earth's Awakening. May the glories of God unfold for all of you. This is the Awakening and the buds upon the trees will blossom. The night has passed and the day is upon you as you drink God's Word.

Christ Michael

August 23, 2007

Script number 59


hose who have followed you will be awakened and begin their journey into Light. I release them from the mortal coils, and I will lead them into My House of Melchizedek. Be aware of this. The journey is about to begin.

I AM Sananda and know Me now that way-for in that name is the ascension from the world.

Seal of Melchizedek

August 25, 2007

Script number 60

This is the day when the Rapture begins.
And I will do this My way.
Blessed be the Light of God in you.
The way has been cleared.

August 25, 2007
Second Message released for this Hour.

(There is enormous LIGHT passing through me as I write this. - Crystal)

The Lord adds this to the above:

In conclusion may I say this. You are Mine.

A Message from Sananda and Sanat Kumara

Script number 61

The Second Coming

You shall abide in Me
and I in you.
And we shall be called
The Son of God.
And what shall come to pass
is by My hand.

Rest assured, I AM Sananda
and this is the Second Coming.

I AM Sananda, Planetary Prince

I AM the Ancient of Days.
I bring notice of the union of man and God.
This event designated as the Second Coming
is the translation of all humanity
into the Divine Son of God.

Peace and God be with you at this momentous Time.

I AM Sanat Kumara

August 25, 2007

Script number 62

I raised you into a higher sphere of Life. And now I come again to redeem you from the ties of mortal life and its consequences. I mean to break those ties entirely that you may go free as the Solar Light of The Son-magnificent and free. Those who are conscious of My world know Me already and I am pleased with this. There is a fountain prepared for all who would enter Me. It is a fountain of youth and immortality. Many years I have said that you are to overcome the last enemy in your belief-that of death. Rise now with Me into Immortal Being. You are the model of Who I AM. Be that model for all so that they, too, might believe in the immortal life. Demonstrate!

Peace be with you. I AM Sananda.

August 26, 2007

(Note: I have been counseled to read a portion of the Immortality series available through the University every day -- to keep my consciousness constantly fed with Jesus' Teachings of the Immortal. These three books, Immortality, Changing Form, and From Mortal to Immortal are part of the Master's original teachings that gave to His followers both within the Essene Community and to those disciples who were ready to hear. For more information about this series, contact the University office. - Crystal)

A Message from Sananda

Love Even as I Have Loved

Script number 143

Receive my blessing of Divine Love and carry it forth so that others can feel my love through you. You are my messenger of the Grand Truth. God is Love and in order to reach God, you must be love also. I have given you this love and you have it. Release it to all whom you meet, to all who enter your consciousness. I AM love and in me you find consolation and peace. All my children are loved by me. Do you love?

Peace and Selah,

The Commander of the Planet

January 24, 2008

A Message from Sananda

Script number 144

All is not lost. The world is not unified, but there is a unifying factor. The Christ. It is in the Christ Consciousness the awareness of the Presence and the consciousness of the Earth as one that we come together as a human family. The Creator loves us all. You are not bound by religion or culture of another path. The Quickening is here. We are One.

January 26, 2008

A Message from Sananda

Volume 2:48

You are not separated from those suffering, as earth changes take place. Listen carefully. Many will die due to the upheaval caused by misuse of the creative power. Lest you forget: Offer yourself as a gateway from which all people can pass into life eternal; and peace enduring. This gate is your heart chakra, the place of compassionate understanding and divine forgiving love. Keep the fire burning and pay attention to all that you do and say. Many changes come but they can be peaceful in love divine. It is up to you, my people, to carry the chalice of forgiving love the Christ made manifest. Be there with Me and all will be well as I pour my light upon this planet. This is the time of Unity and CommUNITY. Restore my planet to Love and Solar Radiance. Dissolve the need for war. Treat all with love and joyous communion. I have spoken.

May 12, 2008

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World Mother Scripts

The World Mother Scripts are inspired by the love and devotion of the Mother of Christ who watches over us all as we become the Light of the World, the Salt of the Earth, the presence of our own Divinity. They are part of the Daily Scripts*.

These examples focus on the Second Coming.

Volume 2, 17

The Coming of the Lord

The message I bring to you is one of compassionate understanding. I realize that for most of your life as a human being, you have been struggling to maintain a livelihood and to survive. But there is no time for you to do this anymore. The Light of the Second Coming has been released and there is no time left, as it is known on earth. There is forming in the earth's atmosphere the Great Light of our Lord, and this means mighty changes are coming and opportunities to serve Him. I ask you to step forward and serve in this time. Let the present world become dust beneath your feet. There are better things to do than to survive. Release the hold of the world and take up the Christ service. Peace be with you. I AM the Mother.

Volume 2, 18

Listen to the world no longer. Listen not to the world. Be open to the way of the Lord. His Consciousness prevails. It is the fullness of the skies. Drink of this. For it is leading you home and into the Creator Son.

Volume 2, 65

The Power of God is released through the Divine Daughter of God. She maintains it and translates It into form according to the laws of your planet. This Creative Power now given you through the Daughter is Christ Love. There are safe guards around this Power. With the Creative Power the Divine Daughter bestowed upon Humanity much can be done and much realized in divine form as the I AM That I AM.

Peace be with you,

I AM the Mother.

Circulate this message, for it is for all.

January 25, 2008

Volume 2, 97

Breathing in the light is now your food or manna. It is your substance by which you will live. Behold it in your system and behold it in your world. Command the light to form what you need. Teach the Solar Dimension that Jesus taught and restore it to your consciousness as the City of Light. I have raised you to this place of Beholding. The Christ Emergence is the Solar Energy of Divine Fire in you, the I AM.

May 13, 2008

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*The Daily Scripts, a subscription series of email messages offered through August 2009, included the Sananda Scripts, the World Mother Scripts and From the Temple of Sananda. These timely releases provided guidance and direction for the day.



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