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(An Unfoldment of the New World)

Recorded by Crystal (Patricia Jepsen)

84 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Spiral Bound Booklet $15

Specially selected messages from The Daily Scripts of Sananda and the World Mother


A spiral-bound edition of the Lord's Word and timely messages of inspirational guidance as we graduate with Earth into the Solar dimension of Light and Love. A treasure house of Love and clear direction.

Table Of Contents
  • The Meeting with Sananda: An Introduction
  • The New Covenant
  • The Scripts

"Everyone should read this book. It pulled me out of one of the darkest holes I have ever been in. It squelches the fear."


The World of Light

Stand very peaceful
in this day of waiting.

Be at peace.

The fires are banking
and they will surge forth
as a mighty revolution.

You are here on Earth at this time
to assist in the consciousness raising
of all humanity.

Direct the energy with your peaceful
heart and steady hands.

Be like a channel of the New World
as it embodies as a new frequency
on Earth and a new creation.

Peace be with you.

I AM Sananda

November 3, 2008


I Have Need of You

Wait no longer.
The waiting time is over.

Today you begin your new work.

Walk and be as though
you were a resident of the New World
and act accordingly.

I need you there,
not in a world fast disappearing.

I reclaim the Solar Dimension for you
and I release you from the world.

Ancient times move forward into place --
only those times that have meaning for you
in this New World vibration.

Consciousness ascends.

October 26, 2008

copyright 2009 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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