The Sanctuary School Series

Garden Magic

by Delphi

As told to Patricia Jepsen
Cover art by Kimberley Hevesy

22 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Booklet $6

Waking Up to All That Is Around You


Three gardens are discussed in this book: the peace garden, the eating garden and the park garden. This booklet complements Six Lessons with Delphi and Teaching Delphi, and is a helpful resource for parents and teacher-partners.

Table Of Contents
  • Hello!
  • How to Plant a Garden
  • The Dedication
  • Rules for All Gardens
  • The Peace Garden
  • More About the Sun
  • Consider the Whole
  • The Eating Garden
  • The Park Garden
  • Being a Garden Yourself


Consider the Whole

If you plant your garden as a garden of peace, you will be making a very important contribution to Mother Earth and her family.

Every garden should be a garden of peace where everyone can come and find peace and shared community with one another. A shared community is like a family. We all work together and help one another to be happy and well fed.

When you planted your seeds you planted good thoughts with the seeds, remember? Perhaps some of the thoughts could be displayed on signs that you have placed in different spots in the garden? It would be nice to decorate those signs with little flowers and butterflies. This, of course, would help people to be considerate of all life and to walk peacefully upon this earth. You would be helping Mother Earth a great deal by doing this.

Then you could put a peace bench or two in your garden. Where people would sit and be quiet. This would be a nice addition to your garden, I think.

One of the most important things that people can learn and experience from peace gardens is to be quiet and listen. When you listen, you learn so much. It also shows respect when you listen to the talking trees and the singing birds and all those who live in the garden. I, myself, listen a lot. That is where I get most of my information. I listen with both ears and my heart.

I hope you will plant a peace garden. I would like to see Mother Earth be filled with gardens of peace. And there would be benches everywhere for people to sit and be still. And Mother Earth would be happy again because people would hear her voice and have understanding of her ways.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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