The Sanctuary School Series


by Patricia Jepsen

62 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

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The Circle of Life Waits. All Life Is Waiting for Human Beings to Wake Up.


A vision quest for teens and adults. Here is a magical entrance into a Bright New World, a world of creative potential and companionship with all life. It is a natural initiation for the young person who feels the stretch coming to break a mold, to find a purpose and to seek the wonder of all life.

Enter the world of partnership now. It is a time of revelation and great movement on this planet where all living beings become recognized as partners with Mother Earth. Open to the real world, the world filled with friendly animals who talk and teach with wisdom. These are the animal partners of our bright new world. Oh, they have always been here, but for the most part unrecognizable due to the basic ignorance within humanity. Yet, this lack of understanding and receptivity to great intelligence can be corrected.

This booklet complements Six Lessons with Delphi and Teaching Delphi, and is a helpful resource for parents and teacher-partners.

Table Of Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Lesson One: The Creator's Code
  • Lesson Two: The Consciousness of Delphi
  • Lesson Three: Magic
  • Lesson Four: The Power of Listening
  • Lesson Five: Leading with Your Heart
  • Lesson Six: Being a Peacemaker
  • Afterword


The Creator's Code

(Lesson One)

We are all united in one body that is called Earth.
That is why we have to take care of her.

In the ways of ancient wisdom and Spirit intelligence, we draw from each other what we need. We are not separate as taught and conditioned to be. We are whole and complete in ourselves only as long as we remember each other and the Creator's body around us.

In the ways that we are made, the Earth herself is our consciousness. She is there with us in everything we do and say. We are connected to her and have great responsibility to her as a member of her family. And with us as our relations are all who live upon this planet, be they animal, bird, stone or tree. We are all neighbors and completely embraced by our Earth Mother. It is through Earth that the magical gifts of nature are bestowed. The magic becomes our magic as we join the Circle of Life, remembering that we are all family on Mother Earth. This is a Spirit Family.

Even as Mother Earth encircles her creation, so does the Spirit encircle Earth. The Creator releases His Spirit to Mother Earth so that all in this way are born of Spirit and considered to be Spirit Beings of the highest order. The power of this revelation will break the seal of ignorance and bring light to the minds of the people. The relationship of your mother planet to the Great Spirit* cannot be overlooked. To do so will cause death and affliction. Have you not seen this already? The Circle of Life carries no thoughts of death. There is only continuation of the Circle as Spirit Beings. All must know this now and shed the skins of mortal thought.

My Important Philosophy
by Delphi

(from Lesson Six)

This is an important segment of Six Lessons. It outlines the entire philosophy of the book and underlines the Creator's vision within everyone.

Our duty is to partnership, a partnership that includes and does not exclude. When we learn that we are all interconnected -- that we are all joined together as one body or creative circuit - then we will understand the secret of the Circle.

Certainly every great prophet or avatar has given us the sacred commandment to love one another. When we love one another -- when we love our neighbor as our self -- we are bound in the Circle of Life, the Creator's body, as an expression of heaven on earth.

The law of love was mandated from the beginning. It is why we are here -- to love.

We are consummated in love. We are fulfilled in love. Love is the declaration of unity on our planet. We are made to love. We are vessels for the Creator's love to express as a network. We are a web of life closely bound together in love. Jesus showed us His love. Other great ones such as Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Krishna -- so many others -- have been examples of this love which is unconditional and without judgment. We are made to love.

Delphi tells us that people argue and are afraid of one another because they believe they are different. They think they know more than any one else. They think they are special or not special enough, as the case may be. They cause conflicts and wars because they stand apart, not together.

We are bound in a pledge to the Creator of all life, yet we have forgotten and we have broken our treaty with the One.

But the REAL truth is we are all equal. That is what true partnership is all about. I have to tell you that this is the way to world peace. I couldn't be more right on this point.
If you would look at everyone you meet as a genuine partner, I think you would find you have more friends than ever before! Your increase in friends would be substantial and you would be helping the earth by being friends with everyone.**

*Or Divine Mother
**Page 92, Six Lessons with Delphi

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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