Immortal Records

Records of Immortality
Selections from the Melchizedek Writings

Beyond the Death Program
A New System and System Dynamics
Solar News, Vol. 4, Number 42

As consciousness ascends and the degree of Intelligence we call "God" descends, there is a new field of intelligence established--a new system.

Jesus told us of this when he entered the temple (man) and knocked over the "table of the moneychangers."

Many of us today, spiritual "queriants," metaphysicians, mystics and quantum physicists are discovering the new system. It is the creative circuit of an entirely new variable and it has been clustered, waiting, to transform us! This new circuitry is the presence of an agreement within consciousness. This powerful energy field is now taking over the planet as the new world.

The new system is that which has been drawn together in a relationship--having been propelled by the vortices of creative union, manifested through the currents of heightened spiritual awareness. The new alignment in space and time has impelled a NEW SYSTEM to vibrate as an imperative. We cannot exist without it. We are in it and we are part of it.

The new incoming system is vibrantly opposed to the present system that is based on materialism, the consciousness of separation, and the fear-based ego.

Where Death Is No More

Alter Earth's frequency and its design patterns so that you can remain within a system of stable governance that is compatible with the rising consciousness of mutual authority and solar intelligence.

The natural world can be bent (persuaded) into reshaping itself--its current laws and formations--by the integration of the planet into the higher sphere of Intelligence that we are now entering and becoming aware of. The natural world cannot be bent or persuaded to become less than it already is in appearance and in realization. Only the greater degree of consciousness--the Light of the Soul--can bend creation to its vision of greater potentiality.

Therefore, if you--the initiate and reader--truly believe you are acting within the divine light frequency of the Soul (Creator Soul), you have the right and the blessing to recreate yourself and your surrounding habitat as to increase harmony, beauty and the flow of abundance. This is done in harmony and agreement with the conscious whole. This is a LAW--The Law of Dominion or Christ Energy (Word).

Dissolving the death program:

Just as the Earth (planetary) system--the economic system, the political/government system--is undergoing change, so is your material body. The Higher Mind or Supreme Intelligence is now dominating your body.

copyright 2005 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse