Immortal Records

Records of Immortality
Selections from the Melchizedek Writings

The Immortal Body
The University Papers, Vol. 4, Number 171

Have My Power back that I gave you in the Beginning. Call upon your Thought Adjuster, the Father Spirit within you, to align you to My Word and the radiation of Oneness.

Your immortal body is your I AM presence. It is your presence of God in you as your vessel, vehicle and appearance. Take on the body immortal now. Live your immortality. Be free of the death cycle.

But you must want to do this. You are released from mortality as you desire and are willing to be released and set free.

Focus on the living Spirit of God, the God presence, as your energy, your strength, your health, your body. Practice this. Every time you want or are tempted to treat a problem or focus on your mortal appearance, let go and let God as your Being express.

Why do you suppose the Master Jesus said, "Destroy this temple (his material body appearance) and I will restore it in three days." Because the physical level was not his focus, Jesus knew that the presence of God was his body and would out-picture as he let it. You will always have a body. This may be new to your understanding, yet it is so. Your body is a tissue of God; it is the idea of God in you. Consciousness will always prevail. In releasing your thought about your body appearance and aligning with your body as God Consciousness--your God Consciousness--the vital force around you and within you will give you a form. Whether you are on earth in a busy city, in a temple atmosphere or resting in the etheric realms, you will have a body that responds to the necessary vibrations and laws of where you are standing.

Your Christ body is of etheric consciousness, vibrating as consciousness webs of creative power where illusion cannot penetrate. You can "come and go" when you understand this divine principle. You can ascend and descend, and you can materialize and dematerialize as you so desire and will in the light of I AM.

You body is your consciousness. But in this new dimension of incoming light, there will be no physical body other than the Christ emerging.

You do not have to wait. Those who are adept at frequency change will be with you as you find your new wings in the immortality of your Soul. Be Sons of God now as Jesus was and is. Walk free of mortal thoughts. Ascend to the Fifth Dimension as an immortal and as My Beloved Son, expression of perfect Life.

copyright 2005 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse