Immortal Records

Records of Immortality
Selections from the Melchizedek Writings

The Immortals and the Immortality Program
Solar News, Vol. 5, Number 10

Those who are Immortals will know what I am saying is true. They will collect as a body now to bring in a higher dimensional field that will enhance all Earth and her creation. These are my words for the Immortals who are gathering now.

Immortals are creators. They are able to create energy spheres, tunnels of Light and Love, through which they can pass from one dimension to the next.

They are present in the higher spheres as well as here. They cross over from time to time.

Every Immortal on this earth has been awakened. They know who they are. They have come to energize the planet, to save her from extinction, to light the way for others to follow. Many of them are environmentalists, those who are displaying bravery as they try to save the planet from human beings. They are courageous.

Immortals are Melchizedeks, but more than that. They are found in many dimensions of time and space, but hold no awareness of either condition. Often their awakenings can be dramatic and severe. They connect with the higher realms immediately when they awaken. They travel into consciousness worlds past and present and they know the future. They are creators of future realities. And they have the power to change the future. The Immortals are well prepared to serve in these Final Days. They are blood brothers to Sananda.

All the clamor for immortality will not result in immortality-that is nothing but glamorous wishful thinking and cannot be upheld in the higher spheres. To function as an Immortal your declaration of freedom has to be made, and that declaration will be upheld.

For the Immortal, the immediacy of God's Word is the only code of Law. I do not mean the interpretations of various scriptures, but the flashing Tongue of the Creator, the Spirit of the Living Light. All Suns of God know this and have relaxed into Its frequency, the Christ Within (the embodiment of the Word).

The Tests and the Disciplines of an Immortal

The consciousness of the Immortal relies on no one, no drug or medicine. The Immortal draws his or her necessary healing from the Spirit of God or the Blood of Christ. This Blood runs freely but must be focused upon to receive the benefit. Therefore, there are no dependencies on outer cures as the Spirit Itself (Herself) does the work. (The Spirit may appear as a medicine, a vitamin, etc., but it is the Spirit that is the conductor of the healing. The focus is on the Spirit and not on the seeming instrument of the healing.)

God's Word is sufficient. That is the Law and the Immortal understands that his or her immortality is fed by this mastery of alignment. The constant adherence to the Inner Voice facilitates this program of Absolute Law and Governance through Christ. We are now in a new world of energy. The Centers of Light will respond to the registered focus and call of the Immortal.

An Immortal is never a guru--a leader but not a guru. By his or her example, the Immortal points the way to the Inner Light within each individual seeker.

An Immortal has had previous training in traveling from one dimensional sphere or world to another. They know their way. They live on many worlds at once. They are not subject to one world. They are ready to serve wherever they are called. They are focused energy points for the New World and they often act as guardians between dimensions.

The Immortal is not part of a mortal system. Immortals are creators of new systems of governance where the GodSelf is the recognized inhabitant and citizen.

When an Immortal awakens, the process of the awakening can be severe, as I mentioned. He or she must overcome all fear. The present world or system is energized and governed by fear. Most decisions in a mortal's life are based on fear. To align with the Immortal Program, fears dictated by the world cannot impede the intended Immortal. Eliminating fear from the subconscious is one of the primary actions of the Holy Spirit/Kundalini. God's world is not based on fear, as there is only Life Eternal in God. God's very nature is life. (My first instruction during my Spiritual Awakening was: "Listen to My Voice and My Voice only. No one knows the Truth. Go back to the beginning." Thus, God's governance was firmly established in my mind. --Crystal)

Jesus was an Immortal. Thus the Master's path leads you to immortality and the function of true government on earth as it is in heaven. The Holy Spirit guides and lights this path and delivers you to the destiny of your true self.

The Immortal has no leader other than God's Voice, the resonating Inner Voice of Unconditional Love and Light. Thus, the Immortal has no "boss," no job other than his or her service for the Light. He or she is free of the world's system, free to act in accordance with the Creator's plan.

There is no death in the Immortal's consciousness. There is no age, nor thought of man's concept of age. An Immortal refuses to celebrate his or her birthday and he or she has none. There is no consciousness of birth or death. There is only God's World of Light--and in this World, all healing and realignment comes from the Holy Spirit or Holy Breath. Constancy of focus brings results.

The Code of Light and Life runs through the Immortal's veins and very soul. Thus, when meals are taken (though not necessary), the Immortal prepares and digests only live foods. (My second instruction in my Awakening was "Eat no meat."--Crystal)

Immortals have known--often as early as childhood--that there is no need to succumb to a physical death. They also intuitively know that they can exist on the Breath and that food is not needed for survival or for their health. The ingredients within the Holy Breath or Divine Mother when focused upon in awareness will nurture the physical and etheric bodies. (Perhaps you have heard, read about or know a practicing Brethren as an example.)

Most Immortals have no set religion. They carry with them the All Knowing Presence that permits them to move freely through many dimensions of time and space as well as belief structures. They are free beings and they are not encumbered by thought forms of the present world system.

The Immortals are here on earth to assist in breaking the cord of mortality and the stranglehold that the death program has on humanity.

Be alive in the Spirit, they call! Let go and be lifted! Be life itself! And in this way will you free others.

The information released in this paper is given to confirm your heritage as a light being. Some of you who are reading this paper will smile knowingly because the words are familiar. Others who read this message may be unwilling yet to doff the clothing of death and disease--to step out of the world system. Take each step, encouraged by your Christ Within, and be guided by your Inner Voice. Do not, under any circumstance, force initiation or take yourself from food when your consciousness has not been prepared. Your guidance will come. However, if you are a realized Immortal, be comforted that there are others like you and they are stepping out of the shadows as the New World government commences.


My System is Light.


- Crystal (Patricia Jepsen)

August 7, 2005

copyright 2005 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse