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What Happens When You Enter The Melchizedek University?

Reprinted from The University Papers, Volume 8, number 2

Immediately you are assigned a master consciousness, one who is directed to assist you in your ascension program. When this occurs you may feel and sense a loving and supportive presence, as well as a challenge to vibrate higher consciousness in the rhythm of the Melchizedek Order. The Master K.H. (Kuthumi) as World Teacher oversees all who enter this University and who accept its rhythms as their own.

Even as you study, read and contemplate the University lessons made available by and through Crystal, you also are taken to the Melchizedek University on the inner planes to one of the many colleges of learning that are available to the Earth people and chelas of the Light. We carefully monitor all studies and teaching given to students who enter the University and its Halls of Wisdom.

It is recommended that you have a journal by your bedside to record your dream state, for in recording your dreams you will discover that you have been attending classes and ceremonies in the Morontia (pre-spirit) and spirit worlds. You are given instruction at night to prepare you for the initiations and ascension program released through this University. This University is vitally linked with the Great Melchizedek University of this Universe and beyond. We are connected to that program of our Creator and supply what is to be given for the restoration of the planet and the transformation of humanity. All Melchizedek Records created in courses, books, and audio presentations have been approved by no other than Father Melchizedek. Through Father Melchizedek and the World Teacher, Master Kuthumi, the emanation of The Christ is released as the Living Word and harmonized with Mother Mary's Office as World Mother.

What Happens When You Attend Classes on the Inner Planes?

A Melchizedek guide will take you to the designated class within the great Melchizedek University halls. There are many different colleges that are extensions of the University and they represent various degrees of conscious learning and creative intelligence. The master-teacher who is assigned to you always accompanies you through the doors of your classroom. When you are seated, he or she disappears and will return when you are ready to leave and return to your sleeping or meditative state. The classes you attend on the inner planes will always complement the courses you are studying at this Earth University. This is why you may begin a chapter of study and it will seem familiar to you, as though you have studied it before. And you may find that your consciousness is open to revelation within the pages as well. In other words, the inner school of Melchizedek will always be an extension of the University of Melchizedek courses and seminars.

What Happens When You Attend the University of Melchizedek Classes and Seminars with Crystal at the Center?

The union of the great Melchizedek University and its Master Teachers is not only felt but is absorbed in the classes and through all the writings. If you are open and sensitive, you can feel the Holy Spirit alive in Its revelatory power through Crystal s voice and all the Melchizedek Records issued and translated by her. It is an amazing experience and can be transformative.

When the student or chela is quiet and eager to learn, the Spirit is passed to that one. Because the University in its presentations is profoundly revelatory and seeks always to open the participant to his or her own deeper wisdom and revelation, the experience is one of upliftment, Kundalini awakening, chakras opening and the brilliance of the individual soul.

Classes at the University Center and Sanctuary with Crystal are uncharted. As presenter, Crystal does not plan, but enters with the class into a vibratory rhythm and experience that is multi-dimensional and exciting in its freshness and Spirit-filled energy. Alignment with the Inner Voice is a major teaching of this University, as is the awakening of Higher Mind.

Those attending the gatherings and seminars with Crystal will quite frequently be conscious of the presence of Lord Jesus-Sananda and be caught up in the rapture of the Master s love. He is present at all classes and blesses all attending with His radiant countenance and spiritual power.

The focus, direction and challenge is always to move from the intellect and rational mind into the Breath of Being, where the Higher Mind sparks the Intelligence and graduates the student into brilliance, heightened creativity and genius!

The Sanctuary School and Its Assignment with Children and Youth

The University of Melchizedek, through the inspiration of Sananda and Mother Mary, has inspired a school for young people dedicated to supporting their field of intelligence, psychic and spiritual development, and soul mission. The Sanctuary School, where heart-based education is a way of life, is revolutionary in its approach to children and young adults because it recognizes the important initiations, such as the rite of passage, and the soul path of every child and young person. The school's pilot program has produced young artists, poets, environmental leaders, and young people who listen to the heart and qualify all actions with a determination to succeed and be of compassionate service to all living beings. You will learn more about the online school by visiting

Citizens of the Universe

The Rule of Love

Restore citizenship to the higher planes of Being. With this, the Christ emerges as the One Who Governs in the hearts of all life.

To be a part of the University of Melchizedek is to be a part of the New World Government. It is to partake of Sananda's Love and His Message of Oneness with all life. The Law is Love. The Planetary Prince Sananda, the outpicturing of divine and unconditional love for all, governs Earth and all creation. As you begin to recognize the Planetary Prince and His tremendous love, and become conscious of His aura enveloping all Earth, you, in company with all life on this planet, will be swept up into this Divine Compassion and be re-created through it. This that I speak of is the "Promised Land."

God has great plans for you! The blueprint for all creation has been emblazoned into our planet Earth. She is a part of the Christ emanation and Christ rule; and as a lighted planet chosen to be a headquarters for Sananda as the Solar Christ, just imagine what lies ahead and what divine nature we will find as our own true self!

In canceling the lie, which Lord Sananda has done by His presence and by His actions and life as Jesus of Nazareth, all life here on Earth has been affected and is now charged with His presence and illumined Being.

This presence of Light is the Christ Consciousness of humanity. Weep no more. Listen to this message, for it contains within it the promise of Sananda's rule and governance as the Lord thy God and the Prince of Peace.

Abide in Me, He says. I come not to divide or conquer. I come as the Body of Christ, a new revelation for Earth and for you. Sananda-Jesus.

Copyright 2008 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse ("Crystal")