by Patricia Jepsen

14 pages, 5" x 7"

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Affirmations and Decrees After the Order of Melchizedek


The University of Melchizedek has compiled this series of inspirational thoughts, prayers and affirmations as a reminder that you are not alone. Carry this booklet with you and share it with others!

Table Of Contents
  • Prayers of Thanksgiving and Healing
  • Contemplations and Meditations
  • Immortal Affirmations and Decrees
  • You Have a Job to Do


The Prayer of Unity and Well Being

Now as I pray, it is the Spirit of God praying

in the rhythm of Perfection.

Thus, my words pronounced as the Spirit of I AM

become the Living Word.

I accept, Oh Lord, the healing power of your

Consciousness as my own.

And I will demonstrate through my love for all creation

the love and compassion of your joyful Heart.

For I have come to heal, to resurrect as I realize You.

I AM the resurrection and the life.


The Blessing Prayer

I bless myself and I know
that I AM blessed in God's glory.
Thank you, God. Thank you, Holy Spirit.
Blessings pour forth upon me now
and I am BLESSED!

copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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