Welcome to the University of Melchizedek and its office in Grants Pass, Oregon!

The Melchizedek University is a powerful arrangement of colleges, which are placed in various dimensions of our Universe to distribute the Records of Melchizedek as knowledge, understanding, wisdom and intelligence of God.

This Universe school carries the body of light to the neighboring planets as personal guidance instruction from the Creator. It is an actual sphere of Higher Mind Intelligence integrating all life in the Presence of Michael, the Universe Creator. Because of the proximity of Creator Michael to the University, the Earth University of Melchizedek is also interpenetrated with Christ Michael's Presence.

For this reason you are meeting not only the radiation of Melchizedek as a vibratory release through the University materials, but you are also impacted by the living program of Michael as the Universe Father. This is important to remember and always must be considered as you take up the texts of the University.

The Melchizedek Records, released through the Scribe Crystal (Patricia Jepsen), form a platform for the consciousness of the emerging GodSelf. In agreement with the Christ teachings of Lord Jesus, High Priest after the order of Melchizedek, these Records permit the student to consciously realize Truth and achieve conscious union with God. (See New Testament, Hebrews 7)

The University of Melchizedek addresses the mystical side of Christianity and embraces the spiritual journey of all religions and faiths. The embodiment of the Christ is within every heart.

Thank you for the messages, they are so beautiful, pure and coming from the very wellspring of a soul truly one and immersed in God. - B.S, USA
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