Priesthood of Melchizedek

COURSE 3: Entering the World of Melchizedek

Beyond Religion
By Patricia Jepsen
6 Lessons
126 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Spiral bound, $35
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Draw on the creative energies that are only available to you through the superconscious mind.


Dare to be different. Reach into new thought.

  • Lesson One: The Reach: The Ascension Process
  • Lesson Two: Who Is Melchizedek: Enter The Order
  • Lesson Three: What I Know About Jesus
  • Lesson Four: The New Government
  • Lesson Five: Centering and Being
  • Lesson Six: The Thought Adjuster and the Inner Voice


Introduction to the Course

Decide to be different. The world is waiting for you. Be about the Father's business, and be not concerned with what people think. The Presence of God is your inner self, your be-ing. You are the Presence in yourself as the "light of the world."

Every time there has been an avatar, a great spiritual teacher, it has been you.

The source of your supply, be it healing, loving companionship or financial abundance is within you. You have but to call it forth into expression and it will be there for you in whatever form you decree.

There are no restrictions on you, only the restrictions you put upon yourself.

Melchizedek is your true being. You are one with Melchizedek who is beyond birth and death.

Who is Melchizedek? The Christ within, the seed of greatness that lies within your heart. Be clothed with it.

You are the consciousness of everything you want to be if you but let yourself be it .

Have the Courage to Dare

You are free to be in you as I. You have never been born and will never die. You are free to travel in any dimension you choose. You are the alpha and the omega. You are all these things and more in the light of the infinite spirit I AM.

Leave behind the ancient rites or rituals, the prayers and incantations. Come to the place within your heart where there is peace and love, the Allness of Being. There AM I. In that place--after the Order of Melchizedek--is only the One. In that place, the Oneness I AM reflects back to you as perfect life. Be still and know that I AM God. In you I rest to Be.

The University of Melchizedek functions through the Creator of the Universe to accentuate the vibration of your Creator, His/Her Law and consummate reality. As you go deeper and deeper into your true self and travel backwards in time, you will see infinite Oneness as your place of beginning, all you are, who you are.

Are you ready? Then let's begin. Open the doors of the University of Melchizedek. We welcome you to these worlds of higher learning and companionship with our Eternal Son.

Take another step--beyond religion--into your infinite self. Risk it! And walk through the door into new life. The GodSelf emerges from your own doorway, joins you as your self.

A strong support is provided for those who are ready to walk through the door of light--blinded perhaps for a moment--into the radiant self I AM. Here, understanding increases. It is the light of a new day.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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