Priesthood of Melchizedek

COURSE 4: Initiation into Mastery, the Creative Circuits of Intelligence

The Master's Gate
By: Patricia Jepsen
12 Lessons
243 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Spiral bound, $45
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Here is instruction on the relationship between the master teacher and the disciple.


You are entering the world of the master. More is asked, more is given. A deep and mystical series.

  • Lesson One: Merging With The Creator - The Full Ascension Is with You - Living in the One
  • Lesson Two: The Fullness Thereof - The New Dimension - Identity
  • Lesson Three: Who You Are - Message of the One - I Have Become You for a Purpose
  • Lesson Four: The Beloved: Transmuting the Energy into Love - Taking Command - Back to Love and the Beginning
  • Lesson Five: Melchizedek Law: Releasing Oneness into All Life - The Urgency
  • Lesson Six: The Quickening Change - The Human Cycle Is Over - The Light Form
  • Lesson Seven: Developing a Closer Union with the God Within - It Is Time
  • Lesson Eight: Your Reality Is Who You Are - Rest in What Already Is - The Vibration I AM - The Earth Change and Planetary Vision
  • Lesson Nine: The God Center Is You - Living the Life I AM
  • Lesson Ten: Learning to Live in the Fifth Dimension - The Land of Love
  • Lesson Eleven: The Crystal Intelligence
  • Lesson Twelve: The New World Is the Master's Gate - Happiness Is "I AM" - Cosmic Be-ing


Introduction to the Course

We are all masters in the reality of our being. Waking to this inner reality is the "path" or the spiritual journey.

When we are ready to command from the GodSelf, the Master appears to help us on our way. What is necessary at this time is self honesty: the ability to know oneself, to face oneself in all honesty and to--if necessary--destroy oneself. In the process of this knowledgeable destruction is resurrection. It is the ascension into life eternal.

The primary circuits are open for many of us to enter and reclothe ourselves in light. This light is the creative energy or the force Supreme through which all must come and go as makers of the new heaven and new earth.

We are all makers, if you would believe this. We have been created into a Creator for the Supreme thought to Be. This makes us the I AM, the holy Presence through which all things come. Yes, in truth, we are a laboratory unto ourselves--each to his/her own creation living in a peaceful Creator of dynamic dimensions.

To take on humbly the Creative Spark and to recognize It as our own Be-ing will permit the I AM Presence to vibrate as ourselves.

You are a master in your own self--in your true and everlasting Self. Be aware of this. Be ready to command--to assume the authority of a Creator. You are destined to speak in the One, in full unity with all creation. You are called back into this destiny that all might live again in beauty and in love.

Message of the One

You are the vessel of the One, most sacred

We are all in the one but we do not know it! We are all infinitely precious and creative without flaw or human error. We are all divine. To recognize this in all of God's creation lifts us and revitalizes us.

Only in our minds is there separateness. God fills all space as Spirit. Spirit is universal and imparts no separation. This is the law of economics. This is the law of diplomacy. This is the law of teaching. And if you understand this one word: "one", you have it all. Every bit of it!

If we attempt to control another, we are dodging something within ourselves. There is no need to control anyone in the one. One is all. We build from that. That is the Law of the new dimension. It is the Creative Act in you.

Your world must come together in you as the one. That is dimensional control. It is through this dimensional control that you will be able to travel from dimension to dimension, entering new worlds.

The God in you never created a separate universe. God Be-ing is there (out picturing) as the universe, vibrating intelligently as the universe. He-She is there as the universe and this vitally, conceptual vacuum is full by the very essence of knowing the I AM.

I AM within My creation vitally concerned with My creation and as My creation.

Even in your studies of the various mechanisms of universes and superuniverses, it must all come back in your thinking and understanding to one.

The order of the universe is one. It has never changed and never will. The God Consciousness creates out of Itself the reality of Its own Be-ing. It is the moving force of creation to Be Itself.

Here is good advice: Never create without the sense of oneness. The base of your conscious awareness must be one. Then from that Oneness (I AM That I AM) God is put in motion. The result being: perfect, effortless creation at home in space and time and in harmony with all creation.

Come to the Oneness first, which is the base of all supply, and then sound your decree or your affirmation. What you will be producing out of yourself is harmonious objectification.

To complete yourself in Me you must know that I AM. This is the Creative Principle defined in your consciousness as Love. This is the presence of your Creator vibrating activity through you in perfect oneness.

I AM never at odds with Myself. I AM one. Unify and then speak. Then you have Me with you.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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