Priesthood of Melchizedek

COURSE 5: Preparing for Ascension

Rising To The Light
By: Patricia Jepsen
12 Lessons
236 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
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Power radiations perform the works of God as you release the light circuits of your GodSelf.


Learning to apply power to your life. The Inner Voice and its function through your throat: the sound that made the heavens and the earth!

  • Lesson One: The Golden Way - The Federation of Love
  • Lesson Two: Following The Way
  • Lesson Three: Remaining Intuitive - The Sacred Logos
  • Lesson Four: Blessed Are the Meek - The Center
  • Lesson Five: The Sanctity of This Earth: She Is the Mother - I AM of God - The Power of Feelings - You Are Your Own Universe Complete
  • Lesson Six: You Have The Power - Message to the Initiates - Living in Harmony - The Power of Decision
  • Lesson Seven: The Natural Way - In Line with the Universe
  • Lesson Eight: Entering a New World - Opening to the Son of God - Opening to the New Way - A Word about Melchizedek
  • Lesson Nine: From the Centerpoint Out - The Universal Supply - The Program of Light
  • Lesson Ten: The God Center - Believe in the Impossible. It Shall Be Done.
  • Lesson Eleven: Let the Light Become - There Is a New World Emerging: a World of Light - Take Up the Body of Life
  • Lesson Twelve: Today Is the Day - The Body Perfected and Adored - The Living Idea I AM - The Birth of a New Race - The Twin Flame


The Golden Way

(from Lesson One)

I AM the Universe.
I AM the Son.
I AM the Creator
I AM the One.
So sings the Universal Life Energy through all creation.
It is a never ending song of creation.
Blessed are they who hear it for they are ascended into Me.

Your past, your present and your future lie before you in an invitation to ascend.

The ways of ascension are different now, for you have a different body, a different life. No longer are you caught in the clay embodiment of the mortal flesh. You have been freed of that.

The passage into the Creator Son is a Solar Initiation. It is this Initiation that is your stairway into a whole new life and new radiation of Be-ing. The God Center manifests as the Sun Who also knows Itself as "I AM."

I invite you to enter into the Golden Light of your Universe Creator. He who has given Himself in the form of Jesus radiates that same body to you that you in turn will be resurrected and returned to ascension. The entrance of the Creator Son as a circuit within humanity causes immense changes on earth and in all the solar sections of this galaxy.

Jesus was the model for original creation in its solar form on earth. The God Consciousness Jesus carried and maintained while He was on planet Earth was the Priesthood of Melchizedek. You are recircuited and drawn up into that model now and called into intelligent Being where "I AM". This is the God creation on earth.

The Center

(from Lesson Four)

The Power of God is the Presence of God.
They are One.

Enter the Presence of God
and you will find the Power.

Because human consciousness has been veiled, and for the most part continues to be veiled, the consciousness of the universal is as distant as another planet or a star.

Little is known or understood concerning the Self I AM. The human being, encrusted in the dense material plane, senses only "me", "my", "mine". Relationship beyond the senses and the small world of family, job and friends cannot be understood and fathomed.

But the primary circuits of the Christ plane are opening to a new world of cosmic energy and identity. This is the world of the Spirit where human beings see and feel far differently!

To resist this circuit opening is to bring havoc into your life. The veil has been lifted and the world is emerging that is cosmic unity, cosmic fatherhood, cosmic motherhood. It is a world of cosmic unity where the feelings of possessiveness, of ownership, of "my" must leave for a world of Being. This is the new dimension.

Why not move in this world of light? Be one of the first occupants of this new world? As you agree with the holy center of yourself, the Christ Within, the God Seed, and continually align with that place, all cosmic unity will be yours. You will find yourself in that place of oneness, of universal intent. Where God does the thinking, the doing, the being through you as You! Come Home is the continual invitation. Come Home!

God is waiting to place His hand in yours. Come! Let the Initiation begin!

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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