Priesthood of Melchizedek

COURSE 1: Entering the Priesthood

The GodSelf:
Revelation for the New Millennium
The Workbook:
Study Guide for The Godself

By: Patricia Jepsen (Chuse)

The Godself: Published in 1999
278 pages, 6" x 9"
ISBN 0-9667560-0-2
Paperback Edition, $17.95

The Workbook Published in 2000
202 pages, 6" x 9", ISBN 0-9667560-1-0
Paperback edition, $13.95
plus $50 course administration fee.

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The GodSelf

This revelatory testament for the New Millennium dissolves the paradigm of man's separation from God.



Healing, authoritative, compassionate -- a Self-identification handbook -- The GodSelf aligns the reader with the universal truth of being.

Reliable and consistent instruction offers sincerely motivated souls a solid foundation for individual unfoldment.

Through emphasis on alignment with the Inner Voice and awareness of the constant presence of God, this thorough truth manual is a bridge from the metaphysical and mystical journeys directly into the I AM Presence.

For student and teacher alike, The GodSelf is each one's conscious revelation of divine identity and its daily expression.

A book to live by.


"The GodSelf is the most transformative and reconfiguring book I have ever encountered. It should take pride of place on the bookshelf of every sincere student of Truth."

"The GodSelf works on a level of celebration, on experiencing my divinity....Very silently, the book has become for me 'the most important thing in the world.'"

"I am still enjoying The GodSelf. I read in it daily, morning and evening. I get much inspiration from it always."

"The GodSelf is a metaphysical/inspirational book, offering creative answers to all those seeking a more positive, purposeful, way through life; a way that is more fulfilling and meaningful than our current, nihilistic dilemma and as such -- a much needed solution."

"I consider The GodSelf a third Testament; God's Word revealed for those who would be fully alive, now."

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Rhythm of Being

(1) When you are centered, you are My Word,
a part of Me, stabilized in creation.
I will express through you as My way
and all shall hear Me as I speak.
I will give you My Voice.

(2) Of course you are perfect in Me! I would not have you any other way. Therefore when you return "home," the divine Presence (I AM THAT I AM) expresses outwardly as the very flesh of your being. I AM you. You sit on the throne with Me.

(3) You have no other life but My own. In Me you have life. Let not the appearance fool you. I AM life intended.

(4) When you live in Me you are living in the creative power. You have the authority to light the world. As you become enlightened, do not look back. Connect only with the GodSelf and be rid of that which is not of the light. All is One but you must see it, know it. Correct your vision by returning home where I AM.

(5) In understanding the Truth, you become the Truth: Word of God apparent. And in this way do you please Me. I AM your conscious revelation in you.

(6) To return home is to look to the one Source Who I AM, the one Life, All-Intelligence Divine that is the Creator within you. Jesus has said that the Father takes pleasure in giving you the Kingdom. When you return home or stabilize in Me, you are the Truth. By this centering process you return to the original creation. In centering on Me, you find your Self in Me.

(7) As you feel the light of My awareness through you, receive it and let it be in you as Consciousness divine. When the light comes as the divine energy of the Maker, the creative flow begins and cannot be stopped. What you do with that creative flow becomes your demonstration, your part. It is for you to channel this light through your own conscious thought and action.

(8) What you do with the light I send to you is your responsibility. Blessed one, receive the divine center that is Christ in you and listen to the words of guidance and direction I speak from that sacred center. Essentially, this Inner Voice is the Universal Law or Word and it is power. Listen and know, for that God power is yours in Me.

(9) I AM the Word and the direction for your life. It is My world I would have you enter.

(10) When you are in harmony with all existence, you have inner peace. This peace is the alignment with the Creator, or the Life Center within you. I AM the Universal Voice, the Son, and the Living Word. Receive the God presence within yourself and align with it. When you sow that seed, it will manifest. Bricks and mortar I AM not. I AM the way, the truth and the life.

(11) The living Voice carries God in it. Thus it is always fulfilled of itself. In God's Voice, God is. I AM the living power! There is no other. This is instant creation or Being.

(12) We are one. In Me you have life. Alignment with the positive energy of the Christ Flame in your heart restores your energy pattern. It is the cloth of creative power and the restoration of My Voice in you as I AM. Now I can steer My ship correctly and safely guide you into My world of light that I have prepared for you in Me.

(13) You are aligned properly when you seek Me and allow Me to be as life itself. Then I AM conscious of you and you are conscious of Me. We are one vibrating energy field of divine awareness.

(14) Alignment with the positive energy of the Christ within or Flame in your heart restores your energy pattern. This is the cloth of creative power.

(15) The vital Self, which you are discovering now deep within your heart, is unburdened. It is light and all-intelligence. When you align and accept that person who you are, you are at peace, and nothing but peace can be with you.

(16) Center yourself. Live in Me, not in the world. Keep the focus on the Christ. Every activity should be of Me now. Let go of all sense of self. Personal life fades away as you open to a new way. Release all negative thoughts about yourself and lift your thoughts to what you truly are: a light divine. And cast no doubt out upon the waters of your life.

(17) Look to the Father-Mother God, the Light nesting within your heart. Be there with Me. Then express out of yourself I AM, the born-again spiritual energy field that is you and I as integrated light. Then say with the Master Jesus, "I and my Father are one." (John 10:30)

(18) Blessed are they who understand this truth: I have created man in the image and likeness of God. I have registered Man in Me as the Son of Myself, all glorious and supreme. I have then established Myself to be with him always as the universal substance of all life.

(19) Man (consciousness) is divinely ordained to rise to the divine idea I AM. Man is good; he/she is of the Sun, light of My Being. He/she is not separate from Me. He/she has always been and ever shall be Myself. I AM aware of this but I want Man to be aware of this also. Man is My declared expression. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and I shall answer. Live in My Presence only. I will fill you with My Being.

(20) Start the day in the Presence. Release the rhythm of divine life who I AM.

(21) Step into the rhythm of Be-ing. And live each moment in this perfect rhythm of Be-ing. It is always joyous and is ever creative and loving.

(22) Dance the dance universal in the vibration of I AM. Open and Be. For I AM your abundant life. Enter Me and live joyously in love and light. We are one.

The Workbook

The Workbook addresses portions of each of the 63 chapters of The GodSelf: Revelation for the New Millennium by Patricia Jepsen (Chuse).



The Workbook provides revelatory insights, summaries and highlights of major truth principles, writing exercises, meditation and practical application suggestions, affirmations, as well as questions and discussion topics for study groups.


All the Earth is a school, a magnificent school of the light! You are living in opulence. You are programed in abundant life. All abundance is yours in the circle of life and creative power.

Now as I open The Workbook and reveal to you the Christ School of Intelligence that is planet Earth, be prepared to be overwhelmed with anticipation and joy! For the Earth is indeed a workbook, a divine school of progression into the "cloud of unknowing"!

Please enjoy this Earth and all that she gives to you. You are part of a greater plan of revealment and your first steps are here on Earth in the graduation plan of your universe.

Have a good time!


Rhythm of Being

(1) When you are centered, you are My Word,
a part of Me, stabilized in creation.
I will express through you as My way
and all shall hear Me as I speak.
I will give you My Voice.

There is a rhythm to God's universe. The rhythm is the lifted kundalini, the lifted power of the Presence. This remains a secret until you understand. The understanding comes directly from submission to Spirit and to Be-ing as the "light of the world."

Only in the play of opposites will you feel the rhythm. It is the presence of the Breath upon your land. All things come into agreement in Me, thus the rhythm says that all is well, that the dynamics of creation are occurring. this rhythm is the registering of My Creative Energy in you as Holy Breath or I AM.

QUESTION: See 10:4. In what way does this paragraph define the rhythm of being?

IMPORTANT! 10:7 reminds you of responsibility. As you learn to live with the creative power you must use it. All light must be extended outward and benefit planet Earth. You have no power lest it be given forth to embrace the earth and all creation. This is what Jesus called "the light of the world." Pay attention to this. It is important. You do not swallow the light, you reveal it. Let the consciousness be forthcoming.

If you are a responsible citizen of the Universe, you will be aware that wherever you are, you are on duty for the light. You cannot even rest for a moment. You are the light!

What understanding and instruction does this section provide on the creative power?

QUESTION: An interesting phrase appears on page 41, paragraph 14. What is the "cloth of creative power?"

In section 10:20-22 you are given a blueprint for action. You are asked to

(1) Start your day in the Presence
(2) Step into the rhythm of Be-ing and
(3) Dance the dance universal.

Really be conscious of these three points. Remember, contemplate and put these three points into action as you step into the new day. Take note of the quality of each day when you live in this manner.

You decide what kind of life you are going to live. It is by decision you create your life on earth. Why don't you move from a painful day to a beautiful day now? Make your decision and stand by it! It is your right to decide! Decision creates a new threshold.

HOMEWORK: On page 43 of chapter ten you will find "Homework." Share these pages with your study group. If you are studying this course by yourself, spend time on this section. You will find it is very helpful to you as it forms a base for the remainder of your study of The GodSelf.

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