The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study: Degree Ⅳ

Degree Ⅳ, Course 1: The Eternal Truth

The Eternal Truth
By Patricia Jepsen
12 Lessons
108 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Spiral bound, $45
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Mysteries of the Universe


A gift from the Great Pyramid, this course is designed to restore the Capstone.

It is sponsored by the Creator Son and Creative Daughter. Vibrations of Their Being pass through these lessons and into the initiate who reads them.

This course is designed to align you perfectly to the Christ order of Melchizedek and the First Creation.

  • Lesson One: The Architects of the New World
  • Lesson Two: Pyramid Consciousness
  • An Introduction to the Course by Saint Germain
  • Lesson Three: Peace and Justice
  • Lesson Four: The I AM
  • Lesson Five: The Past, the Present, the Future
  • Lesson Six: The Christ Door
  • Lesson Seven: Being
  • Lesson Eight: The Fires of the Mind
  • Lesson Nine: The Light Body and You
  • Lesson Ten: Your Rightful Place in the Cosmos
  • Part Nine: You Are Free in Me
  • Lesson Eleven: The Rhythm of Perfection
  • Lesson Twelve: The Solar Human


The Architects of the New World

From Lesson 1

Ancient wisdom has given us much information on the new radiations and the vibrant tidal waves announcing the entrance and the locking in of a whole New World of creative power. This creative power was once known as The Eternal Mother, the One Who makes all life into form and creates out of Herself that which is regulated by the High Priest and the Priestess.

We must relearn what was once known and to do this records are being opened by Crystal (Patricia Jepsen) to initiate this New World of unity and responsive love. Thus walks The Christ on earth and into Man's heart.

We are initiating a new order of creative responsibility without interference from energies of the past mistakes. This is a new era and the formation of the New World of Christ as The Son embodiment.

You are the architect for the Bright New World. This World is locked within the records of the Great Pyramid (which is Man Himself) that you will come forth in the Year 2000 to remake the Earth and to requalify the energy. The dead shall rise into light vehicles. Prepare the way for the New Sun, the Cosmic Light!

Vibrating now as Intelligence of God is the moving ray of Cosmic Intent. This powerful Ray of Intelligence radiates into your Heart Center the New Man.

Take now this moment to recall your own Divine Power. Let It rise in your meditation, and with this Divine Power unite with others like yourself in a Bright New World of Being.

God in you is emerging as the New Man. This is the cosmic lift-off--not by spaceship but by your own will to uncover the record of your Self, the Divine You.

God as Law

From Lesson 2

From this time forth look not to the building of the Pyramid but to the Pyramid's expression through you.

God builds (generates) His-Her own Pyramid and you are That. The Great Pyramid is the Law, it stabilizes the Kingdom of God on earth. And it is the passage into the Kingdom of God that creates in you the Godman or GodSelf. The true Self who you are.

The Pyramid is the perfect mathematical construction of Consciousness. The Pyramid of Giza has been built (is built) not by human hands. It is the cause and effect of solar energy vibrating of itself (I AM THAT I AM). And that Law now maintains itself and reveals itself in this closing era.

I have become who I AM. In Me is the Force Supreme recognizing Herself as golden force equaling the Christ.

The Mother and the Father join together in joyous reunion as your consciousness, drawing into your consciousness (All-Consciousness) the Melchizedek offspring of Son-Daughter. Be knowledgeable in these things that you might be a Sun yourself and rise as this Sun in the Builders' Program of this Order. I have become you!

I have modeled you after My Son's Life in Me. I AM THAT I AM. One.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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