The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study: Degree Ⅳ

Degree Ⅳ, Course 2: Melchizedek

By Patricia Jepsen
8 Lessons
76 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
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The Order of Melchizedek holds the Creator Image within its vibration. Those who come to this Order are translated into this Image and fulfilled by the Creator Himself.


The power of the Order of Melchizedek is within every individual. It will rise as a path for you as you are ready and prepared to return to this Order, the Creator emerged.

  • Lesson One: Return to the Beginning Where I AM
  • Lesson Two: The Melchizedek Order
  • Lesson Three: Building the Pyramid Within Yourself
  • Lesson Four: The Journey to the Melchizedek Temple
  • Lesson Five: Being Melchizedek
  • Lesson Six: Solar Sunship
  • Lesson Seven: Machiventa Melchizedek
  • Lesson Eight: The Consciousness of Melchizedek

"On Saturday I started to read Melchizedek and, as always with the University material, I read a few paragraphs then had to stop as I was led deep within. Yes, I could feel God on every page, in every word and within myself."


Be the Presence of a Melchizedek

Universal love knows all things. A Melchizedek is all love. A Melchizedek being is conscious of his/her origin. You are the Center in Melchizedek. You are the Beginning. In this way do you understand Truth. Yes, a Melchizedek being is never satisfied with rigid concepts, dogma or ritualistic thinking. For the Consciousness of a Melchizedek is formed by the divine Will to love and by knowing that all is free in I AM. Conscious union with God is the foremost characteristic of a Melchizedek.

It is best to question any one who says he or she is a Melchizedek. In saying to others, "I am a Melchizedek," one is not. Free of dogma and ego control, Melchizedek walks this earth as a presence that identifies itself within the individual as living truth. When this quality has been identified as a "person," one must cast aside the person for the truth.

Thus, we can say here that to "be a Melchizedek" we look not to the self but to the whole, finding within the whole the Consciousness of One bearing witness to itself as all I AM. It is another dimension, isn't it? A perfect dimension of selfless love.

How does one do this?

No one is the authority in Melchizedek. Truth is continually moving into its completion to move again into its completion. Living Truth is a spiraling presence of Infinite Intelligence, and growth is always within the spiral.

To approach the Melchizedek radiation of Truth, there is a need to become thirsty for Truth-a living Truth, constantly changing or adjusting itself to the consciousness of the individual, the planet, solar system and beyond. Manifold Intelligence reviews Itself and becomes what It is. There is no turning back. The blessing of Melchizedek will continue to be yours in My Name. What you identify with you become.

Truth unfolding as God in you is lovingly Melchizedek. To love unconditionally, to remove all authority figures from your awareness, and to begin your quest to towards spiritual freedom is the mighty road to Melchizedek.

The doors open that you might enter the Melchizedek University when you no longer believe in "a God," and are ready to follow the forces of light into your GodSelf, the Creator within. Such a dynamic energy field is open to you now as you walk thirstily into the world of Melchizedek and the dimension of Creator Michael.

What or who is a Melchizedek?

The nature of a Melchizedek is always love. This nature is the outpouring of a love that radiates from the divine Center of all creation. It is not a love that possesses, or that owns, neither is it a love that answers a prayer, or reveals itself as a god or master. It is a love that is unidentified, nameless and shines on all, unqualified until the human being releases it through the heart chakra as CHRIST. When you understand this principle, you are one with the Melchizedek School and have knowledge of the Infinite reality I AM.

Personal sense dissolves in Melchizedek. I AM THAT I AM.

We are not all Melchizedeks, are we?
If not, who are we in this world of love and light?

The Melchizedek blueprint was revealed through Jesus the Christ. He gave humanity the blueprint for Melchizedek. He created in his circuit of New Life a living path through which all could follow as the Life of the Given Son.

When you rest in the infinite love of your Creator and respond to that love as a Melchizedek, you are a light upon the hill, a Son vibration and a living reality of the Melchizedek Order.

Jesus, the Master realization of purposeful, all-encompassing love, carried the Office of Melchizedek within himself. Just as you must do. He generated that Office and gave it to humanity. Now, as you take up this Office within your being, as a living unit of this reality, you are Melchizedek. Melchizedek is the Living Truth within you. It is the soul consciousness of the Divine. It is the Father and the Mind connected in the Thought Adjuster fusion. It is the Creator and the Man acting as one unit.

Ego says one thing; Living Truth says another. You may read that you are "a Melchizedek" by the reasoning mind of the ego self or you may feel the Melchizedek Order as a vibration of utter purity, without the ego testifying to itself and its importance. Ego says one thing, the Christ within says another. Be discerning! Watch and pray! Let the Presence be that which you seek. Let no man tell you who you are. Take the narrow path to the highest peak of Living Truth: I AM MELCHIZEDEK!

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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