The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study: Degree Ⅰ

College of New Learning: 32 Booklets (Degree Ⅰ)


The College of New Learning Booklets are available in both booklet and e-booklet formats, with companion cassette tapes, cds and mp3s available for Lessons 1-25 and 30-31.

The topic and table of contents for each booklet are listed below.

Excerpt from Lesson One: The God Seed

Lesson One: The God Seed

Introduction - From Me to You - Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Seed of Christ - Crystal's Story - I AM the Christ Seed in Man - The Beginning - The Importance of the Heart Chakra - Glossary of Terms - Message of the Heart

Lesson Two: Secrets of the Heart

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Blessing of Forgiveness - Live Abundantly - Thoughts to Remember - Open Your Heart - Supply Is Love - Exercise - Something to Think About - Secrets of the Heart - A Selection from The GodSelf - Your Writing Assignment - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Three: The Power of Love

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - Your Life Support System - The Healing Heart - Love is the Fulfiller - Remember - Divine Substance, I AM That - Thoughts for Your Meditation - Why is Love the power of the Universe? - Affirm - Last Words from Crystal

Lesson Four: Building Your Community

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - Introduction to Community - A Community Based Consciousness - Community Living and Group Consciousness - In Community - The New Circuit - The Paradigm Shift - The New World Community - Group Service and the World Community - Moments of Contemplation - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Five: Heart-Mind

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - Remember the Heart - The Heart-Mind - Exercise - God Is Thought - Psychology of Being - The Unity of Heart and Mind in the Solar Consciousness - The Thought Adjuster - The New Mind - It Is I - The Power of the Mind - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Six: Supply

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Law of Abundant Living - Wonderful Opulence! - The power of direct manifestation in your life - The power to manifest - Opening the higher centers or chakras - Affirm: I choose My path - Living the art - Making a friend and a partner of money - The power of fascination - Summary - Practice - Divine Substance - The Lesson of Supply - Contemplations - To Tithe - The Law of One - Be Conscious of Your Supply - Exercise Your Prosperity Consciousness and Live for the Whole - Faith, Praise and Gratitude

Lesson Seven: New Birth

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - Melchizedek Studies - The Principles of Rebirth - You Are Important! - Mother Mary's Training Schools - The Final Resurrection - Sustaining the New Birth Throughout - Your System - Have the Consciousness to Be Free - Stay with the Process - Everything Must Return to One - For Alignment of the Centers: The Vowels of Melchizedek - Meditate on Your Soul - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Eight: Inner Voice

Introduction - Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Inner Voice - Creative Intent - Seek and You Will Find and All the Universe Will Obey - I Give You Power - Stand in My Power and Decree with Me My Word - Speak Your Decree Even as You Move - Your Solar Self and the - Inner Voice - Some Words About Kundalini - Disciplines - The Priesthood - The Dissolving of Illusion - Intelligent Listening - More Power - I AM the Omnipresence - The Sacred Power of All Life - God Is One - A New Station in the Etheric - The Inner Voice: Cooperative Intelligence - Higher Mathematics - The Testing Time - Be in the Now - Affirmations - The Christ Voice - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Nine: The Spirit Path

A Conversation with Mary - The Spirit Path - Journey into Light - The Value of Silence - The Power to Be - Let Go and Let God - Be Loving - Communicate with Nature - The Value of Humility - Align with the Center - A New Realm - Listen to Your Inner Voice - Affirm - Lifting Your Thoughts to Heaven - These Things Are of Me - A Suggestion for Meditation

Lesson Ten: The Mother Spirit

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Entrance of the Mother - The Journey of the Mother - Mother Mary's Compassion - The Mother Speaks - Breathing at One - Entrance of the Madonna - The Meaning of the Madonna - The Words of Mary - The End Times - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Eleven: Jesus

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - In the Name of Jesus - Use My Name Wisely - And the Two Shall Become One - Be Anxious Not - The Body Immortal and Resurrected - Guard the Eternal Flame - Who Is Jesus? - Planetary Resurrection - The Blood of Jesus - Contemplations - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Twelve: The New World

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - This is the Resurrection of the Planet - Crossing the Boundaries of Time The Shattering - The Quantum Shift - The Body of the Son - Take Your Place in Me - The Word - Kingdom Law - The Creator's Realm - Contemplate Your Creative Source - The Coming New World - Entering the New Circuitry of Time and Space - Where I AM - Christ Maintenance - Affirm - Get Ready - The New World - Christ Consciousness - Assignment Earth - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Thirteen: Mass Translation

An Introduction - The Good News - Mass Translation - The Power of Translation - The Lost Is Found - My World of Eternal One: The Science of Being - Abundant Life - The Light Extension - The Spiritual Surge: You Are the Bridge - A Remembrance - The Coming of the Fire Dome - The Intent, The Will of the Millennium - The Second Coming - Message (March 21, 1999) - Thoughts on Be-Coming, A Meditation - Come, Break Bread with Me Again - Affirm - Be Translated - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Fourteen: The Creative Power

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Love of the Mother - The Life Abundant - The Truth About "Free Will" - On Manifestation - The Choice Is Yours - I Live and I AM - Affirmations of Truth - Kundalini - What Is Kundalini? - The Coming of the "Lord" - The Awakening - Kundalini Is My Comforter - Reminders - Further Notes on Kundalini - Questions and Answers - Kundalini, Bride of Christ - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Fifteen: Initiation

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Meaning of Initiation - Rise and Be One with Me - The Words of Jesus - Thoughts for Meditation - See Through the Appearance - Let Go and Let God - More Advice on Initiation - The Call to Initiation - Holy Spirit Cleanses and Revives - The Cross - The Preparation - The Master - The Stabilization - Opening to a New World - Invitation - Entering Initiation - The Return of Michael - The Leap - Amazing Love - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Sixteen: The Kingdom Consciousness

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - You Are The Kingdom of God - Your Realization Is the Kingdom of God - The Bright New World - Choose Your Place - What Is the Kingdom of God? - Who Is Your God? - A Thought - Seed Thoughts - Aligning with the I AM - Enter In with Thanksgiving - The Code of Melchizedek - Embodiment - What Is the Resurrection Flame? - I AM the Way - Be Not Fearful - Some Thoughts to Ponder - Walk Swiftly, A Meditation

Lesson Seventeen: The Twin Flames

Introduction - The Twin Flame - Holy Spheres of Light - In Remembrance of Me - Living Truthfully and Loving Abundantly - The Coming of the Twin Flame - The Flame - Twin Flame - Thoughts for Meditation - Return of the Twin Flame - The Creative Act Depends on You - The Joining - Contemplations

Lesson Eighteen: Living The Light

Introduction - Living the Light - A New Dawn - Resurrection - Heaven on Earth and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit - The Planetary Commission - The Spiraling Energy Field I AM - Live from the Center - The Christ Voice - Journey into Light - The Value of Silence - The Power to Be - Let Go and Let God - Be Loving - Communicate with Nature - The Value of Humility - Align with the Center - A New Realm - Words to Live By

Lesson Nineteen: Identity

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Divine You - The Divine You Who I AM - The Truth of Your Identity - The Unfoldment of the Spiritual Self - The Transmutation of the Form - The Great Announcement - The Christ Force Supreme - Who Are Your Parents? - Am I Not God in You? - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Twenty: The Awakening

The Christ Awakening in Man - Take Your Place - Change of Embodiment from - One Degree to the Next - Living with the Angels - The Body of Light - The Bright and Shining GodSelf - A Meditation on the Breath - Golden Thoughts

Lesson Twenty-One: Your Creative Potential

Your Power Potential - The God Self, Your Divine Potential - Affirm - The Realization of Self into the Creative Power - The Body of God - The New Mind - The Holy Creator in You - The Solar Cells and the Radiation of God the Supreme - The Earth Be Blessed - Transmutation of the Flesh - A Word About Abundance and - Your Ability to Supply Yourself - Recipe for Direct Manifestation of Your Idea - I AM a Living River as Be-ing - I AM the Body of Light

Lesson Twenty-Two: Reshaping Your World

I met a man this morning... - The Parable of the Vine - Regeneration and the New Humanity - I AM Building a New Race of Form - The New Creation - Initiation into the Spirit - Breath of Life, Come! - Exercise - Network - Matter and Man - The Embodiment of My Name - The Turning Point or End of the World - The Science of Being - Ponder This - The I AM...

Lesson Twenty-Three: God Loves You

For Your Contemplation - The Revelations - I Have Always Loved You - Why Ascension? - Love Has It All - Go Back to the Beginning - Solar Standing - Kundalini, the Fire of Life - I AM Universal Supply - Love Is All

Lesson Twenty-Four: The Supreme

Study Suggestions - The Coming of the Word - Leaving the Third Dimension - The Higher Man Will Rise - The Revealment of the Real Self - The Path of the Initiate - Join the Circle - The Angel of Resurrection - Your Relationship to God The Supreme - Listen to the words of Michael, the Universe Creator - The Laws of Space and Time - The Declaration of the One - The Nature of The Supreme Is the Resurrection - The Universe, the Message of The Supreme Being and You - The Cosmic Shattering - Sananda's Decree

Lesson Twenty-Five: The Christ Identity

Study Suggestions - Hatch an Egg - The Revelation of the Seed - The First Creation - The Realization of the Self and the Creative Power I AM - The Body of God - The Revelatory Experience - The Sacred Word - Instant Manifestation - The Unveiling of the Master Key - Christ Is You - A Word About Jesus - The Embodiment of the I AM Through the Holy Breath - The Christ Truth - The Magic of Being - Thoughts to Remember - Last Words - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Twenty-Six: The Science of a New Day

Welcome to the University of Melchizedek - Study Suggestions - A New System of Reality Wherein I AM - The Spirit Road - Crossing the Neutral Zone - Sananda-Jesus - System Change - Living Without Death and Disease - Consider This... - Introducing the God Cell - The God Cell - I AM That I AM - Practice, Practice, Practice! - The Magic of the Cell - System Change - Questions for Review - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Twenty-Seven: The Higher Mind and Reality Circuits of the New World
Have the Courage to Be Different - The Body and the Mind at One - A Challenge to Be Met - Think with the Light - The Omnipresence of God - The GodSelf - Have No Other

- A Reminder- Higher Mind Activity - New Worlds of Discovery - Thinking Makes You Free - Listen to the Christ within, Your Creative Intelligence or Heart Intelligence - The Secret of the Immortals and the Dimension of Be-ing - The Building of the Temple - The Mathematics of Be-ing - Open to the Mind Rhythm - Who Are You? - The Divine Idea - Your Ascension in Me - Divine Identity - Life Intended - Questions for Review

Lesson Twenty-Eight: Building the City

The City of Light - Sleep No More - Living in Oneness - The New Planet - The New Reality - A Review - For the Initiate - Walking in a World of Light - The Sexual Energy and the Role of Transmutation - The Sound of a New Planet Breathing Her Song - The Laws of a Sacred Planet - The Light Body and the New Dimension - The Living Word - The City of Light - Glossary of Terms - Questions for Review

Lesson Twenty-Nine: Having It All

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Miracle Prayer - In My Name - Daughters of God - And now I say to you - Points to remember - A temple not built on sand - Don’t skip a Beat - And don’t turn back - Creative Thinking - The lift-off - Questions for Review

Lesson Thirty: At the Feet of the Master

An Introduction - Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - The Paradigm Shift - And Now We Begin: Stay with Your First Decision; Letting It All Go; The Universal Mind; Go to the Light - The Role of the Master - The Role of the Chela - One More Word About the Master - Group Agreement - Communion, Ritual of Melchizedek - Questions for Review

Lesson Thirty-One: The Big Leap

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - Dog Spelled Backwards - Instruction for the End Days: The Wearing of the Light; Be Anxious Not; God Centered I AM; The Life Force I AM; Where AM I?; Living Now; Be One; I Have Ascended in You, Now Join Me in I AM - Meditation with Mother Mary - Conform Not to the Old Ways: A word about Mother Mary; Living without gain; The Christed Woman; The body change; I expect much; Mother Mary’s Message to the Women - The Full Message of the Christ: Thoughts to Remember - Glossary of Terms

Lesson Thirty-Two: New World Consciousness

Suggestions for Study and Contemplation - Now I AM You: He who hesitates is lost - There Is No Past in Me: Image and Likeness; Contemplations from Your Thought Adjuster; You Are Blessed - Letting It All Go: Finding Your Self in the I AM; The Heretic - Questions for Review - Glossary of Terms