The Melchizedek Learning Degrees of Study: Degree Ⅰ

Excerpt from Lesson One: The God Seed

The Beginning

I want to review now what occurs when the Christ Seed opens. When we begin to feel the spiritual stirrings of desire to know God, to become conscious of God and to become one with God, this is a signal that the Christ Seed within us has opened. The Holy Spirit, ministry of the Divine Daughter, is awakening us, is touching us, and is glorifying the Father within us. TO THIS GLORY, WE WILL TESTIFY.

The Holy Spirit carries the Jesus Presence, He who came and was with us as divine Regent of this planet. His Entrance determined the vibration for the years to come. We are coming to that portion, which is already determined. We are now entering the Era of Christ Love and Light. And He who came receives that Energy back unto Himself.

Yes, the Mother Spirit does carry the Jesus Presence: the blessed Seed of a new horizon, which is manifested through our heart center. He is the Creative Power manifested when it emerges--the very Life Blood of this planet. I want you conscious of this for it will make a difference in your understanding. That inner knowing is what will push you forward and give you impetus to move at experiential levels never attained before.

What happens as this Seed is opening and ripening? There is a release of God Spirit. With this release of divine Oneness, our desire to know God becomes magnified. We often feel: "I must know more." We search for reading materials, attend classes, cloister ourselves, meditate and contemplate. We must know. We must know more. The soul urges us into spiritual marriage: the joining of the soul with God or Spirit. And the Seed is growing, growing, growing into a mighty tree of Love and Light.

As this Seed, this God Presence, this divine energy, is pushing through us spiritualizing our consciousness, so is it also throwing off everything unlike itself. That "everything unlike itself" is the "old man" that the Apostle Paul speaks of. It is the world--no longer valid--that is collapsing around us. To the degree that we can contain It, the God Spirit will be our world--the World of Light and Love. These things are promised by My Son, Jesus The Christ. And this Day is His.

Often, as the student begins to open, we hear: "What is happening to my world? This has happened, and this is happening." The changes occur because the Seed of Christ, the God potential in you, is awakening. It is growing like a mighty tree, and IT IS THROWING OFF EVERYTHING THAT IS UNLIKE ITSELF. The assignment of the disciple and student during this time is to water the garden, to nourish the Seed.

Unfortunately, up to now, there has been very little attention put to the attributes of the Holy Mother, She who nourishes this Seed. The miracle of a new birth lies within Her hands.

As we begin to understand and remember the Holy Mother, we will begin to actualize the Comforter. The more we "think" upon Her and the more we call Her into our lives, the more we will be supported in our spiritual and divine nature. With the introduction of the Mother as an active ingredient in our lives, we will be comforted in times of discouragement and despair, fulfilled in times of need, healed in Her Body (expression) and Her Mind.

The Mother is the protector
of the God Seed.

The Mother knows Her Child. She will not leave the Seed unattended. The Holy Child--your true identity springing to Life in you--will never go hungry. It will never be without love.

Particularly in the western world, very little attention or none at all has been directed toward God the Mother who is an equal part of the Good News. May I suggest that you receive the vibrations of the Mother? For you will initiate a new revelatory power and restore life in balance. The Divine Mother is the Creative Process. She is the blessed Mother of all creation and thus all creation looks to Her in adoration and love.

As you try desperately to hold on to "the old world," there is suffering. Yet within your system lies the blessing of the Holy Mother. She nourishes the Christ Child in you, the original creation. THE LIFE FORCE IN YOU DENIES NOT ITS CHILD.

As you know the Mother,
you will know the rejoicing
of My Spirit in you.
And joy will come upon My Earth again,
and throughout My Cosmos
there will be songs of Birth and Holy Light.

As the Seed ripens and begins to fill our consciousness as "I AM," it also creates a new body of outer form. It desires to express in perfection.

As perfection is released through your physical body or expression, here, too, there may be a tendency to hold on. This "holding on" to body consciousness, or the appearance, can often cause discomfort. Such a tendency to attach to old forms and decaying ideas often causes crystallization in the physical body. This crystallization is blockage. The Spirit will penetrate this blockage. Again, when there is resistance to God's presence in you and through you, there is pain and suffering.

Please remember that what is occurring is that the Mighty I AM Presence is awakening. Who you are in Truth is unfolding and vibrating through your mind and your body, and your very soul. There is a process of "letting" and "agreeing" that is very important. This process of letting and agreeing is often called "surrender." The Almighty Presence of God in you is awakening to Itself. This is the Second Coming.

Just as Christ Michael (Jesus) is walking this Earth in powerful vibrations of Light and Love and is "upsetting the table of the money-changers" through governments of every nation, so is the government of your mind and your body being uplifted and declared one with God. The Incoming Christ Presence touches all.

As the God Seed within you opens, It is empowered to declare Itself through you as sole authority on earth. It becomes your living embodiment--the Truth in your system. It is the Coming of the Lord! As this spiritual energy, the Divine Idea, becomes stronger and stronger, it will take over your life and restore it. It is the resurrection and the life. If you object, resist, and attempt to hold on to the old world, you will create argument in your life. The resistance you feel will be externalized and played out. As you agree with the God Life in you, you are lifted and qualified as the Son of God, My Word made flesh in Me. This is the externalization of the Hierarchy.