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by Patricia Jepsen

8 Lessons with Study Sheets
94 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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A Lesson Manual for Your New Life


Eight lessons that prepare you to participate in the New World awareness and the solar field of the Fifth Dimension reality.


  • An Introduction
  • You Are Entering the Fifth Dimension
  • Objectification and the Realization of Oneness
  • The Crossing
  • Leaving It All Behind
  • The Solar Shift and Divine Mind
  • The New Program
  • Living Light, The Creator in You
  • The Link with Heaven


An Introduction

The World of Light is here. Settling in is the Fifth Dimension as a New World with all new laws. Even the world of science will be affected, as will the expressions of religion, economics, healing and even love matches!

You may be experiencing this new dimension right now. Some who read this may have given up the third dimension completely and are now travelling in a Christ Light energy field. A few wayshowers are breatharians, no longer in need of food or drink. They breathe the Life air of the Spirit and are fed by that nourishing Light.

For myself, I know I feel the actual substance of the new dimension and am conscious of living in that world. What I hope to provide for you in these lessons is a testimony of that dimension and how you can realize it as your home and solar field.

There will be sections of this writing that may seem strange to you, even impossible to understand. But this is only because the frequency is fresh and new. You will open to the new reality consciousness as you meditate and contemplate what is given. Take time to attune to your Inner voice and allow your Thought Adjuster and Heart-Mind to open you to the solar sound and the laws of the new world.

I caution you here that the Fifth Dimension and the dimensions vibrating beyond are not of "this world." What you must know is that the world of separateness and illusion has no part whatsoever in the World of Light. I recall that when I awoke to the light world I cried out in shock, "But we are doing nothing right on the earth!" This is how great the transition is and how challenging the fields of endeavor are until you leave entirely the present program.

These lessons will give you a reassuring understanding of the Life of Oneness where Love reigns Supreme.

Let us be about the Father's business and with the angels begin our ascent into the Fifth Dimension and the World of Light.

Crystal (Patricia Jepsen)

Transmuting Error

(from Lesson 8)

The Love that you glow from your heart center is the faculty that will transmute all error and complete your energy field. Practice the discipline of turning water into wine and lead into gold. The alchemy of unconditional love will answer all your prayers and needs. Never take an enemy. Shift into the Christ dimension of Love. Then you are in control and the ways of the world cannot touch you.

Diving Love is the mantle of the Christ and he/she who wears it is the vibration of Me. Remain active in Love. God's world is Love and the higher you go in your spiritual quest, the more fulfilling this Love will be. You will wear it as the Christ Life.

God's world is Love. The link with Heaven is the sacred Love that you feel in your heart as God. God's Love flowing through you is the Christ emergence.

You can activate this Love and put it in motion by acknowledging Christ in your heart, then opening the door of your heart so that all might feel this Love and be blessed by it. Yes, touch the immortal gate wherein Love is by focusing your attention on the heart center and realizing this divine expression that indwells your Christ chakra. It just takes a second for you to do this. In releasing this Love and exercising it all through the day, you will find that you can vibrate power as Love no matter what the circumstance or situation. Let God's unconditional Love be your attunement. With your insistence that Love flow out from you no matter what the seeming threat, you cause your heart chakra to open. This, in turn, releases the gift of Love, your Christ Self, into expression.

copyright 2004 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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