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by Patricia Jepsen

16 Lessons
110 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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The living Spirit of God lives within you.
Access this Mind.


* Learn how to access Divine Intuition and express it from your GodSelf.

* There is a degree of intuition called the Inner Voice that vibrates as your higher consciousness, deeper awareness and Christ Mind.

* Let these lessons guide you into your alignment with the Inner Voice through alignment and writing exercises.

* These lessons will help you to interpret your own dreams, access your soul record and recall your meetings with the Master. The living Spirit of God lives within you. Access this Mind.

* Also, if you have been "channeling" and now want to move to a higher degree of personal responsibility and GodSelf alignment, these lessons are recommended.


  • Your Journal
  • Alignment with the Inner Voice
  • Intuition, The First Degree
  • Higher Mind Activity
  • The Restoration of Your Voice in You
  • Alignment with the Christ Truth
  • Intuitive Divinity, The Second Degree


God and the Inner Voice

Because you are with God and in essence are the GodSelf, the Inner Voice is God in you as your Revelator, Divine Love, Truth and Higher Mind. Note: You are being loved by the Inner Voice. The Inner Voice is the love of God through you.

When you record in your journal, be sure that you are properly aligned to your Christ Voice, the God within. Then, when you ask your question, the Voice will answer you as the highest and deepest truth you can understand at this moment in your awakening. Now let us look at suggestions for hearing the Inner Voice and how your Voice can be understood through your Intuition.

* Concentrate on God within you as your Inner Voice. Ask that this Voice speak to you as living Truth, your Higher Mind.

* God is higher intelligence, a greater form of your Self than you have realized. God connotes Be-ing. God is the presence of a universal life circuit within you as your Self.

* God and the Inner Voice are one. The Inner Voice is the released energy from your Godhead.

* The Inner Voice is the fountain pen of God.

Thus writing with the Inner Voice is the highest form of creative expression. Let us know this as we continue.

God as your Inner Voice never forces itself.

As you seek Me, I will come.

You must want or desire direct contact with your Inner Voice. You open the door to your Higher Mind and the potential genius that lies within you.

If you invite Me, I will come.

Listen to the Voice in meditation and concentrate on it as it speaks to you. Often it will speak to you following meditation. Expect communication with your Inner Voice. Acknowledge it and know that it will speak. The place you make for your Inner Voice will be filled. There must be room for Me to speak.

Man speaks to God that he might know himself better.
God speaks to man that he might know the divinity within himself.

The Inner Voice is union with God.

In your meditations, let the Voice speak.

An Exercise

Open your journal.

Ask a question before you enter meditation and EXPECT an answer. Know that the answer will be revealed to you.


Enter meditation in perfect peace.

All is well. Your Divine Counselor is with you; God is on the other line of your telephone. He always hears and He will answer as your Inner Voice.

Remember: I AM Divine Intelligence entering you now.

Write the answer that you receive from your alignment with the Inner Voice. Remember that your answer may come as an insight, a revelatory experience, a thought, or a complete sentence. You may even receive a whole paragraph! Be sensitive to the communication as it unfolds within you. This is your counselor and friend. You have nothing to fear from your answers. They are made in love.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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