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by Patricia Jepsen

8 Lessons
80 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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The Power Child of the Universe.
A Magical Romp Through Truth.


The University of Melchizedek has prepared this correspondence course to assist the New World Children, our Mother Earth, and your ascension into your GodSelf.

Deep in your Heart Center, perhaps buried and your Inner Child, the Christ Light, your True Being.

If you are a teacher, a parent, or a student of Divine Love, this magical course will help you to adjust to the Bright New World, to your "Indigo" and "Solar" children.

Come into the magical dimension of Be-ing!


  • The Romp
  • The Golden Child: Harvesting the Real You
  • Living from Your Wholeness
  • The God in You
  • The Power of Blessing
  • Heaven Sent
  • Reclaiming the Power
  • Completing Your Self in Me


The Romp

The Child in you is playful. It is joyful. It dances the Universe and beyond. It plays games with itself-always knowing it will win. There is no losing quality in the Child!

Your Inner Child is full of laughter. In every seeming problem, your Child delights. It knows the secrets of the Universe and applies them, seeing victory at every turn-practicing the solar magic, forming new life out of old.

Once you know and accept your Inner Child, you will joy in the challenges of earth and sky. Because you know the power that lies within, you take great pleasure in the Universe romp.

Each problem or challenge is an opportunity for the Child Within to play the sport of kings. Applying cosmic wisdom to every appearance of imbalance, disharmony or rebellion, your Inner Child continues to evolve in greater capacities of light and life.

Where man, who is mortal (of mortal consciousness; without power or domain), fears or attempts to avoid the challenges of life, the Inner Child is strong in adversity and knows full well that the game is yet to be played! He/she prepares for the game with a winning attitude. The time will shift, the space will move, the climb will be ever higher; the chaos will be resolved by greater light!

What a difference there is when the Inner Child is allowed to play.

Take the romp with your Inner Child.
Have fun, for the challenges and the problems
that seem to appear
are but faces of promise,
an invitation to be god.

Step into the ring and play the game as a Solar Christ. You know how. It is all within you as the joyous and mighty Inner Child awakens the true Child of the Universe.

Dance the light.

Be the Christ.

Have the time of your life!

Enjoy every minute, every second of time.

Take command.

Release your Inner Child, that glory Child of Light.

Then the Second Coming is you.


copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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