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by Patricia Jepsen

20 pages, 3 1/4" x 5 1/2"

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Love is the Consciousness of My Son in You


What would it mean to receive God's love right now? How would it affect your life? What better way to serve the Light than to accept this love?

Table Of Contents
  • I'd Like to Ask You a Question
  • What Would it Mean to Receive God's Love Right Now?
  • Are You Letting God Love You?
  • God's Love is Blessing Us Right Now if We Can Accept This. Right Now
  • Say "Yes" to God's Love
  • It's an Invitation to Love. It's a Call Into Grace
  • There is No Karma in Christ
  • We are Going to Open. We are Going to Let God Love
  • We Have a Call to Love
  • Are you Letting God Love You?


Say "Yes" to God's Love

Nothing is more beautiful than God's radiance through you.

When you can say "yes" to God's love, you enter the Kingdom and fulfill the miracle of Being.

May I suggest a little exercise to you? If and when you feel a restriction, a closing off, to God's love, at that moment open your heart wide and receive. It may hurt at first, because you are using a new muscle. Push, push...Open. Exercise that heart. Until you can receive all the love that is there for you. Receive this love and then let it go forth and bless others.

Such a love is the grace of God - in action.

copyright 1989 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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