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by Patricia Jepsen

14 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

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A System of Grace


If you have been struggling to make ends meet financially or puzzling over appearances of limitation - if you have yearned for a way out and the keys to the Kingdom - this precious booklet is truly a helping hand.

Table Of Contents
  • The Miracle Prayer
  • From This Moment On, You Are Free!
  • The Living Breath
  • The Four Principles of the Creator
  • The Way Out
  • Release Your Debt
  • About the Author


The Way Out

Where error is, I AM not. Your station is with Me in the Presence. I AM all and everything. I AM the divine expression. Your Father seeks to express through His Son. Your Christ Consciousness is the nest of the Son. The Son of God is in Christ Consciousness. And all that I have (AM) is yours in the Son.

Jesus said to him, All this time I have been with you, and yet you do not know me, Philip? He who sees me has seen the Father; and how do you say, Show us the Father?

(St. John 14:9, George M. Lamsa Translation)

The wall of debt, of financial responsibility, of seemingly impossible needs to be met CAN BE MET in the Christ energy field of your true place in Me. Ponder this statement. Realize the power of it and the simplicity. All that you are and all that you can be is already met in Me!

Release the debt. Quiet the mind. Let man's world be dissolved from your consciousness. Become empty that you may be filled with the full realization that there is no debt in Me! How can there be? I AM ONE. One unified Cell of creative energy that seeks to express in all directions of the Universe.

Loose your controls on your life. Enter the place I have prepared for you as the Son of God, divine realization of the Christ as you.

Come to the Kingdom of God now. Let Me realize through you the Creator's vision of a harmonious life, an immortal life, in celebration of My Self.

Have the power back that I have given you. In Me, you have your strength, your power, your life. We are one. This is the Fifth Dimension.

The way out of the burden of debt is to receive My gift of the Son's Life in you. In the Son's Life there is no karmic price for living. There is no debt. For behold, I AM you and we are one in the Christ Center of the Universe.

You will please Me most by accepting your true Be-ing and living with Me through Grace as the I AM.

The way out is to let go of the false dimension where God and you are separate. The way out is to return to the solar consciousness of the Christ in you. There is no other way to rise out of the walls of conformity. I have the only way. It is as in the Beginning. The Christ is you.

copyright 2004 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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