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by Patricia Jepsen

44 pages, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"

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Blessed Are They Who Understand My Son's Life in Them


Looking at the birth of Jesus and the Immaculate Conception as a divine document in all of us. Keys to initiation contained in Luke (chapters 1 and 2), illumined by the Holy Spirit.

Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Blessed Mother
  • Mother Mary
  • We Are One
  • Mysteries of the Holy Birth
  • Handmaiden of the Lord
  • Good Tidings of Great Joy
  • My Soul Doth Magnify the Word
  • John the Baptist
  • Whereupon He was Born
  • Behold the Christ!
  • I Nurture My Babe
  • The Fulfilling of the Message and the Creation of a New Circuit of Energy
  • I Have Risen


Blessed Mother

The one who is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, retains Her position in the Christ Plane, that of Blessed Mother. She vibrates to us the holy image of The Christ.

She bears the responsibility on the inner planes for the Christ Soul in all of us. That is under Her jurisdiction now as World Mother. She is in charge of the Eternal Flame, in charge of that Flame within you: the potential Christ, Christed consciousness. This divine Mother rests in the purity of your being. She is the guardian of your heart and protector of that Light: holy consciousness divine.

It is the degree of Her supervision over the divinity within you that is magnified in these "last days," as we enter a vital, new era of unity and devotion to the Light.

The Father's message of new hope to His children on this earth and all through the heavens was carried by Mary, who was then Mother of Jesus. Now She is Mother of the Christ conception in you. She is the blessed Mother of new hope and She reveals your own Life Energy as The Christ.

Let us return to Jesus for a moment: the One who was sent. He came to humanity as the new embodiment of the son. And the world knew Him not. He was the "bright and morning star," the new hope in humanity's breast. Carried by Mary (She revealed Him), the Word of God was released upon this Earth and revealed to all humankind. We consciously observe this occasion of new life as Christmas.

The Universe Creator, known as Michael, Son of God, (not Archangel Michael) bestowed Himself as Jesus or the Word. Wearing a body of flesh, as ordinary man, this one named Jesus who was heaven-sent, bestowed His Word on humanity. This is the day of this recognition: Christmas.

As Jesus was born through the Holy Spirit or born of the Holy Spirit, He now forms a union between the Holy Spirit and humanity. The formation of the body of light is the result of this divine birth. And as we proceed in this new dispensation of Creative Power and Divine Love, we shall receive greater illumination upon these words now given.

Through the birth of Jesus, the holiness of women was proclaimed and echoed throughout the universe, proclaiming woman a divine vessel of God. And with this Birth, also, an activity was accelerated, that of the return of Man (or consciousness) as a stabilized unit to God (or Oneness).

Thus we proclaim Christmas a day of revelation. And we can look to this day as a vortex of divine power and contemplate it as a day of blessing.

As Jesus was born to Mary, the Creator of this Universe (who Jesus was in truth) drew closer to the Creative Spirit (Holy Spirit, Universe Daughter, Daughter of God). And this union of Michael, Son of God who is Universe Creator, with the Creative Spirit or Daughter (Holy Spirit) has initiated a new era on earth. The Supreme has entered our system as a result of this powerful union. The Creative Power within us all has been finalized and blessed so as to reflect the Christ Principle in all ways. We are entering a vital new era of creativity and glorious responsiveness to God in us.

Following the ascension of Jesus The Christ, the World Saviour emerged in the heart of the Mother. Mary, Mother of Jesus, is presently standing in the position of World Mother and She beckons to you to join Her in Her heart.

copyright 1989 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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