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by Patricia Jepsen

16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

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A World Service Manual


There is coming upon the earth a new realm of Being which is the Creator, and this Consciousness pervades all life.

Table Of Contents
  • Listening
  • Taking a Chance On Love
  • What It Means to Be Vulnerable
  • The Day of Reckoning
  • The Flame of Being
  • Living in the Cross
  • Concerning Vibration
  • I Have Not Forsaken You



I was listening to music recently and I was moved to dance with the music, in the music. It was an expression of utter joy from my heart to my soul. It came as Be-ing in me rose to express this joy and creative love.

When you give yourself to Spirit, you can dance to music without having to rehearse. Each movement will synchronize completely with the beat of the music and the notes of the music; you will finish with your last movement completely attuned with the last note and key of that song or that instrument, as one. This is an example of how we can live, how we can move, how we can conduct our business activities, how we can speak.

We are the breath of God; we are the spiritual energy. When we can sense the harmony of the spiritual breath and give ourselves to it, we need no rehearsals to speak or dance. It is all created in the One. The perfect dance is already recorded in Spirit and as you align with That, in faith, the total dance appears.

I've seen this prove itself many times. It was tried very successfully at the Center For Creative Arts in Sedona, Arizona. It was our practice that before entering a room or going on stage, we would give ourselves totally to the Spirit, to the spiritual energy that we are! We would consciously recognize and accept that the Holy Spirit was filling us and expressing through us. We would know consciously that in that room or on that stage was the embodiment of the dance, the improvisation, the play, the speech in its perfect expression. And we gave ourselves to that Creativity within us, to that Spirit, and gave ourselves to the embodiment of the art form as finished and done. It is as though the dance precedes you; it leads you into itself. I have seen people in improvisation move together in a balanced relationship building an awe-inspiring story without any preconceived thought of how it would be done. They were moving in the Spirit.

In this same way can we express in our national and international relationships with other countries, other nations. Politically and spiritually we can be the same. For instance, we are in a dance with the Soviet Union. It is finished and it is done. We are moving in a spiritual dance of creative energy. As we catch that dance in the Breath, we will move heart to heart in a joyous revelation of creative intelligence. If we are to indulge in religious forays, critical analysis, pessimistic predictions, denying the force we are, we will get nowhere. Why? Because the dance is one. Let us settle into the dance and give ourselves to the dance. As we do this we move in the Holy Spirit in a revival of creative power. The Breath moves us as a whole. In this way we are caught up in a new dimension. In this way we are founded in a new world. As we see it, as we become aware of it, we are the body of Christ.

copyright 1986 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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