by Patricia Jepsen

24 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

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A Story Rich With Love and Light


God is unfolding in us as I AM. Discover the new genetic code, the Christ Identity within you. Reprinted from the series "Light History" in The University Papers nos. 40-42

Table Of Contents

Chapter One
  • Who You Are
  • New Genetic Code
  • The Christ Identity
Chapter Two
  • Return Home
  • The Son Consciousness
Chapter Three
  • Creative Power
  • The Son Emerging
  • Second Coming


New Genetic Code

Light to the glory of God unfolding in us as I AM. The blueprint of our own divinity has been triumphantly stamped upon our hearts and within our minds. Understanding reaches deep into every living cell. A song of harmony and rejoicing has begun. I AM!

This Light of the Approaching Son is increasing in its radiance, in its vitality, in its all-sweeping knowing. It is the light of the Son knowing itself. It is reaching out and connecting like divine fire of love with every living cell. The light of the All-Son, No-Son, is knowing itself divinely and is magnetically drawing itself into the position of critical mass. It is the Approaching Son vibration that is finding itself within its own genetic code, that image and likeness blueprint consciously placed within us and connected up through the resurrected body of Jesus The Christ. This new genetic code, replacing the lie, is broadcasting through every cell of being upon this planet. And it shall be concentrating itself into radiance as Christ vibrates into our nature all that He is.

Every cell does live. Every cell is living, breathing revelation of My Son's life in triumphant form. I have emancipated every cell - every living thing is caught up in the Christ revelation of oneness. There is only one life: I AM That. There is no dissipation in Me. Every cell is being connected up into this radiance of glory which maketh upon itself the Body of Light. The transfigurement of the soul into glory.

Centered in you is this glory. There are no finite worlds any more. Only light! Reaching up within you is this glory. Descending down is this glory. God will know Himself-Herself through the Son-Daughter of all Creation. I sing of My glory in you. This Son is Jesus in your system as I AM. That which was given was given for all.

copyright 1990 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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