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by Patricia Jepsen

44 pages, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
coil bound

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You Are the Dance!


A Dance that will change your Life!

Rediscover the Sacred Dance of the Eternal Flame. A world of Dance and Light covers the planet now and the Earth rises and the glorious I AM fills the air as the Dance begins! The Sacred Dance of the Creative Power, once released and practiced in the Great Temples has returned. Learn the way of the Dance or be awakened to the Dance, as you once performed it many eons ago. After the Order of Melchizedek.

Table Of Contents
  • Introduction to Light Dancing
  • Secrets of the Universe
  • The Prayer
  • Opening
  • Together
  • I AM!
  • City of Light
  • After the Dance

"Last night I felt the importance of putting on Aeoliah's music and dancing the Light. It was the second consecutive night for me. As I began and the deepening came I saw that over my heart was the six pointed star of Melchizedek..... Truly Light Dancer is an amazing journey into the Allness."


I Am!

Your energy becomes lighter,

Your focus abundant,

Slowly or perhaps suddenly you will realize

All the Universe loves you,

All the Universe is listening,

All the Universe and all the angels

Wonder of wonders. all are partaking of this Dance

with you

Because you are one with them

In consciousness

And light,

In crystal Dance

As you dance


As you realize that there is one Breath,

The vital Life Carrier of all that is,

The beauty

Oh yes, it will come

You will realize the Universe wants,

desires to give to you

As your heart requests


New life comes to the planet.

We are all working together.

We are all living together.

We are all in expression together.

As one beautiful, exquisite life.


The grass is greener,

The trees stronger

All the flowers glow with purpose and divine life

And within yourself you are experiencing

The true God Life,

The real prosperity

Because some way -- most exquisite --

You have become consciously

One with the Universe

And the Universe hears you

And replies "I will!"


This is the song I give you today.

May the heavens rejoice

May God bless you and give to you

All that your heart desires

As you dance the ancient Dance

Of the Creator Son


copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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