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A Compilation from the Online Workshops

by Patricia Jepsen

9 Lessons
55 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Spiral bound $25

Living in Partnership with Our Angelic Companions


This book is the result of nine online workshops presented when I was living in Port Townsend, Washington. As I would write each presentation for the large groups of subscribers, I could look out my window and see the deer and fawns dozing in the front "English garden," or peacefully munching from the border plants that surrounded the colorful garden. How at home the angels must have felt amoungst the sweetness and the purity of this setting....

Have a beautiful experience now as you step into the World of the Angels where they wait with open arms to greet you and welcome you as a partner in Light.

-- Patricia Jepsen


Part One: Angels and Archangels

  • Living in Partnership
  • Creative Living
  • Walking with the Angels
  • Building the New Earth Together
  • Anchoring the Light of God Through the Deva Kingdom
  • The Importance of Joy and the Creator's Magic

Part Two: Your Guardian Angel

  • The Solar Angels and Their Message of Divine Love
  • Attending to the Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Everyday, Meeting Life's Obstacles


"Thank you for bringing this remarkable course to us. So much to absorb.... I found myself instead of working, I was flying with conscious knowing that I can fly."

"I would also like to say how much I am enjoying and getting from the Angels and Archangels (book). I have read Lesson 1 many, many times but it was only on this morning's reading that the words "It will be the Angels who will transform the planet THROUGH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS" leapt out and registered deeply within. I finally got it!"

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1. Living in Partnership

  • As humanity searches for the way to save the Earth, the angels stand ready to serve.

It is urgent that we face the fact that humanity by itself cannot heal our planet. It will be the Angels and the Deva Kingdom that will carry our planet to victory. It will be the angels that cleanse the face of our earth. It will be the angels who show us the way to live on planet Earth. It will be the angels who clear the air and dissolve the garbage, the nuclear waste, the pollution that has been created by misuse of the creative force. It will be the angels who will build with you great temples of light and love. And finally, it will be the angels who carry you to the next dimension of Creative Power, the World of Light.

A whole new life awaits us as we attune to the wholeness of life, and the Power that rests in life.


  • It will be the Angels who will transform the planet through your consciousness. They are ready. Are you?

Under the watchful, faithful supervision of the Archangels and the Angels, Devas and Elementals serve with a promise of a new world golden and free. This will be the new energy field that humanity will not only be looking to, but also working with, as the new physics embodies on this planet. A unified energy field emerges with laws of its own conception. A new generation of love and light is forthcoming.

So, there is hope. Great hope. It is lasting hope waiting to be fulfilled. Human beings know very little, if nothing, about the Elemental kingdoms, the world of the Angels and of the Devas. Few human beings know that the rock is alive and that the seas and oceans are the carriers of Creative Power, which serves the angels in their rebuilding of this planet!

There is much to learn about the creative power around us, the angels tell us. For this, we are establishing schools for the earth people to learn..


  • Let us change our laws to honor and recognize the angelic kingdom and the Creative Power, which it wields.

As you bid goodbye to an old world, which has only proven destructive to earth, join with the angels in partnership in a new world of their making. The passing of the old world does not take you down with it unless you are so attached to the ways of that world that you will not let go. You must remain stable.

Catch an angel's hand right now! Take this hand extended to you and forget the past. Begin to learn the ways of the Light World.

School of the Angels

You may ask to enter the schools of the angels and partake with them the counsel of Jesus and the World Mother whom you know as Mary.

These schools are available so that you can open your consciousness to partnership with the Angels and the Deva Kingdom.


This lesson series is the beginning of this school.

copyright 2008 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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