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by Patricia Jepsen
and the Creative Spirit

8 Lessons

52 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Spiral bound $35

Who Dances with You as Life Itself


Dancing God is written in the language of the Creative Spirit, who teaches us about Herself and the dancing Universe. Bubbling with revelatory material that will lift the Melchizedek student into higher levels of consciousness, the overshadowing of the Creative Daughter Spirit as power, light and direct manifestation of God's Will vibrates through the entire presentation. Yes, it is all about the Creative Power and the Light that is embracing our planet as the Daughter of God. Come to the Dance! Advanced.


  • Spirit Form
  • The God Song
  • Creative Magic
  • Powers That Be
  • Dancing God
  • The Creative Daughter
  • Keeping the Light Alive
  • Becoming a Master


Spirit Form

Celebrate the Light within your heart! This will begin the dance that will challenge every part of you in the creative expression of Being! The Vibration that you will ignite can cause a stream of light that has been hidden to reveal itself. This stream of light energy is intelligence. It is the creative circuit of the Divine Mother and the Creative Daughter, who are joined together in the New Age cycle of New Life.

The Dance of the Living Light, introduced in the booklet Light Dancer, is the release of the Daughter in the lower chakras as the creative stream feeds and swells all areas of Be-ing. Once this is understood, you have no darkness and the Daughter remains as Isis in complete abandon and joy.

Dance with the Creator now as the Daughter of God….

copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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