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From the 2007 Online Workshop

by Patricia Jepsen

14 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Spiral Bound $15

You are not limited in Me. Come home to Being and be


The most recent of the Online Workshop series is now in a coil-bound book. Jump to the head of the class as you learn and assimilate the Garden of Eden and the revelations imparted here! From the metaphysical to the mystical, this series opens the way to a Bright New World of creative potential and joyous living.


Lesson One: The Way, The Truth and The Life
The Church - The First Mystery of the Church - Where Can I Go to Find Such a Church? - What Is Manifestation and How Can I Be Free of It? - But You Have to Go Empty to Be Filled - Prayer of the Initiate - The Miracle of -Thank You”

Lesson Two: The Leaving and The Coming
Taking Time to Remember - The Magic of Being - Pure Love - A New Heaven and a New Earth

Lesson Three: Living Abundantly
Here are My Rules of Abundance - Who Is Praying? Who Is Speaking? - Give Me Back My Creation All of It

Lesson Four: The Entrance of The Mother Spirit
The Entrance of the Mother Spirit - The New Genesis - Identification


"The beauty of the Raising the Bar Workshops, and our own experience since the start of the workshops, is the simplicity of letting God be the manifestor. From the first moments we were one in agreement with God's Intent and maintained a positive focus, relaxing in the energy flow and accepting God's Will without question."

"I also want to say thank you, thank you for Lesson 1. I had a profound reaction/experience from it and so far have only been able to read the first 2 pages.... The experiences were of a deep connection with an infinity of Divine Presence, an opening of the heart (with the message that it is no longer my heart but My Heart, as in Divine Presence all that there is only One. No longer me, my or mine, only Me, My, Mine. One.) I look forward to reading the rest of this Lesson...."

"Unbelievable. When I went to bed, the top of my head was burning so much, I had to start thinking about


The Magic of Being

(from Lesson 2)

What is the magic that stirs within your heart? What notes of song does it play. Are you listening?

What if in your holding backtdenying the powers of the soul and heart you are denying that part you are to play and contribute in the planetary shift?

What if you could cause magic for the trees to grow, to sparkle like an attunement with the Divine? What if this inner Magic I speak of is the Christ power of Life? It is the joy of being one with the Creator.

God's world is magical, truly magical. When a child is born, this little one sees the magic and focuses upon it. And until that magic is denied by adults due to fear and forgetfulness, the babe and child has conversation with angels and feels the protection of the Circle of Life.

This you must return too, O My creation! It is the fire of My Being. You have forgotten the wonderstthe magical wondertof My life as I experience it through your eyes and heart! Now lift up your eyes to the heavens and laugh and gurgle as a child once again.

Remember the centers of Light and where they are. Remember to feed these centers with your inner Light. Give nourishment to the plants and seeds and fields. Make things blossom! For you are the Song of Earth upon the earth singing. Remember and see the angels in the sun and the partners of light throughout the heavens.

But only the Creator can create what is right and pure, you say. In the arms of the Creator you are the creator. You are the Dancer of the heavens and you can do all things I can do because I AM with you. I AM not separate. We are not even co-creators because we are One. One Unit of Perfection sealing the land in light and blessing all in the magic of being!

Pure Love

Listen to the Creative Energy that is your Inner Voice directing creation into spirals of fire. With the fire is the perfect form that which is to be objectified in Christ image. The power to release this form into life awareness lies within you. It is the direct application of I AM, the Creator s Sound bestowed on you as the Image and Likeness of God.

Christ, the Beloved, takes form from fire and inner joy. So that all might enjoy this inner form of Divine Perfection, I, the God Presence or I AM, speak through you and declare this into form as perfect love embodied.

The fire wherein the form is held is My pure Love. That is the fire through which all must come as the embodiment of the New World.

To use your powers given to you by God:
  • Direct your attention to the Flame within your heart. This is the creative substance through which all is made. It is the Consciousness of The Christ, First Seed of God implanted in the soul of man.
  • Experience true Love, the passion of The Christ, the Solar Presence (I AM) of the GodSelf.
  • Now, in Be-ing, be attuned to your Inner Voice that speaks with all in mind, conscious always of the great whole and the web of life. Here is where the Creative Power is released. It is in the place of unity with all life and the pure, unconditional love of the Creator I AM.
  • As the Word is spoken and accepted through you as Consciousness of The Christ, it becomes the spiraling energy of Creative Power. Once released, the Creative Power becomes a fire of enormous potential much like a great mother or womb enclosing the special child, seed of God nurturing the embryo of form in its perfection AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHZEDEK, the I AM THAT I AM.
  • If that form is not disturbed by foolish thought and doubts, it will objectify and the full magic of your being will be realized. For you are enjoined with the Creator as well as enjoined with that which you have formed in God s Mind. (There is only one mind in Truth.)

You have only to wait upon God s presence to know the magic of your life and the hidden powers you have been given in the name of Jesus. The world does not understand this phrase. I will teach you about it now.

copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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